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Shout Out: SHREK
Shrek 2:
  • During "Accidentally in Love":
  • Shrek's "I'll kill that cat!" might be a reference to Dinner for One, in which the same line was spoken with almost the exact same intonation.
  • Puss in Boots bursting out of Shrek's shirt recalls the infamous chestburster scene from Alien.
  • When leaving for Far Far Away, Donkey sings the theme from Rawhide. Apparently, this was a Throw It In by Eddie Murphy.
  • After the messenger and his band show up at Shrek's house, one of the trumpet players begins to play the theme from Hawaii Five-O before the messenger stops him.
  • Shrek refers to the messenger and company as "Sgt. Pompous and the Fancy-Pants Club Band", referring to The Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  • "K.N.I.G.H.T.S" is a reference to the real-life TV series Cops. Gingy also mentions another show called "Wheel of Torture".
  • When the Fairy Godmother's factory is flooded with potion, two of the workers are transformed into Lumiere and Cogsworth. A swan is also transformed into a beautiful girl, referencing The Swan Princess.
    • The swans themselves are probably a reference to The Ugly Duckling and Swan Lake (especially since the swans turn into ballet dancers when they become human).
  • Puss carves a P into a tree with his sword the same way Zorro carves a Z into his enemies. This also counts as an Actor Allusion, since Antonio Banderas played both characters.
  • Puss mutters "I hate Mondays." during the bar scene.

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