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    References to Heat 
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  • The hockey mask is an allusion to the ones worn in the movie's introductory heist.
  • Done again with the community mask "Hockey Heat", which is a more-accurate-to-the-movie version; wearing it for the first time unlocks the "Heat Around the Corner" achievement, referencing the movie's Title Drop speech (that is even written in full for the mask description).
  • Leveling to Infamy Level 1 unlocks a mask called "The Heat" that is just a pair of sunglasses from the movie. The description even alludes to how only total badasses rob banks with only shades as a disguise, as the characters do during their main bank heist.
  • The "I Do What I Do Best, I Take Scores" achievement requires doing 15 Armored Transport missions on OVERKILL difficulty wearing the Hockey Heat mask, mirroring the movie's introductory heist.
  • The pre-overhaul high-end Mastermind skill Kilmer, which allowed you to reload faster and while running, is a reference to the actor Val Kilmer, who co-starred in the film and whose positioning, cover and reloading in the running bank heist shootout are well-regarded by military professionals.
  • Word of God has said that the Mastermind class, due to its specialization in leading and controlling, is based around Neil McCauley (Robert DeNiro's character).invoked
  • The image for the Expert Driver shows a driver's license owned by none other than "Neil McCauley".
  • The Preplanning Screen added in The Big Bank update displays how player can communicate to purchase specific assets; the players in question are named "Waingro" and "Chris Shiherlis."
  • The FN FNC's handguard is an available mod for the Ak 5 assault rifle, and is referred to as the "Belgian Heat" handguard. It's a reference to the FNC being a prominently featured weapon in the film, as well as its country of origin. A free mod pack also added a shortened barrel for the Ak 5, to match the barrel length of the version shown in the film.
  • The starting primary weapon is also changed from the M4A1 to the shorter-barreled Colt Model 733, another weapon prominently used in both robberies from the film (by Shiherlis for the armored car, then by both him and McCauley for the bank).
  • The port of the First World Bank heist brings back the first game's shout-out of AI controlled characters jumping up on the front desk and reciting the iconic speech from the movie. Sequel Escalation comes into play as well; every player character has a slightly different version of the speech (including Jiro, who says the entire thing in Japanese).

    References in Achievements 
  • Putting a mask on for the first time unlocks the achievement "No One Cared Who I Was..."
  • Racing through The Ukranian Job in 35 seconds unlocks "Let's do Th...", a reference to Leeroy Jenkins.invoked
  • Stopping the cops from reaching the bridge in Overpass Escape unlocks "You Shall Not Pass!"
    • Buying and equipping the Golden AK unlocks "Build Me an Army Worthy of".
  • Getting eight bags on the Garage Escape Heist earns you "They see me Baggin', They Hatin'"
  • Stealing all the weapons from the hangar in day one of Firestarter gets you "Lord of War".
  • The "Fish A.I.", for tossing a bag in the water in day 2 of Watchdogs, doubles as a Take That to the meme when the developer for Call of Duty: Ghosts was showing off the AI that has "fish move out of the way when you get close to them".
  • 378 kills with the Gruber Kurz (aka Walther PP/K) nets you "Licence to Kill"note .
  • 10 Bulldozer kills with the Thanatos .50cal unlocks the "Surprise Motherfucker" achievement along with the Thanatos's Short Barrel.
  • Whilst irrelevant to the mask itself, completing 25 OVERKILL Vlad missions while wearing the bear mask earns "From Russia with Love".
  • Completing a heist with each player wearing a different Death Wish mask unlocks "Ghost Riders".
  • Smashing all windows in Mallcrasher unlocks "Shoot the glass!"exp 
  • On Rats Day 1, keeping the law enforcers out of the house while you cook three bags of meth unlocks "I Am the One Who Knocks", whilst cooking seven bags on OVERKILL or harder gets "Full Measure"; both are references to Breaking Bad.exp 
  • Filling the Train Heist's escape boat with ammo bags unlocks "Weíre Gonna Need a Bigger Boat".
  • Escaping with nine or more bags on the train heist earns "If You Liked It You Should Have Put a Ring on It".
  • Each US President mask comes with an achievement referencing their career, specifically:
    • "I am not a crook" references Nixon's "Watergate Scandal" speech, where he denied involvement with illegal activities.
    • "I did not have sexual relations with that Bulldozer" references Clinton's "Lewinski Scandal" speech, where he denied having sex with an intern.
    • "Fool me once, shame on -shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again" references Bush Jr. infamously screwing up a famous saying "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me".
    • "Affordable Healthcare" references Obama's very controversial "Obamacare" health plans.
  • Killing 50 Night Club enemies with your fists gets "The Eighth and Final Rule".
  • Getting 10 LMG kills in a row (without releasing the trigger) unlocks "Killin's As Easy As Breathing".
    • Additionally, getting 220 LMG kills in a single heist gets "They Drew First Blood, Not Me".
  • Completing Mallcrasher on Deathwish earns "Came in like a wrecking ball", the icon of which copies the controversial music video.
  • Managing 15 knife kills while below 20% health (difficult at best) gets "I Ainít Got Time to Bleed".
  • The "Watchdogs" Death Wish achievements have an icon of the Doge meme.
  • The Big Bank map carries achievements titled "12 Angry Minutes" and "Entrapment."
  • Following the shotgun update, new achievements include "Lock, Stock & Eight Smoking Barrels", "Everyday Iím Shovelin'", "No Heist for Old Men", and "Four Monkeys".
  • The Gage Assault update carries a few of its own: "Unusual Suspects", "Hammertime", and "Big Bada Boom".
  • The Venomorph mask achievement "No One Can Hear You Scream" is a reference to Alien's tagline, "In space, no one can hear you scream".
  • The "Gone in 240 Seconds" achievement is a reference to the film Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000). Like the movie, the heist that the achievement is linked to is about stealing fancy cars.
  • 100 kills with the Eagle Heavy rifle unlocks the "Inception" achievement. The SCAR-H rifle, which the Eagle Heavy is based on, features in the film.
  • "Sounds of Animals Fighting" is named after an achievement in Hotline Miami. You earn it in Payday 2 when you complete the Hotline Miami heist with all four players wearing a different heist mask.
  • Completing GO Bank on Overkill or Death Wish without anyone on the team using their primary weapons earns "Eco Round", a reference to a strategy in Counter-Strike wherein a team buys as little as possible and relies on sidearms (usually with the expectation of much less success than the PAYDAY gang can hope for) to try and save money for better weapons in later rounds.
  • The addition of the Mayhem difficulty adds a whole slew of related difficulty achievements, packed with references:
    • "There is no Goat Level" is a reference to the infamous "Secret Cow Level" (which Blizzard continues to insist does not exist) of Diablo II.
    • "Dmitri, Dearest of all my friends!" is a reference to Max Payne.
    • "Dr. Strangevlad" is a reference to Dr. Strangelove.

    References in Masks 
  • Two of the DLC weapon packs reference famous actors by their name and description:
  • The "Anonymous" mask copies the Guy Fawkes design in reference to Anonymous.
  • "Cthulhu" is a (somewhat blatant) reference to the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • The "Good ol' Al" design matches the design of anti-hero Spawn note 
  • Patterns "Aperture Science", "Companion Cube", "Portal", and "Piece of Cake" all refer to the Portal series.
  • "The Hog" Mask's description is almost straight out of one of Hotline Miami's phone messages.
  • The Dillinger Deathmask is a reference to an infamous robber of the same name during the Great Depression era in the United States.
  • The Armored Transport DLC has unlockable US President masks, referencing Point Break (1991). The masks themselves reference the 37th, 42nd, 43rd and 44th Presidents.
  • "Commander Crime" mask is a reference to Cobra Commander from GI Joe. Additionally, Dr. Crime refers to Doctor Doom.
  • The Troubled War Veteran, along with its description, is a pretty ham-fisted reference to Rambo.
  • "Sweettooth" acts as a cameo mask for PS3 players.
  • The "Brazil Baby" masks all reference ones worn in the movie Brazil.
  • The "Alpha Squad" DLC mask also notes it's worn by members of the ridiculed "4th Domestic Operation Group-force Enforcers" Alpha Team: abbreviated, it spells 4th DOGE-A.
  • The "Crossbreed" mask is a Tyranid Genestealer.
  • The "Venomorph" is a blatant Xenomorph/Venom mashup.
  • The Gage Assault masks are all allusions to comic villains: for example, Crow Goblin not only resembles Hobgoblin, but the description notes his true identity was retconned because the reveal was unsatisfactory.
  • The Jaw is in the image of the henchman Trap-Jaw from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, although with a skull underneath the mask instead of a humanoid face.
  • The Peter and the Hog masks are both nods to similar masks used in Hotline Miami.
  • In the Infamy 2.0 update, the Heister Sentry mask was added. Apparently, it was supposed to come with a spandex suit as well.
    • Doubly funny considering Vlad's actor was a former Power Rangers Big Bad, Master Org.
  • The "Mask of the Moon" is clearly designed after Majora's Mask.
  • The description for "Cloaker-san" mentions a Japanese infiltration unit called Anbu.
  • The "Zero 68" is a clear reference to cyborg-ninja Gray Fox, with "Zero" of course being another way of saying his old moniker of Null.
  • The 'Death' mask, a skull with pinpoint glowing eyes and a huge grin, looks a lot like Sans.

    Misc References 


  • The Mastermind:
    • A perk that increases your accuracy, draw speed, and rate of fire with pistols is called Equilibrium.
    • The enemy conversion upgrade is called Joker.
  • The Enforcer:
    • Increased bag-movement speed and throwing distance is called "Transporter".
    • The ability that allows for primaries when downed and higher endurance is named "Die Hard".
    • The perk that increases your hip-fire accuracy with shotguns, and later all weapons, is named "Hard Boiled", in reference to the film's main character, who on multiple occasions manages to kill two mooks at once with a single blast from a shotgun.
    • The portable saw belongs to the OVE9000 brand.
  • The Technician:
  • The Ghost:
  • The Fugitive:
    • An extra bodybag and lower cleaner costs is called "Winston Wolfe".
  • The Sociopath:
    • The unique perks "No Talk", "Tension", "Clean Hit", "Overdose", and "Showdown" are named after levels in Hotline Miami.


  • The legendary version of the Bootleg Rifle from the Chains safe is called the Mars Ultor rifle, possibly a reference to ancient Roman mythology, possibly a reference to the Red Faction games.
  • The "Vintage" Crosskill from the second Community Safe matches the color scheme of Naked Snake's custom M1911 from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, even having the filed-down portion of the grip for holding a knife alongside it.


  • The teaser for the sequel has one to The Dark Knight.
  • A supermarket named Twenty Four Seven appears.
  • Answering a pager as Hoxton may prompt the response "Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh... everything's perfectly all right now."
  • One of Wolf's pager responses is "Hell if I know. I read a Stephen King book though, started exactly like this..."
  • The crystal meth you cook in the first day of "Rats" is blue. If that was too subtle, Bain may say you should "break bad" and go into full-time meth-cooking if you decide to cook extra meth.
    Bain: Which one of you is Heisenberg? Hector wants to know.
    • In fact, variations on the phrase "break bad" get used a lot by the crew - it's even referenced in the lyrics to "Drifting."
    Wolf: (masking up) It's time to break bad.
  • The automatic sentry gun in Armored Transport's Train Heist bears a striking resemblance to a certain other sentry gun. As of Hoxton's Housewarming Party, you can get one to put in the new safehouse, too.
  • One of the lines the Taser has is "Target center, pull the switch." As an added bonus, the VA for the tasers is Spike Spencer.
  • The Ukrainian Job's title may be a nod to The Italian Job.
  • Generic GenSec Personnel on Armoured Transport heists wear red uniforms.
    • Generic security guards are also wearing red undershirts under their white uniforms.
  • When Chains throws a grenade or kills a standard enemy with a trip mine, he will sometimes quip "Surprise, muthafucka!"
  • Sometimes, when a heist enters a new key part (starting the heist, opening a large vault, escape vehicle arrives, wave begins etc.), Bain will paraphrase "Okay Ramblers, let's get rambling."
    • Additionally, killing hostages will sometimes prompt Bain to say "Hey, Mr. Blonde! You been watching too many movies?!"exp. 
  • The Dentist trailer has a few nods:
    • Dr. Andersson is named after Bo and Ulf Andersson, a pair of brothers who founded GRIN and later became Overkill Software.
    • The Golden Grin Casino is a reference to Overkill's former studio, GRIN.
  • Occasionally, the Bulldozer can enter shouting "IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!"
  • The Taser may occasionally call himself Elec Man or Spark Man.
  • The stock ticker in the Big Bank heist shows listing for, among other things, MannCo. and the various RED and BLU subsidiaries.
  • An update added a barbed wire wrapped bat, which explicitly belongs to Negan from The Walking Dead.
  • On day one of the Hotline Miami crossover heist, Bain may say when you start torching the mobsters' cars, "Some men just want to watch the wheels burn."
  • The melee weapon "Carpenter's Delight" is possibly a shoutout to Carpenter Brut, who did much of the soundtrack for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.
  • The inclusion of the FAMAS and Galil assault rifles as DLC is a reference to the very first gameplay footage released for the first game, which featured the FAMAS and Galil models from Counter-Strike: Source. Moreso considering the third weapon in that same DLC is a G3, with mod options to turn it into a somewhat-close approximation of the G3SG/1 used as the terrorists' automatic sniper.
  • The addition of the John Wick cross-promotion DLC has come with a number of references to leading actor Keanu Reeves's previous roles, most notably his trademark "Woah."
  • One of the excuses Hoxton offers to the Pager Operator references a certain Kaiju film.
    Hoxton: I just saw a spider so big I think it was in Pacific Rim, but, ah, I'm fine now.
  • The Gruber Kurz pistol is named after Hans Gruber, who used a Walther PPK in the script for Die Hard (he used an H&K P7M13 in the final film and Karl used the PPK as his secondary).
  • On the Transport Heist: Harbor map is a billboard advertising the Meat Circus.
  • In Day 2 of the Hotline Miami heist, the Commissar may announce "You can't has Commissar!" as he rides the elevator up.
  • The caller ID on all office phones lists the caller as "idkfa12321", a reference to the Classic Cheat Code "idkfa" from Doom.note 
  • The eponymous treasure in "The" Diamond has changed between greedy hands over several centuries, leaving corpses in its wake due to its immeasurable value. In other words, it's The Maltese Falcon.
    • The fact that "The" Diamond is, well, a diamond, and considered to be a possible Artifact of Doom also makes it an equivalent to the Hope Diamond. One of the nicknames for "The" Diamond that Clover mentions in the teaser for The Diamond Heist is "The Chinese Blue," which is similar to one of the Hope Diamond's nicknames, "The Blue of France," and one of the previous owners seen in the flashbacks of the trailer was Marie Antoinette, one of the Hope Diamond's first owners (and also a victim of its "curse" because of The French Revolution, in both Real Life and the trailer).
  • It's possible, even with all the intel, to wind up with two engines to choose from in Big Oil. Those engines are #7 and #10.
  • During the GO Bank raid, you may hear your pilot quickly whisper an unsubtitled "talk to me, Goose!"
  • One of Clover's pager responses is her telling the operator that she got scared reading an issue of The Walking Dead comic.
    • An AI-controlled Houston will sometimes comment on reviving a downed ally "I think I've seen you in The Walking Dead."
  • Dragan and Jiro are both Stevie Wonder fans, as one possible pager response for both of them show:
    Dragan: "I just called. To say. I love you. Over."
  • Dragan's bio ends with the phrase "Perhaps here, things will be different", a phrase previously found in a trailer for a game involving an Eastern European criminal looking for better opportunities in the United States.
  • The Spring Break header GIF has Dallas, Houston, and Wolf bobbing their heads a la The Roxbury Guys.
  • At least one of the cars has plates reading STNL 427.
  • On the Road to Crimefest 2015 website, the animation of a heister earning a reward is quite clearly taken from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • The GenSec vault door on the Crimefest 2015 page opens just like a VaultTec vault door.
  • The MP9 appears in the game as the "CMP", which was the same fake name its predecessor, the TMP, was given in Perfect Dark.
  • Two attachments for the Broomhandle are the "Damper.L 44 Nozzle" barrel extension and the "Barrel Sight 44" scope. Attaching both essentially turns the weapon into a replica of the DL-44 blaster pistol from Star Wars, which was originally a rebuilt Mauser, complete with the gunshots changed to sound more like Star Wars blaster fire; you also get the achievement "So Uncivilized" (Obi-Wan's Bond One-Liner after killing General Grievous with his own blaster in Revenge of the Sith) for doing so.
    • The Patchett L2A1, a Sterling submachine gun, can likewise be made to resemble the Imperial Stormtroopers' blaster rifle with the Heatsinked Suppressed Barrel, Folded Stock and Short Mag. The Buzzsaw 42 (MG 42) also gets a Heatsinked Suppressed Barrel to make it look like the DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle (built out of the MG 42's predecessor) carried by some stormtroopers in A New Hope.
  • The Lab Rats Halloween heist has a couple of references to horror films, courtesy of Bain.
    (when starting the heist) "You wanna play a game? A meth-cooking game?"
    (when an assault starts up) "One, two, cops are coming for you..."
    (when an assault starts up) "Here's Johnny!"
    • It even references a quote from Macbeth at certain points.
    (text before starting the heist) "We're working in the lab late tonight. Letting your eyes behold an eerie sight. Get cooking on the table, bubble and boil. And keep the cops from bringing trouble and toil."
    (if someone messes up the cooking) "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Mostly toil and trouble. Especially trouble."
  • The Baby Deagle, a Jericho 941 pistol added with the Point Break 2015 DLC, has a pair of attachments called the "Spike Kit" and "Spike Grip", which give it the appearance of Spike Spiegel's Jericho.
  • In GO Bank and some pager responses, one of the guards may be called Barney.
  • In the remade version of the Undercover job, the crew must make one last jump over a (narrow) gap to reach the escape. Bain might chime and tell the player that "Only a Persian prince could make that jump!".
  • One of two unique attachments for the Mosconi 12G shotgun, which shortens its barrels, is the "Road Warrior Barrel".
  • The "Jungle Ninja Suppressor" for pistols is based on the suppressor attached to the M1911 in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Its description even makes note that it was "wielded by a great warrior during the legendary sneaking mission in the 60's".