Shout Out / Neverwhere

  • To Arthur Dent - "Richardrichardmayhewdick".
  • To Macbeth, in-universe - "Well, lead on, Macduff."
    • “It’s ‘lay on, Macduff,’ actually. But I hadn’t the heart to correct him."
  • To The Merchant of Venice, in-universe - "If you cut us, do we not bleed?"
  • To Alice in Wonderland - "...the exhaustion of someone who had managed, somehow, to believe several dozen impossible things in the last twenty-four hours, without ever getting a proper breakfast."
  • To Agatha Christie - "And then there were none."
  • To Neuromancer - "The sky was the perfect untroubled blue of a television screen, tuned to a dead channel."
  • To The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - When Richard says Islington can tell him how to get home, Lamia replies, "And he can give you brains, and me a heart."