Shout Out / Fool Moon

The second book in The Dresden Files is relatively sparse in Shout Outs, possibly because there's so much action that even Harry has limited time for them.

  • Denton is more likely than not a reference to that other superhuman rogue federal agent Denton.
  • "A little kung fu, a little John Wayne, and a few casual threats."
  • Harry's description of what a wolf is capable of is lifted almost word-for-word from Wolfen, Artistic License Biology and all.
  • Hendricks's suit, according to Harry, looks like he plans to rip his way out of it when he turns into the Hulk.
  • Bob purposely has Harry repeat the word werewolf so he can do the "There wolf. There castle." line from Young Frankenstein. He's then annoyed when Harry doesn't get it.
  • A Catch Phrase from The A-Team gets inverted when Harry's goading of Parker nearly gets him shot:
    "I hate it when a plan falls apart."
  • The blending potion makes Harry feel monochromatic, like an extra from Casablanca or The Maltese Falcon.
  • Upon seeing the Alphas for the first time:
    • Later he can't help but think of them as a lupine Mickey Mouse Club.
    • Wolf-form Billy carrying his robe back to the van reminds Harry of an oversized, grumpy Benji.
  • His first close look at a Hexenwulf has him comparing it to wolves he'd seen on Wild Kingdom.
    • Agent Benn discards a wolf-belt as grudgingly as "Scrooge might have let fall a string of diamonds".
  • The scene where Harry and Rudolph gather up the loup-garou's blood in SI has a couple of lines reminiscent of Predator.
    • Then he uses a Snoopy doll to restrain the creature, chanting his spell to the Peanuts cartoon score.
  • Hitting up Tera West for money, Harry points out that he's not the Lone Ranger, so doesn't work for free.
  • He whistles Carmen while busting up the Streetwolves and their truck.
  • Susan gets a guest spot on Larry King out of her footage.
  • Carmichael refers to Denton's FBI team as the Stepford agents, presumably because they act so much in lock-step and their smiles are phony.
  • MacFinn rises up from the fallen leaves like Hamlet's dad from the stage floor.
  • Murphy calls Harry "El Cid" when she chews him out for being melodramatic.
  • Harry asks Subconscious Harry if he's about to be confronted by the spirits of Harry Past, Present and Future.