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Shout Out: Digimon Tamers
  • This series has several shout outs to HP Lovecraft H.P. Lovecraft's works.
    • The Yuggoth and Shaggai (Juggernaut in the American dub) programs are named after fictional planets created by Lovecraft.
    • The Hypnos organization is named after a short story by Lovecraft.
    • Yamaki's obsessive tendencies and resulting occasional flirtations with madness strongly resemble that of Herbert West, protagonist of Herbert West - Reanimator.
    • A TV expert is chyroned as hailing from good old Miskatonic U.
  • Justimon, the Mega form of Cyberdramon, is a fairly obvious shout-out to Kamen Rider and even has some of the Rider's abilities—especially Riderman's interchangeable arms. Word of God confirms this.
  • Gallantmon's head is modeled after Mazinger Z's.
    • And his previous form, War Growlmon, is clearly based on an Evangelion Unit from Neon Genesis Evangelion. His final form is an even more blatant reference to Evangelion Unit 01's winged form from End of Evangelion.
  • In the American dub, Henry Wong's sister's name is Suzie. As in The World of Suzie Wong.
  • Episode 26 in the American dub is titled "Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure", most likely a nod to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in which two wild and crazy guys also explore foreign lands. Party on, dudes!

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