Shout Out / Chakona Space

This is where we will put all of the Shout Outs we find in the Chakona Space stories.


  • Babylon 5: The following exchange is almost a direct quote of dialog when G'Kar returns to his quarters and finds his journal missing.
    Neal: "Just a few." As (Kestrel) continued staring at him, he added, "hundred," this was followed by a longer pause. Kestrel was opening her mouth when Neal said, "thousand."
    Kestrel: "Well?" she snapped, "What is it? A few hundred? Or a few thousand?"
    Neal: "Yes," (he) agreed, with a small smile.
    • For G'Kar, it was a few hundred thousand copies of his book, for Neal, it was a few hundred thousand colonists.
  • The Beatles: Penelopy Windsor prefers to be called Penny Lane. (Maybe)
  • Deadliest Catch: Several shouts. Fessler himself comments:
    Word of God: Why yes, the writer too lazy to come up with names has watched the Deadliest Catch.
    • Double hit: One ship associated with Capt. Foster's group is named Time Bandit.
    • The Maverick - also of Foster's group - is another Shout-Out to Deadliest Catch: the F/V Maverick was one of the vessels featured in the show.
  • Johnny Cash: "A Boy Named Sue" gets a slight reference when Suzan "Stew" Pebble introduces herself to Forestwalker's extended family during a visit to the Folly.
  • Little Fuzzy seems to receive a passing shout with starstones. These precious gemstones glow from some internal mechanism. The original sunstones in Little Fuzzy would glow when heated by something as limited as the warmth of the holder's hand.
  • MythBusters:
    Weaver: "(Neil Foster)...rejects your reality and substitutes his own."
  • Red Dwarf: "What the smegging hell is going on here?"
  • Star Trek Oh so many...
    • Antimatter powered warp drives, transporters, food replicators, Caitians.
    • The Federation cruiser, Montgomery Scott.
    • The FSS Hoshiko is so badly damaged in an attack that she is half-jokingly misidentified as The Kobayashi Maru.
  • The "Tales From The Night Watch" series is peppered with Shouts.
    • The most prominent one seems to reference Dune with mention of a "Baron" and Geidi Secundus.
    • Another scene in the same story points towards The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy when Captain Barks claims that "...a whale fell on my engineer".
      • To which hir boss replies: "Don't tell me, he sidestepped to avoid a pot of petunias?"
    • Chapter 3 makes a lampshaded reference to James Bond.
  • Real Life photo-reconnaissance / spy planes, the SR-71 and the U-2. These two aircraft series are mentioned as being the names of 2 different strings of electronic malware that are causing starship mounted sensors to not detect objects that they should be able to find.
  • The Bunny Brothers pull off a hat trick with no less than 4 shouts. Admiral Kline does a double take and lampshades the fact that someone had a sense of humor.