Shout Out / Billy vs. SNAKEMAN

Billy Vs SNAKEMAN, a Web Browser game featuring parodies of Naruto, Bleach and other shonen series, is full of references and Shout Outs to anime, but it doesn't stop there.

General Missions


  • "Karate Yes": Replicates the basic training given to Daniel in The Karate Kid (1984). Basically, MC Stripeypants (Urahara) wants you to Wax Off and wash his car.
  • "2 B A Master": Named for the first English-language Pokémon theme song. The quest text even reads "You want to be the very best...LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS".
  • "Wish Around the World": A reference to the ending them to the Spice and Wolf anime's first season.
  • "St. Flash's Day" and "The Freshest Move I've Ever Seen": Both these quests and their rewards (the Running Man jutsu and the "Floating on Air" theme) are references to the video for "Something Good '08" by Utah Saints.
    • A player kaiju named Ham is also a walking reference to this video.


  • The Tatsuki and Chizuru lookalikes are named Sporty and Scary, named after two of the Spice Girls.
  • Venus' (Zetsu) picture looks like that of a Piranha Plant.
  • The Paper (Konan) looks like and is named for the codename used by Yomiko Readman of Read or Die.
  • When you complete the steps required to get Anonymous (L) to join your party, he cries "We cannot forgive! We cannot forget!", the motto of the internet collective (or not) of the same name.
  • Tsukasa is a double-reference. She starts out as the Tsukasa from Lucky Star (along with Lucky Star-themed allies Kagamin, Kona-chan and Yuki-channote ), but after she levels up, she takes on the appearance of a different Tsukasa...the one from .hack//SIGN.
    • Speaking of Tsukasa, pairing her up with Yuki-Chan earns you the "Moe Points bonus", a reference to a speech given to Miyuki by Konata about her clumsiness being seen as cute to others.
  • With the release of Perfect Poker (itself a shout-out to Gamble Fish), a new set of allies have become available. The first one, Potatoes, is basically Sasha from Attack on Titan.


Most of the jutsus taught by the characters are named directly after the ones that are used by their Naruto counterparts. Of those that aren't:


BillyCon Events

  • One of the items you can pick up is a Baka Badge, whose item description reads: "It just says '⑨'. Huh?" note 
  • At the "Billy Idol" event, a group known as MikuMiku Douga comes on stage to sing for the crowd, and the lead singer - a skinny girl with long green hair - is modeled directly after Miku Hatsune.
  • Winning the Rave gives you the "Rave Master" trophy.
  • Game Defeater Yuri: Arcade Gamer Fubuki
  • High School Girls on Guitar: K-On!
  • Why More than 150: Pokémon


The following anime- and video game-inspired beasts can cause frustration and major damage to your village if you don't defeat them quickly enough:



  • If you and your village are able to survive on a Zombja map for 28 days, or defeat all of the Zettas and seal off the gate, you will receive a trophy called "28 Dayrolls Later".
  • Those who have "Survived the Impossible" get the option to "Be a Hero", giving you a single action protected against the cruelty of the Random Number God for that map. In doing so, you get a message that says "Rule 17 Broken", a nod to Zombielandnote .
  • For maxing out any of the Z-Skills, you earn the trophy "It's a Trick".


Other Game Elements

  • The three different Reaper Blood states one can attain are called Shikai, Bankai, and Cobra Kai.
  • At the "Juice" Bar, there are a bunch of different drinks named after BvS characters and elements. One of the listed drinks is Rum, but the input box is disabled, and the flavor text next to it reads: "Where has the rum gone?"
  • Retail is effectively Attack on Titan crossed with 11BHK's day job at the Hammergirl anime store.