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Shout Out: Asobi ni Iku yo!
  • There's a race of Sufficiently Advanced Aliens called the Orsonians, and a sentient computer system named HAL.
    • Given Itokazu-sensei's codename, Ender, it might be a reference to another Orson.
    • Further confusing the issue is the stated item in Episode 11 that the Orsonians can (and have) taken away a entire race's ability to think if they break galactic law enough times.
    • Given the amount of TV show references, maybe it's just this Orson.
  • Eris' assist droids snuck into an airfield under the cover of a cardboard box.
    • It's something of a trope in anime for there to be a mikannote  box with a puppy or kitten in it and a sign that says, "Please take home". In this case, the box said, "Please don't take home."
  • In episode 2 when breaking Eris out of the military base, Kio's uncle set explosive as distractions. He yells "Ka-BOOM"
  • When Eris drops the hammer, her lines are suspiciously similar to those uttered by the pilot of a certain hammer-wielding robot.
  • Episode four has appearances from Louise, Cecily, Luke and Lisa.
    • There is also an Iron Man 2 poster in the background of one scene.
      • Really, just about anything while they were in that shop is a Shout-Out to something, from the anime posters on the walls, Shana, to cosplayers, to figurines.
      • Hell, look closely and you'll see characters from CLANNAD, and Dead or Alive.
  • In the same episode, the four characters do a Beatles' Abbey Road album cover reference as they walk from the station to the store.
  • Manami names her assistDroid Yun-Fat. It even summons white doves.
  • Aoi names hers Chiba-chan and Kin-chan. They even use lines from their movies; Shogun's Samurai, to be precise.
  • Each episode has an opening narration that parodies other TV shows, including Star Trek, Bewitched, Mission: Impossible, Starsky & Hutch, I Dream of Jeannie, The Greatest American Hero, and others.
  • Star Trek has been mentioned outright twice, besides the opening narrations and several visual references. Once when Itokazu-sensei whines about catgirls being such ludicrous aliens that even Trekkies would find them silly, and another when they time an attack on a military base with a Star Trek rerun because the base is full of trekkies.
  • Jens, the dog girl, has her own assistdroid, which looks like, laughs like and is actually named Muttley.
    • Some translations for Episode 9 have him named "Matray" - possibly a Double Translation Mutation, like "Verthandi" into "Belldandy" in Ah My Goddess.
    • There's a member of Beautiful Contact in Episode 2 who looks remarkably like Shaggie.
  • Itokazu-sensei is reading Robert L. Forward's Dragon's Egg in episode 7, a classic SF work on Starfish Aliens.
  • Kio and Aoi are movie buffs, and it shows. In their first conversation, they talk about Green Aesop works Koyaanisqatsi and Gaia Symphony, and obscure short thriller The Abductor by Alex Portugal.
  • The club room for the school film club has posters of The Grandfather Part VI, Armagedoon, and The Man Who Was Too Fat.
  • Episode 9 pays tribute to Captain Future, a show based on a series of novels by pulp SF author Edmond Hamilton.
  • After the end credits of Episode 9, Lawry apparently sinks to the bottom of the water in a fashion eerily similar to a certain famous death in Final Fantasy VII.
  • In Episode 10, the church bell of the black and white film "espousing the virtues of kindness and generosity" is the final shot of the heartwarming Frank Capra Christmas classic It's A Wonderful Life. The directors show their love for classics by having Chaika openly saying "Oh, no matter how many times you see it, this is still a lovely, lovely film."
  • There's a sight-gag in Episode 4 with a couple of black cat assistdroids delivering a package to Aoi - a shout-out to the well-known Kuroneko (Black Cat) Transport Service, a.k.a. Yamato Transport.
  • The Dogisian Assistroids all look like Mousers but with arms and dog ears.
  • Tilsonite is a fictional meteoric mineral appearing in Ultra Q, the first installment of the Ultra Series. Tektites, by the way, are real glassy rocks of meteoric origin.
  • Leave it to Itokazu-sensei to exclaim Professor Jameson! upon seeing Rulos' walking core.
  • Episode 12 features Sol Tekkamen Power Suits

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