Shirtless Scene / Real Life

  • Buff Naked Butlers provide shirtless guys for Parties and events in the UK
  • Vladmir Putin engages in this occasionally, and may have a few fangirls of his own. That Other Wiki has got a picture of this. You can check it out for yourself.
  • Mussolini tried it too.
  • Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister. Around the time he beat Senator Patrick Brazeau in a boxing match to raise money for cancer.
  • The tabloids enjoyed doing this to Tony Blair in his time as Prime Minister.
  • Then there's that famous picture of Obama...
    • A September 2009 issue of Newsweek cover featured a Sarah Palin photo that presented her in a less-than-presidential way. Palin and many Newsweek readers were pissed, one who's comment was published in a later issue of the magazine; he asked whether Newsweek would choose to feature a picture of a shirtless Obama"... and they did exactly this, about 20 pages over.
  • There is a Boston University hockey fan who goes by "Sasquatch" who fires up the crowd by removing his shirt and dancing to "Iron Man". Of course, one doesn't get the name "Sasquatch" if you have a smooth chest and a six-pack...(link, mercifully pic-free).
  • Matthew McConaughey hardly ever wears a shirt. Exquisitely mocked by Matt Damon on David Letterman: "Ah, Mr. Soderbergh! Today's scene I think would be a good opportunity for me to take my shirt off." If there weren't already three quotes up top, this would be perfect.
  • DMX would remove his shirt towards the end of his concerts, to the delight of the female fans.
  • Fat Joe's infamous MTV beach concert.
  • This picture of Robin Williams from The '70s. Kinda a case of sexiness Values Dissonance, at least for most people.
    • And after his heart surgery in 2009, he's been very willing to flash the scar on his chest. Despite his good humor about it, it's less fanservice as it is a haunting reminder of his mortality.
  • Ask Nathan Gunn, American baritone, the very definition of "barihunk". Also, you can try Simon Keenlyside or Rod Gilfry.
  • In Rio de Janeiro, it's very common for guys to go without their shirts. The shirtless guys are very popular at parties and nightclubs and are always surrounded by friends and girls.
  • 2Pac did this a lot.
  • It's very common for gay bars and clubs to employ shirtless bartenders and to hold "go shirtless" nights.
  • Some men consider going without a shirt to be a lifestyle and actually live it when they can. Yahoo discussion groups include Shirtless Lifestyle, which welcomes those who'd like to overcome shyness about chest baring as well as those with no shyness whatever; Shirtless in the UK, a similar group based in the United Kingdom; Shirtless Warrior, dedicated to pushing the envelope, with a Facebook presence; and Shirtless Running, more specifically focused. Blogs on the subject, like "Bare Chested Shirtless and Free", "Running Shirtless", and "Shirtless Freedom" seem to pop up and peter out with some frequency, perhaps because they don't have the multi-man support enjoyed by the groups.
  • Edward Norton seems to have a topless scene in most films he stars in... American History X, Primal Fear, The Incredible Hulk. Not that anyone is complaining...
  • Andrew Martinez a.k.a The Naked Guy strolled around the campus on UC-Berkeley nude. Except for a pair of sandals.
  • The greeters at Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo usually has his shirt off when photographed. And let's not get started on his underwear line...
  • Many people have speculated that there may be a government mandate requiring Will Smith to remove his shirt in every movie. No one seems to have a problem with it, either.
  • Gay pride parades.
  • During the 18th and 19th centuries when duelling was popular among gentlemen, some of them noticed that your chances of surviving a fight were better if you didn't get shreds of dirty cloth in your sword cuts or bullet wounds, so they would duel shirtless (and in at least one case, nude).
  • The men's rowing team at Warwick University are naked in their annual calendar which raises money for Educational Action Challenging Homophobia (EACH).NSFW
  • Nashville and South Florida firefighters.
  • In June 2013, Brazilian soccer/football star David Luiz broke his nose after clashing with his teammate Thiago Silva. While this would usually go in the Squick category, the amount of blood on his uniform forced him to have an emergency kit change before getting back on the field, and, to the delight of female fans, giving everyone a nice view of him only wearing underwear, socks, and cleats.
  • On a badminton discussion forum, a badminton player posted that he thinks that being shirtless during his sessions would be better for the environment and he would like to see it become the norm for guys work out bare chest at gyms and health clubs:

    I not only play badminton twice or more a week, but squash, tennis and go running as well. It occurred to me after seeing all those notices in hotels about all the towels they unnecessarily wash, that I get through a lot of shirts each week. If you multiply this by the huge number of players around the world, think of how many washing machine loads are players' shirts.

    Why do I need to wear a shirt? Usually after 15 minutes of play, my shirt is starting to look as if somebody has spilled water on it, and by the end of a session it is sodden and stuck to me. It interferes with the natural perspiration process and even makes me feel cold when I take a break for a rest.

    So will I be making a sensible and green statement by starting my racket sports sessions by removing the shirt I arrive in before starting to play?

    Some will say it is unsightly to see shirtless amateur sports people, but this only a conditioned expectation. You think nothing of the various shapes of bodies seen at a swimming pool or on the beach. There are examples of some of our top racket sports people practicing shirtless. particularly tennis players in the sunshine.

    So I am willing to go green and shed and shed that unnecessary shirt that only ends up sticking to me, so I can reuse the shirt I arrived in (after toweling down) and save another shirt from the wash.

    If we all do the same, then it will become normal practice we will all be greener as a result, saving electricity and detergent pollution.