Shipper On Deck: Web Original

  • Eleonora assumes this role in Greek Ninja, trying to persuade Sasha that Daichi is actually her other half. Despite the fact they hate each other.
  • Thalia's Musings:
    "I totally ship you and her since I saw that play. Team Thalia!" she pumped her fist in the air. Several girls in the audience and some on stage clapped and cheered, while a few yelled out 'Team Calliope!', 'Team Terpsichore!', 'Team Dionysus!'…you get the picture.
  • That Guy with the Glasses:
    • Nella for The Nostalgia Chick and The Nostalgia Critic, although she quickly backs off the opinion that they have a lot of common when the Chick gives her a Death Glare that could melt steel.
    • Critic himself thought CR and Phelous would make a cute couple.
    • Quinn, the Irish camera-man on Demo Reel, was rooting for Tacoma and Rebecca to get together.
  • In the furry role-play Sinai Muck, one of the first things Natilie asks Chiaroscuro upon meeting him is if he's Envoy's boyfriend.
  • In the Playdom game Blackwood and Bell Mysteries, George seems to ship the main characters, Catherine Bell and James Blackwood.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Téa is portrayed as one of these.
  • In The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Gigi and Fitz both ship Lizzie/Darcy. To the point where they collaborate using Spy Speak on a plan that culminates in Gigi dragging her brother into the room Lizzie's in, pushing them both into chairs, and running out again. Maria Lu also shipped them, but to a lesser extent — she just saw it as possibility and wished it might happen.
  • Bit in Starwalker after observing Starry and Elliott's behaviour in one of the later episodes.
  • In Worm, Lisa encourages Taylor to get together with Brian. This is partly because she's a caring girl who wants her True Companions to be happy, and partly because she's trying to ward off Taylor's suicidal tendencies by any means possible.
    • So does Aisha, Brian's sister.
  • In Death Note: The Abridged Series (Kpts4tv) Da Chief gives L permission to marry Light, tries to make Light put out for Misa, and later Da Chief pimps Light out to Mello:
    Mr. Yagami: How about this? I'll give you the death note and you can take my other daughter for free!
    Light: ... (*Death Glare*)
    Mello: No, no! I don't want that! I just want the death note!
    Mr. Yagami: What if I paid you?
    Mello: I! do! not! want! Your! kids! Just the Death Note!
  • In Friendship is Witchcraft, Twilight Sparkle wrote a 70 chapter fanfic about "Applesack" and "Charity", and forces the two to act it out for her.
  • Red vs. Blue has shades of this, Played for Laughs of course. In season two, Tucker seems to ship Grif and Simmons.
    Tucker: It's just the same two guys bickering like an old married couple. I've only been listening for five minutes and I can already tell they're really in love. Why can't they see it?
    • Later on in season 10, it appears Caboose ships Carolina and Washington.
  • RWBY:
    • After one of Jaune's many failed attempts to woo Weiss, Yang pats him on the head and promises "One day."
    • Jaune doesn't ship Nora and Ren so much as assume they're already dating. He seems genuinely surprised when Nora awkwardly corrects him.
    • Nora tells Pyrrha that she should confess to Jaune, sounding slightly disappointed that she hasn't done it already.