Ship Tease: Web Original

  • Chapter 21 of Broken Saints features a tender moment between Shandala and Oran that can be interpreted this way, although it also has a platonic skew as well, since... well, she's an All-Loving Hero - she can be tender with whoever she wants.
  • That Guy with the Glasses:
  • Draco and Hermione get a lot during A Very Potter Musical. He has a crush on her but she hooks up with Ron. Then A Very Potter Sequel, which is set one year later, has a ton for Hermione and Ron, showing how they ended up hooking up.
  • Dana and Tom sure do look cuddly in The Stinger of Echo Chamber's "Trope Of The Week" Unresolved Sexual Tension...
  • We Are Our Avatars:
    • Mega Man and Luca's respective players have a little too much fun with this.
    • Michael and Melody, with the Shipper on Deck and She Is Not My Girlfriend (and, inversely, He Is Not My Boyfriend) moments.
    • A!Rika/Catherine was teased a bit, though Word of God says that she only did it for the lulz. She later admitted that she wasn't really trying anymore.
    • "Raven" and Fred might go this route, whether or not it'll come to fruition is another story.
    • Roachey and Violet was planned at one point, then later on, Mara and Roachey.
    • "Raven" and Aya seem to go this route.
    • Hakumen and Tsubaki have their moments.
    • Mana and Axl, a bit.
  • Deadly Mistakes:
    • There was a brief one-sided bout of this towards the beginning with Dusk Boogie and his long-time childhood friend, Piper Cheeks. The two later became the first Official Couple.
    • Kyle Macleod and Ellen "Newt" Ripley Junior had a lot of this, which later led to them becoming the second Official Couple.
    • Yuuka Kralie and Xavier Draven have tons of Unresolved Sexual Tension.
    • Despite only starting off as a slight joke in another thread, Thaddeus Blackstone Granger and Charity "Jezebel" Smurf-Helmet have quite a bit of this.
    • Before Thaddeus showed up, there was a little of this between Jezebel and Wilson Wilson. It didn't work due to the latter being Oblivious to Love and his roleplayer is not into Shipping.
    • There's a significant amount of Ho Yay going on between Rowan Inspector-Matthews and Kainashi Namine. Especially since the latter isn't completely fond of anyone else in the group.
    • Before Kainashi showed up, there was some slight one-sided ship-teasing (or something like that) between Rowan and Wilson. That obviously didn't work out, and one particular part killed the idea completely.
    • Despite Dorian's roleplayer saying that she wouldn't ship him with anyone and Susan Xian's roleplayer's major disinterest in Shipping at all (yes; Wilson's roleplayer is also Susan's), the two characters have a few moments that could be interpreted as this.
    • Madigan Hightop and Bernard "Bernie" Stewart have a little of this since the latter seems to like her the most out of everyone else. Though neither roleplayer had thought about shipping them with anyone at first since Madigan is twelve and Bernie is fourteen.
    • Mathew and Fawn seem to have developed a few possible feelings for each other despite not knowing each other for too long.
    • Cass Hackwrench and Augustin seem to get along fairly well, despite the slight Furry Confusion.
    • There is some between Ted and Delta, though it seemed to be awfully one-sided on poor Ted's part.
  • The War Comms has this all over the place. Zacharias/Esmeralda, Kristan/Morgan, Alyssia/Hannah, Missy/Trisha, Missy/Esmeralda, Syrius has it with three different people (Molly, Julia and Ralph), Janet/Alyssia...
  • Due to Noob having a couple of more or less official couples (one of which only lasted about a season) for a little more than twenty characters, many pairs that seem a little closer to each other than to the rest of their circle come off as this. Also, the fact that one of the characters is a Yaoi Fangirl who keeps picturing two of the male characters together makes same-sex shipping feel less of a leap than in most series.
  • RWBY:
    • Nora is attracted to Ren, and the two have a very close friendship.
    Nora: We've been friends for soooooooo long! What are the odds we'd still be together? Well, not "together-together"... Not that I'm not saying that you're not handsome; you are handsome, but that'd just be weird, right?
    • Pyrrha saves Jaune's life despite barely knowing him, and later becomes his mentor, unlocking his magical ability with a spoken vow and touch that seems vaguely romantic. Technically, this shows her compassionate nature, but you can see why people ship them. Also not helping matters is the fact that she actively seeks him out during the initiation to be his partner, despite having only spoken to him once before.
      • They also have an instrumental theme that only plays when they're together, and "Shine" (Pyrrha's Image Song), about 30% of which is about Pyrrha singing about how happy she is to have Jaune in her life. For the developers to put such effort into establishing a mere 'friendship' is...suspicious.
      • The episode "Extracurricular" confirms this: Pyrrha likes Jaune, and is visibly hurt when he goes after Weiss. For his part, although he considers Pyrrha attractive, Jaune doesn't see her that way.
    • "Dance, Dance, Infiltration" is just dripping with shipping. Jaune finds out Neptune turned Weiss down, but before he can chew him out, he sees Pyrrha off by herself. She confides in him that he's the only person to ever treat her like an equal and that he's the kind of guy she'd like. Moments later, Neptune walks up, and he and Jaune have a heart-to-heart. We find out that Neptune turned Weiss down because he can't dance and is quite embarrassed by that. Jaune gives Neptune the same advice Pyrrha gave him, "Just Be Yourself." As Neptune goes off to talk to Weiss, Jaune says he has only one thing left to do. Moments later, we see Jaune walk back into the dance wearing a dress (like he said he would if she arrived without a date) and offering to dance with Pyrrha, which she gladly accepts. Blake and Sun can be seen dancing together, Ren and Nora apparently came to the dance together, and Ironwood manages to get a dance from Goodwitch.
    • Ozpin and Glynda are nearly always seen together and constantly act like the students' 'parents'. In Episode 1, the glance between them resembles that of an old married couple. When the staff was asked by fans what their relationship really is, the staff joked that they "share a toothbrush" and avoided answering the question. Although Glynda appears constantly disgusted by Ironwood's persistent interest in her, she ends up politely dancing with him at the ball - but only after she first glances at Ozpin and he silently nods his permission to her.
    • In volume 2, Neptune successfully flirted with Weiss note . Later, she tried to partner with him when their teams went on a mission.
    • In "Breach", Coco's Establishing Character Moment involves slapping Fox on the butt.
    • The creators also appear to have gone out of their way as of volume 2 to hint that Ruby may have a thing for Weiss, judging by her eagerly jumping into her partner's lap and burying her head into her neck, and later literally dragging Weiss away from Neptune when she finds out there might be something sparking between them so she can be alone with her.
  • In The Zombie Knight, Hector seems to act more shy than usual around Lynn, and Queen Helen comments to Lynn about her and Hector making a cute couple, although she states that she was joking and shouldn't let it influence her either way.
  • In Worm, Taylor initially interprets Brian's kindness towards her as attraction - which Brian is quick to refute when she brings it up. They try dating several chapters later, though.