Ship Tease / Theatre

  • Avenue Q Ship Teases Rod and Nicky together from as early as the fourth song ("If You Were Gay"). Unfortunately for Rod, Nicky doesn't return his feelings.
  • Wicked Ship Teases both Fiyeraba (Fiyero/Elphaba) and Gelphie (Glinda/Elphaba) from their first encounters - what with "What is this Feeling?" sounding like a love song (loathe and love aren't too far off), and Fiyero being just as much of a Deadpan Snarker to Elphaba as she is to him (that, and his lack of shock, disgust, or caring at the colour of her skin).
  • Twice Charmed has this between Lady Tremaine and Franco.
    Franco: You're so wicked!
    Lady Tremaine: And you are a shameless flatterer.
  • Pokémon Live! teases Ash and Misty, Delia and Professor Oak, and there used to be a relationship between Delia and Giovanni.