Ship Tease / Houseki no Kuni

Hoyay is possibly the case with the gems of Houseki No Kuni. Though it is unclear if they are a one gendered race that identifies as male or if they do not identify at all due to not having a concept of gender note , their pronoun usage and the way they address one another suggests the former. Regardless of where you stand on this, there is plenty of Ship Tease among the more prominently focused on gems.

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  • Phos tells Cinnabar not to go to the moon, as he'll definitely find a fun job for Cinnabar that only Cinnabar can do. While Phos' goals have changed over the years, this is the one goal he's never given up on.
  • This promise is what drives Phos to do a lot of the things he does, such as going into the ocean with Ventricocus, and later, going to the moon.
  • Cinnabar keeps the writing pad that Phos used to try to save Cinnabar from falling off the Hollow Cape.
  • When Phos gets swallowed by Ventricosus, his last thoughts before completely melting away are about how Cinnabar will be stuck like that forever.
  • After hearing Cinnabar rant about how much he hates Phos (believing that there's no way Phos will fulfill the aforementioned promise), Dia straight-up asks Cinnabar if Phos confessed to him, to which Cinnabar blushingly denies.
    • Despite the above, Cinnabar does hope that Phos will fulfill his promise, stating after Dia leaves that he "won't call [Phos] a liar just yet".
    • Ventricosus, too, despite having only interacted with Cinnabar that one time, seems to have picked up on the tension between Cinnabar and Phos, believing that Phos "doesn't want to look bad in front of [his] dreamboat".
  • When lead into a trap for the Lunarians, Phos says he'll let Ventricosus and Aculeatus exchange his body for the rest of their family, as long as they don't let the Lunarians get Cinnabar.
  • Cinnabar still remembers, word for word, the promise that Phos made about finding a "job that's more fun than night patrol" that only Cinnabar can do, even after Phos had lost enough of his original gem matter to forget his own words.
  • Cinnabar is the only gem Phos trusts to tell about his suspicions about Sensei. Even after Cinnabar refuses to help him investigate Sensei, Phos doesn't tell anyone else, not even his new partner, Ghost.
  • Cinnabar is the first person Phos tells about his plan to go to the moon. Phos even mentions the irony of him trying to get to the moon when he had previously told Cinnabar not to go. This time, Cinnabar is the one to beg Phos not to go.
  • Cinnabar has, on multiple occasions, made a mini-figure of Phos out of his mercury.
  • There are also several other instances where Cinnabar is shown to be Tsundere when regarding Phos, implying that he has some sort of hidden feelings for the gem.
  • They're holding hands in the volume 1 table of contents.
  • The partnership between Dia and Bortz seems to be treated by the story as a sort of unhealthy relationship, with Dia saying that even though he lovesnote  Bortz, he can't bear being weaker than him.
  • Bortz seems to also care for Dia deeply, although it manifests in a very different way. He tried to advise Dia on how to improve his fighting, and when Dia tried to use a new fighting technique, Bortz tried to get him to stop because it forced Dia to exert his body to its breaking point. However, because of Bortz's bluntness and refusal to soften up his words, Dia took all of this as Bortz belittling his ability to fight, and Bortz ended up ultimately driving Dia away.
  • When Phos breaks the news to Dia that he's going to partner up with Bortz, Dia tells Phos to take care of Bortz for him, even if Bortz is "a little eccentric" compared to the others. When Phos agrees, calling Bortz a weirdo, Dia gets mad, telling Phos not to talk badly about Bortz.
  • During Shiro's attack on the castle, when Alex mentions that he saw Dia being chased by Shiro, Bortz immediately panics and runs off to find Dia.
  • After Bortz ends his partnership with Dia and partners up with Phos, Dia remarks that he's "glad they broke up", as Dia can look at Bortz more fondly when they're further apart. After a moment, Bortz cups Dia's face and agrees.
  • Rutile's entire reason for becoming a doctor was so he'd be able to find a way to fix Padparadscha.
  • In an omake, when asked by Phos about when he works on assembling Padparadscha, Rutile answers with a curt "always".
  • Rutile is so dedicated to fixing Padparadscha that he sleep-talks about fixing him, wakes up in the middle of winter hibernation with ideas of how to fix him, has considered going to the Moon to find new materials to fix him with, etc.
  • Rutile has memorized the feeling of the insides of Padparadscha's holes, saying that they are "smooth and pleasant to the touch". Phos is understandably creeped out.
  • Even though it will mean he'll never wake up again, Padparadscha wants Rutile to give up on fixing him because he doesn't want to keep being a bother to Rutile.
  • The volume 8 omake notes that Rutile "only thinks about Padparadscha".
  • Rutile's calm and rational demeanor is broken only when Phos takes Padparadscha away to the moon. The shock of this causes Rutile's face to crack— the only on-screen instance of this gem getting broken in the series.
  • Zircon, after partnering up with Bortz, seems to be the only one able to wring emotions out of the older gem.
  • The volume 7 dramatis personae, which lists the gems' hobbies, mentions that Jade feels that "arguing against Rutile is surprisingly comforting".