[[caption-width-right:320:The [=ZOOMers=], old and new.]]

''ZOOM'' is a TV show first created in 1972 by Creator/{{PBS}} affiliate WGBH in Boston, and which ran until 1978. Here, a cast of ethnically diverse kids called the [=ZOOMers=] (who change every season) do various activities requested by viewers who write in during the show, such as games, arts & crafts, poems, and jokes.

In 1999, it was given a revival, which lasted until 2006. In the latter year, it was followed by a SpiritualSuccessor called ''FetchWithRuffRuffman''.
!!This show contains examples of:
* BrokenGlassPenalty: Jennifer (Season 5) parodies this.
* ConLang: Ubbi Dubbi, which simply involves adding an "ub" sound before each vowel sound (e.g., "ZOOM" becomes "[=ZubOOM=]").
* CouchGag: Various clips of ZOOM guests are inserted into a certain point in the opening credits.
* DancingTheme
* DoesNotLikeShoes: The [=ZOOMers=] were barefoot for the first two seasons, but they started wearing shoes in the third season.
* ExpositoryThemeTune
* FiveTokenBand
* HollywoodNewEngland: Shot in Boston.
* LateToThePunchline: Give the name Fannee Doolee a closer look.
* LimitedWardrobe: The original cast wore uniforms. Everyone in the revival gets their own outfit, which they wear throughout the season (except during some segments where they would instead wear a T-shirt with the ZOOM logo on it, or parts requiring them to wear a different outfit, such as the Ubbi Dubbi Man segments).
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: The fourth season had ten kids. This was cut down to seven in the revival.
* OneIPreparedEarlier: During the cooking segments.
* RunningGag: A number of kids have their own.
* SpellingSong: F, A, double-N double-E, D double-O L double-E!
* StockFootage: Fannee Doolee and The Z-Mail song.
* ThemeTuneRollCall: In the opening and closing credits. In the last two seasons, the voice over kids shout out the [=ZOOMers=]' names during the theme song rather than having the [=ZOOMers=] introduce themselves.
* TitleThemeTune

!!The revival contains examples of:
* BigWordShout: By season 2, PBS shows were required to add "thank you" to the end of their funding credits. Zoom was happy to oblige.
--> '''Kids:''' (Holding up a sign) '''THANKS!'''
* BilingualBonus: Sometimes Pablo would give submission instructions in Spanish.
* BottleEpisode: "The Making of Zoom" and "How we Became Zoomers".
** WholeEpisodeFlashback
* BrandX: Brand names are covered up with brightly colored labels. Sometimes [[BlandNameProduct Bland Names]] are used such as [[SignificantAnagram Mozo]] brand fruit, with the label mimicking the Dole Food Company's logo and trade dress.
* {{Calvinball}}: Games like Crab Soccer.
* CharacterFocus: The "Zoom Out" and "Zoom In On" segments in the last two seasons show us what the kids do outside of Zoom.
* ExplodingCloset: In some Of her ID's, Caroline is a victim of this.
* FunWithAcronyms: A few pieces of Z-Mail (snail mail) feature kids sending in acronyms such as "'''Z'''ero '''O'''striches '''O'''n the '''M'''oon", with accompanying drawings.
* FunWithSubtitles: The [[ClosedCaptioning closed captions]] not only subtitle the Ubbi Dubbi, but write the sound effect descriptions in Ubbi Dubbi, too!
* HaHaHaNo: Usually done in Ubbi Dubbi, in response to terrible jokes.
* HappilyAdopted: Season 7's Nick.
* HalloweenEpisode: There's one in season three. It features instructions for making a few different costumes, and a claymation music video for "The Monster Mash" that was submitted by a third-grade class.
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Half of season 2 was released onto Youtube, but the rest of the episodes have yet to get official release.
** As of Summer 2015, ''all'' the episodes except the majority of season one have been uploaded onto Youtube by a dedicated fan who went to the lengths of recording every episode ''twice'' while the show was on the air, but do to season one being [[ScrewedByTheNetwork quickly removed by the network]], never got the chance to record the remaining season one episodes. If you have any of those episodes, you should probably hang onto them.
* KissingDiscretionShot: Done in one episode of reenacting a fairy tale, likely because the actors were still preteens. The actual kiss is covered up by the knight's shield.
* LargeHam: Jared and Pablo in season 1, among others.
* LockAndLoadMontage: The first two seasons of the revival use this in the opening credits.
* LogoJoke: A number of intertitles, the baseball mentioned below, and a giant logo that doesn't always have its letters in the right order.
* OneHeadTaller: Jared, to David. Emily is one head shorter than her fellow cast members.
* RearrangeTheSong
* SequelEpisode: Applied to [=ZoomSci=] segments.
* ShoutOut: A few later seasons showed old clips from the 1970s, including one [=ZOOMer=] teaching viewers how to do Bernadette's "arm spin".
** In a behind-the-scenes episode, the girls of the first season are seen dancing to "Stop Right Now" by [[Music/SpiceGirls the Spice Girls]].
** The kids from the last season are camping out as part of their overnight training retreat. They decide to sing the theme song from ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'' around their campfire. WGBH produces both shows.
** Sketches parodying ''AntiquesRoadshow'' and ''This Old House'' have also been used.
* SmashCut: The Season 5 intro has the kids playing a game of baseball. It flies out of the park and into the studio, where it is caught.
* SpoiledByTheFormat: Rachel at the end of the "Things I Love" game in season 3.
-->'''Kenny:''' I wonder who it could be!
* TheStinger: At the end of every episode before the funding credits.
* StoryArc: The Season 7 team participated in a {{Lego}} League competition. The entire experience, including training, was recorded and given a recurring segment. This was probably the genesis of ''FetchWithRuffRuffman''.
* VerySpecialEpisode: The Zoom Chat segments, [[TheWarOnTerror America's Kids Respond]], and [[SequelEpisode America's Kids Remember]].
-->''[[TheStinger "Write ZOOM: Z-Double-O-M, Box 3-5-0, Boston, Mass.]] [[EarWorm Oh-Two-One-Three-Four!]] [[TheStinger Send it to ZOOM!"]]''