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Series: ZERO Black Blood
A spinoff mini-series to GARO, ZERO: Black Blood follows Suzumura Rei, the titular Makai Knight ZERO, as he works with two Makai Priests to take down a cult lead by the Horror known as Ring.

Tropes in this mini-series include:

  • Affably Evil: Ring may be running a cult and sacrificing every one in fifty humans to his Horrors, but he's always polite and friendly to everyone, even Makai Knights.
  • Asshole Victim: One of Ring's prospective victims in Episode 2 is a man who did a hit and run on an innocent woman.
  • Attack Hello: Yuna introduces herself to Rei by attacking him with a Makai Sword.
  • Compelling Voice: Ring's blind singer, who serves to pacify the masses in quite the literal sense. Her song is also what keeps Ring's Horror instincts in check. When she stops singing, Ring transforms into his Horror form, and devours her, being unable to suppress his instincts.
  • Expy: Thane Camus as Ring is the closest we'll get to David Bowie as a Toku villain... outside of Labyrinth at any rate.
  • Good Guy Bar: The bar that serves as Rei's headquarters. The master caters to a mostly human clientele, but is well aware of Rei's activities as a Makai Knight, and serves as a fairly hands-off handler.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Kain, the other Makai Priest, uses an umbrella to fight.
  • Man in White: Ring's schtick. Unlike other Horrors, he dresses in white.
    • Woman in White: Iyu, the blind singer who sings the song that calms down everyone.
  • Power Trio: Right off the bat we have Yuna = Id, Rei = Superego and Kain = Ego, which is particularly ironic considering Rei used to be the Id to Kouga the Superego and Kaoru the Ego.
  • Suicide By Horror: Iyu decides to stop singing and let herself be devoured by Ring as pennance for serving him and his ideals for the last decade.
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