Six-episode Creator/{{ABC}} "sitcom" about two UsefulNotes/StLouis guys (Lee and Angel) forced to dress as women in order to get jobs as pharmaceutical sales representatives. The reason for this is twofold:
# At least one of them legitimately needs the money. Lee had lost his job ''and'' medical insurance, the latter of which he wasn't aware of until he was suddenly $900 in the red after a recent medical appointment.
# Said pharmaceutical company only hires women because the doctors want to bang them.

...Except Lee gets hired because (s)he knows the products and is a decent sales(wo)man. Yeah. And the "fun" doesn't stop there.

''Work It'' was scheduled to air its "tryout" first season (as a midseason replacement for the similarly-themed ''Man Up!'', which was bashed by critics) from January 331, 2012, but was massively panned before and during its brief run. Website/TheFutonCritic took [[ one look]] and bashed it in pretty much every facet (most notably the aforementioned "hired for knowledge" convolution), while IGN [[ awarded it its first "0" rating since 2005]] and The A.V. Club gave it an "F" (Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} has their comments and others [[ here]]). Audiences clearly didn't like it, either ABC [[ removed it from the schedule after two episodes]], but not before making excuses.

To say the show was a bomb from conception would [[InsultToRocks inflict undue affront upon bomb makers]]. Nine months after its demise, Matt Schimkowitz of Splitsider [[ took a look at the series]]...and pointed out all the reasons ''why'' it didn't work.
!!This show provides examples of:
* BrokeTheRatingScale: IGN gave it a 0/10 score, only the [[ third]] [[ time]] the site had ever done so.
* DisguisedInDrag: Pretty much the entire ''raison d'être'' for the show was to have two guys dressed as women for...some reason.
* IdiotBall: Nobody can tell the main characters are men in drag, despite the fact that they're obviously men in drag.
* OneEpisodeWonder: Alright, fine, it had ''two'' episodes, but in this case it's a wonder it got past one!