''Witches Of East End'' is a 2013 [[FeministFantasy supernatural drama series]] on the [[{{Creator/Lifetime}} Lifetime Network]] based [[TheFilmOfTheBook on the book]] of the same name by Melissa De La Cruz.

Joanna Beauchamp is your average middle-aged art teacher, a single mother with two grown daughters, Ingrid and Freya. Except that she is immortal, her estranged sister Wendy can turn into a cat and has nine lives, and Ingrid and Freya have died and been reborn multiple times over the past few centuries and all four of them are secretly witches.

After growing tired of constantly seeing her daughters be killed by their own magic, Joanna has decided to raise Ingrid and Freya without knowledge of their witchcraft to hopefully see them live past 30 this time. But when a shapeshifter who looks exactly like Joanna targets their whole family, Wendy convinces her that they can't hide Ingrid and Freya's heritage from them anymore.
!!This series provides examples of:
* AbsoluteCleavage: Archibald's courtesan wears a dress cut to the navel, cementing his status as a satanist/occultist in the 19th century. The big ol' orgy he's throwing when we meet him helps, too.
* AllWitchesHaveCats: Subverted with Wendy.
* AmoralAttorney: Harrison is implied to be one.
* AsYouKnow: In the very first episode, Ingrid informs Freya that she's engaged to Dash, and Joanna gives Wendy a detailed explanation of how her curse and the girls' BornAgainImmortality works.
* BurnTheWitch: In some of Joanna's flashbacks, it's shown that her daughters were burned as witches in earlier eras.
* CatsAreMagic: The black cat in the first episode has a neat trick...
* ClearMyName: The shapeshifter manages to frame Joanna for the murder of a man by killing him in front of his wife while looking like Joanna. It's up to Joanna and Harrison to try to prove that Joanna didn't do it.
* CoffinContraband: As an immortal witch who needs to switch identities every few decades so people don't notice that she doesn't age, Joanna fakes the death of her old identity and then moves to a new city to start fresh. When she moves back to a town where she used to live a century earlier, she digs up the empty grave and stores an emergency stash of money in the coffin. Later on she also uses the grave to store a cursed painting.
* DisappearedDad: Ingrid and Freya's father isn't mentioned until [=S01E08=], when it's stated he's been gone for ''over a century'', making this an extreme case. Due to their {{born again immortality}} Ingrid and Freya have never seen him before in their present lives, nor in most of their past ones going back centuries. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ingrid is bitter with him over this, although Freya warms up more quickly. It's somewhat different because Joanna asked him to leave, and thus he's upset that she told his daughters he'd abandoned them.
* DoubleStandardRapeSciFi: Eva uses a LovePotion on Killian so she can have sex with him as much as possible in order to [[spoiler: have a baby]], yet when everything is out in the open [[spoiler: her death scene]] is rendered as a poignant moment where the audience is meant to sympathize with her - both Freya and Killian himself are visibly moved, and he shows no emotional trauma from the abuse. The indignation of the other characters seems to stem from Eva coercing Killian's love and taking him from Freya, with no mention of forced sex.
** Ingrid's trance state with the mandragora. This results in horror and a mini-breakdown for Ingrid, but the rest of the cast utter 'oh noes' more akin to 'what a shame' than as if she had suffered a terrible ordeal.
* EquivalentExchange: Magic isn't "free", it has to come from somewhere. When Ingrid casts a spell to bring a loved one back to life, she learns that at some point in the future she will lose someone she loves.
* GeometricMagic: Pentagrams and other forms and symbols are part of successfully practicing witchcraft.
* HotWitch: Within the boundaries of beauty being in the eye of the beholder, most of the main cast.
* IdenticalGrandson: In the first episode, Ingrid is seriously weirded out on finding a photo of one of her earlier, much earlier, incarnations. This is before we the audience know the truth, so we don't know what the hell's going on before the photo is destroyed.
* {{Immortality}}: It's unclear whether or not all witches are immortal or if Wendy and Joanna have been specifically cursed to be immortal. Their immortality certainly works differently. Joanna is [[NighInvulnerability near-impossible to kill]]. Wendy dies like anyone else, but [[ResurrectiveImmortality comes to life]] a few hours after she dies. Ingrid and Freya die like anyone would, but almost as soon as they do Joanna [[BornAgainImmortality gets pregnant]] with Ingrid and the cycle starts over.
* {{Masquerade}}: The very first thing Ingrid and Freya learn about being a witch is that they must never tell anyone about it.
* MindRape: Wendy essentially destroys Maura's mind as a side effect of the [[LaserGuidedAmnesia memory spell]] cast on her, resulting in her being institutionalized for terrifying delusions.
* NoodleIncident: There are several mentions or brief flashes to past experiences of Joanna and her family which have as of yet only vaguely been explained.
** There's a sequence in [=S01E03=] where Joanna pulls a flask, a gun, and a hammer out of a box, and then flashes back to the enemies she defeated using each of them without context as to who those people are.
** Wendy mentions in passing how she once died by being eaten by an alligator. And once from syphilis.
* OohMeAccentsSlipping: Julia Ormond's native English accent comes out frequently.
* OurGhostsAreDifferent: They can touch people who can see them (aka witches), they can affect electricity, and if they stick around on Earth for too long they'll remain stuck there.
* PhantomZonePicture: One of Freya's ex-boyfriends from a past life is trapped in a painting. He escapes in [=S01E01=] and tries to do the same to Freya, but is eventually trapped in another painting. And apparently he's not the only person the witches got rid of that way.
* ReincarnationRomance: [[spoiler: Killian and Freya.]]
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: The guy trapped in the painting in the first episode goes on one against Freya when he gets out.
* ShapeshiftingExcludesClothing: The reason why Wendy ends up naked a couple of times when she turns into a cat and back into her human form again.
* ShirtlessScene: Freddie Prinze Jr. gets one in the fourth episode. Wendy spends a moment EatingTheEyeCandy before deciding that, no, she's not going to leave so soon.
* SkepticismFailure: Ingrid spends the first episode declaring herself a "rational skeptic" who doesn't believe in witchcraft, until of course she's then proven ''completely'' wrong.
* SpookyPainting. A guy in a painting suddenly starts to move. See PhantomZonePicture above.
* StalkerShrine: As shown is [=S01E03=], the shapeshifter has one filled with pictures of Joanna.
* TarotTroubles: The witches lay the cards a couple of times. It's how they find out that a shapeshifter is out to kill Joanna and her daughters. Even shuffling the deck and trying it over dozens of times doesn't change the message of the cards.
* UnwantedRevival: In [=S01E02=] Ingrid doesn't know yet that Wendy will come back to life a few hours after being stabbed to death by the shapeshifter, and uses a spell to resurrect her. Wendy is less than pleased about it and informs Ingrid that sooner or later she'll have to pay the price by losing someone she loves.
* WitchSpecies: Witchcraft is genetic. A passing comment by Joanna reveals for the first time that she and Wendy are from [[spoiler:Asgard]].