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''"Are monsters born? Or are they made?"''

''White Christmas'' (화이트 크리스마스, ''Monster'') is an 8 episode 2011 KoreanDrama Special which aired on [=KBS2=].

Susin High is an extremely exclusive and prestigious private BoardingSchool, open to only the top 0.1% of the nation's students and secluded in the snowy mountains, far away from civilization. Most of its students consider the stringent school to be more like a prison and the eight days of Christmas break (the only time they are allowed away from their studies) their only chance to escape all year. This year however, seven students choose to stay at Susin during the break, chaperoned by the P.E teacher Yoon Jong Il. They are:

* model student [[TheHero Park Moo Yul]]
* troublemaker [[TheBigGuy Jo Young Jae]]
* [[TheChick Yoon Eun Sung]], "the prettiest girl in Susin"
* the cold genius [[TheSmartGuy Choi Chi Hoon]]
* hearing-impaired aspiring journalist Yang Kang Mo
* quiet, unobtrusive Lee Jae Kyu
* and [[CloudCuckooLander Yoon Su]], who is nicknamed "Angel"

On Christmas Eve, the psychologist Kim Yo Han gets into a car accident on the icy roads near the school and the students take him in. He soon discovers that all is not as it seems: the students have each received a mysterious letter accusing them of committing specific sins and containing an ominous warning about the end of the break. As they try to find out who sent these letters and why, the students are thrown into a dangerous fight against a psychotic killer, their own inner demons and even each other. How many of them can survive these eight days with both their lives and their sanity?

!This series contains examples of:
* TheAce: Choi Chi Hoon, who is not only the best student at Susin academically but also comes up with multiple solutions to the student's dangerous situations using his smarts.
* AdultsAreUseless: And the ones who aren't are either psychotic or don't live very long.
%%* AHouseDivided
* AirVentPassageway: A frequent way to bypass school security. [[spoiler:The police team even uses it later to infiltrate the school]].
* ArmorPiercingQuestion: When the killer has all the students ask him questions, he answers them with a smile until Choi Chi Hoon asks [[spoiler:how many bullets he has left in his gun]]. Though he answers truthfully, the killer's demeanor turns serious.
%%* TheBeautifulElite: The entire student cast.
%%* BewareTheNiceOnes
%%* BlackAndGreyMorality
* BoardingSchool: Susin, with an element of ElaborateUniversityHigh.
* ChekhovsArmoury: Mi Reu's bandaid, a cell phone, a certain phone conversation, the school's television screen, the detention room, and many other seemingly insignificant objects and pieces of dialogue gain importance long after they have been first introduced.
* ClosedCircle: Susin becomes this after ep 3 once [[spoiler: the school's communication network is tampered with]].
* DysfunctionJunction: Almost every student has some sort of hidden trauma when the show begins. And if not, they certainly do by the time the show ends...
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Eun Sung. Aside from the multiple guys who are or were interested in her, [[spoiler:Jung Hye]] also repeatedly notes how pretty she is.
* FailureHero: Moo Yul, who constantly makes what would be good and rational decisions, but always ends up being screwed over because [[DiabolusExMachina fate seems to hate him and his peers.]]
* HeWhoFightsMonsters: This trope is explicitly mentioned in the opening narration: [[spoiler: ''The story Iím about to tell is about my fight with a monster. I had to become a monster myself for 8 days to fight it.'']]
%%* HiddenDepths
%%* HopeSpot: Episode 6.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold[=/=]JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: Jo Young Jae has an abrasive exterior, but under that he's complicated, going from aiding some students, to admitting to despising others and being okay if they die. His little scraps with people are sometimes playful or out of a sincere desire to hurt them.
* LackOfEmpathy: Choi Chi Hoon says he has trouble feeling emotion like regular people, and he is the least emotionally expressive of the students.
* LockingMacGyverInTheStoreCupboard: All you need is a hanger, an air freshener, a lighter, and Choi Chi Hoon!
* MexicanStandoff: In episode 7, between [[spoiler: Kim Yo Han, Oh Jung Hye, Moo Yul and Chi Hoon]]
* MotorMouth: Yang Kang Mo is noted as a compulsive chatter especially when under duress. During a one on one session he ends up rattling on about Die Hard and Brad Pitt. Kim Yo Han theorizes it is a defense mechanism and possibly compensation for his disability.
* MrFanservice: Kang Mi Reu introduces himself coming out of the shower wearing only a small pair of underwear and showing off his built physique. When the boys are all having fun in the snow, he takes his shirt off first and is the longest to go around shirtless.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Park Moo Yul has two
** [[spoiler:Saving the serial killer's life.]]
** [[spoiler:Pushing Choi Chi Hoon off the hill and having him break his leg.]]
* NotSoDifferent [[spoiler:An unanswered question at the end is whether the students have become just like Kim Yo Han.]]
%%* PsychoPsychologist: Kim Yo Han.
%%* PyrrhicVictory
%%* TheSixthRanger / TheLancer: [[spoiler: Kang Mi Reu]]
%%* SerialKiller: [[spoiler: Kim Yo Han]]
%%* SnowMeansDeath
* SpannerInTheWorks: Kang Mi Reu [[spoiler:he stays hidden and thus Kim Yo Han never finds him, and when he sneaks back in, he accidentally knocks out Kim Yo Han in one of his pranks, and that allows the kids to take back the school. Oh Jung-hye also throws a wrench into their victory by reclaiming the gun and freeing Yo Han.]]
* StalkerWithACrush: Several. [[spoiler: Kim Jin Soo, Kang Mo and possibly Young Jae]] towards Eun Sung, and [[spoiler: Jung Hye towards Kim Yo Han]].
* StrawVulcan: Averted with Choi Chi Hoon. He's consistently portrayed as the smartest and most rational student, keeping his head when the situation seems to boil over, always coming up with plans when problems arise, and [[spoiler:figuring out who sent the letters, then having a calm discussion with them because of it]]. Even with his fight [[spoiler:with Park Moo Yul]] despite Choi Chi Hoon's inability to understand why [[spoiler:he's completely correct in calling out Park Moo Yul giving away the gun, as it leaves the weapon and ammunition in the same location, and the killer get's ahold of it again.]]
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