'''''Ultra Q''''' (ウルトラQ or '''''Urutora Kyū''''') is a {{toku}}satsu [=SF/=]{{Kaiju}} series made in the tradition of Creator/{{Toho}}'s many tokusatsu sci-fi/horror films.

Produced in black and white by Tokyo Broadcasting System/Tsuburaya Productions, ''Ultra Q'' is actually the first of the long-running ''Franchise/UltraSeries'', and was broadcast on Tokyo Broadcasting System from January 2 to July 3, 1966 (the final episode was preempted until December 14, 1967), with a total of 28 episodes. This series was followed a week later by the more popular ''Series/{{Ultraman}}'' (''Urutoraman'', 1966), the second ''Ultra'' Series.

Unlike most of the franchise it would spawn, it did not have a size-changing HenshinHero. Instead, it was more of a mystery-of-the-week format that gets it compared to ''Series/TheOuterLimits'' (even with an intro reminiscent of it!) with, of course, giant monsters being the culprit a lot more often than it was in those series.

!!''Ultra Q'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* FollowTheLeader
** Considered by western fans to be this to ''Series/TheOuterLimits'' or ''Series/TheTwilightZone'', but a better comparison is found in ''Franchise/{{Quatermass}}''. Which makes it funnier that the English dub was made by the producers of ''The Twilight Zone'', and acquired by the producers of ''The Outer Limits''.
** Also, it was the popularity of the ''Franchise/{{Godzilla}}'' franchise that led to the monsters taking center stage and the ''Franchise/UltraSeries'' that followed being all about heroes vs. monsters. Creator/EijiTsubaraya didn't want it to be this way at first, but was talked into including more monsters by ThePowersThatBe.
* InstrumentalThemeTune
* {{Kaiju}}: Plenty.
* OpeningNarration: "For the next 30 minutes, your eyes will leave your body and enter inside this fantasy time..."
* {{Theremin}}: The music and the theme had this and the musical saw.