''Tokusou Exceedraft'' is the tenth entry in the ''Franchise/MetalHeroes'' franchise, airing from 1992-1993. It is the third part of its ''Rescue Heroes'' trilogy.

The story centers on another rescue team, the Exceedraft team. Their ''all-human'' members, Hayato, Kosaku, and Ken team-up to strike at disasters that grip their fair city.

!!The main heroes are:
* Hayato Kano/'''[=DraftRedder=]''': TheHero.
* Kosaku Muraoka/'''[=DraftBlues=]''': [[TheSmartGuy Smart]] [[TheLancer Lancer]].
* Ken Okuma/'''[=DraftKeace=]'''[[note]]Keace is a wordplay on ''ki'', which is Japanese for yellow[[/note]]: TheBigGuy who is a trained Martial Artist. He is also the [[KidAppealCharacter youngest member]] on the team.
!!''Tokusou Exceedraft'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* {{BFG}}: [=HeavyCyclone=]
* BigBad: [[AvertedTrope Nope]]. There is no main villain organization.
* ByThePowerOfGrayskull: "Jisso!"
* CoolCar: Varias 7, Redder's personal car, a modified Chevrolet Corvette C4, that is equipped with various modes and weapons.
* CopShow
* LaserBlade: E.M Blade, Redder's personal close-combat weapon.
* MidSeasonUpgrade: Hayato is later upgraded to [=SyncRedder=].
* PowerArmor: All three heroes have them.
* {{Rescue}}
* {{Retool}}: Around mid-series, Toei decides to go back to the sci-fi angle with an odd plot about an alien hunter seeking help from the Exceedraft team seeking his nemesis, Carlos. Then there's [[spoiler:A plot involving Draftredder vs. {{Satan}}...]]. Afterwards the team fights a lot of laser-spewing enemies.