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Series: The Second Coming
A 2003 two-part drama by Russell T. Davies about Steve Baxter, ordinary Englishman who turns out to be the second coming of Christ.


  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Judy, but that's the whole point.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Steve when a bomb destroys the entire pub around him, while he and the people at his table remain completely unharmed. Followed by Steve then proceeding to take a sip from his pint, as if nothing happened at all.
  • Doing In the Wizard: Subverted; while watching a tape of Steve bringing daylight to the football stadium, an academic comments to Judy that they could theoretically check weather patterns to see what day's weather it was. Judy seizes on this as proof that it isn't a miracle, only to be bluntly told that it's nothing of the kind; couching it in scientific terms doesn't change the fact that it's completely impossible.
  • Bittersweet Ending/Downer Ending: The ending is either one or the other depending on your religious views. The apocalypse is averted, but Steve remains dead and with the death of God, there is no longer any form of Afterlife.
  • God Is Dead: Not at first, but he ends up that way.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Ray.
  • Humans Are Flawed: Steve laments that people will always focus on all the wrong parts whenever God tries to give them a message.
    • God Is Flawed: Although Steve admits that even he doesn't know what the message is until the time is right. Because he's trying to sort out what it means as well, naturally it will always end up becoming a little garbled in the transmission.
  • Meaningful Name: Judith.
  • Mood Whiplash: Steve's speech to the crowd starts off relatively lighthearted, but swiftly turns into how utterly screwed everyone is.
  • Nature Vs Nurture: Played with. When questioned about why Steve doesn't act like Jesus, he explains that while he can somewhat remember his previous incarnation, they are not the same man. Instead they are merely different parts of the same divinity and both had their own lives until discovering the truth, so it's only natural they ended up being two vastly different people.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Steve's version of the Sermon on the Mount turns into this:
    Steve: You... are becoming Gods. There's a new master of creation, and it's you! You've unraveled DNA. You're five years from creating your own people and at the same time you're cultivating bacteria strong enough to kill every living thing! Do you think you are ready for that much power? You lot? You lot? You cheeky bastards!
  • Second Coming
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: Dance music playing as Frank is pointing a gun at Ray.
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