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Co-Host Ellen (left) and Host Brett (right)

"Everybody's a critic."

The Rotten Tomatoes Show (commonly shortened to The RT Show on teh webz) is a weekly comedy Review Show based on the filmsite Rotten Tomatoes that aired on Current TV. The show mixes elements from traditional Review Shows with Sketch Comedy and various other tropes to create a self-described "fast-paced, comedic journey through the week in cinema."

Each episode features hosts/writers/producers Ellen Fox and Brett Erlich reviewing three (sometimes two, if it's a slow week) movies that have been (or will be) released that week in theaters. Originally, Ellen and Brett were backed by webcam reviews from viewers (usually members of or Rotten Tomatoes users), comedians, professional critics, and independent filmmakers. This format changed during Season 2, when the webcam reviews were replaced by solely professional critics in front of a green screen at the show's actual studio. Fan reaction has been, uh...unfavorable.

Other than the actual reviews, the show also features various segments scattered throughout. Once an Episode segments are:
  • Top 5 Lists: Each episode contains one (sometimes two) "Top 5" lists that usually have to do with a new movie out that week in theaters or on DVD. Some of these include "Top 5 Coolest Spaceships", while others are "Top 5 Worst Sylvester Stallone Movies" and such. The two hosts alternate between presenting the lists.
  • Celebrity Top 5 Favorite Films: Exactly What It Says on the Tin—a celebrity, promoting a new movie, lists (prerecorded, usually at festivals) their 5 Favorite Movies. These celebrities range from actors like Michael Caine and Jonah Hill to directors like George A. Romero.
  • The Anticipatron: Featured before the last movie of the episode is reviewed, in this segment, Brett and Ellen show normally three trailers and give their opinion on how excited they are about it on the titular "Aniticipatron". The levels are made up puns/play-on-words about the trailer (for example, for Danny Boyle's 127 Hours, Brett rates it a low "No, Danny Boy, No!") Replaced "Trailer Time", where they would show a trailer and make a brief quirky comment on it.
  • Weekend Peekend: The very last part of the show. Brett and Elrich recap the movies out in theaters that they reviewed along with new DVD releases, noting their "Tomatometer" on screen.

Recurring segments include:
  • Sketches: Commonly, various sketches are included throughout an episode, though this is less common recently. These sketches are usually Throwaway Cutaway Gags, sometimes during an actual review.
    • Music Sketches: Brett plays an acoustic guitar and uses it to accompany his singing (sometimes with Ellen) hilarious songs about movie-related subjects, usually as an "Ode" to said subject. Some classic examples include an "Ode to Chest Hair" and an "Ode to Indie Films".
  • Screenplay Cliche: Cliched/constantly re-used lines from various films are strung together, such as "Did I say that out loud?" A similar segment is Screenwriter's Bag of Tricks, where motifs like climbing through a vent is shown in a similar manor.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: A fake Lifetime Achievement Award "given out" to a certain celebrity. Clips of this celebrity in his various roles are then shown, such as Peter Stormare, recognized as creepy/greasy/sleazy characters in films like Minority Report, Bad Boys II, and Fargo who gets an Award for "Greasy Creepitude".
  • Where Were They Then?: Clips from an embarrassing/interesting old movie a star from one of the movies reviewed that episode did is shown, which comedic explanation of the film by Brett.
  • Secret Movie Confessions: A brief confessional given by either one of the hosts or a celebrity at a festival, where they quietly admit an embarrassing movie they like. Varies annually, such as one by Brett where he admits his attraction to Disney Animated Females.
  • In 3 Minutes Or Less: Brett or Ellen zoom through the career of a popular actor/actress chronologically while keeping it at or under 3 minutes.
  • Haiku Movie Review: A haiku description of a movie (usually when it's out on DVD) that sometimes contains a bit of a critical view on it. Abandoned around season 2. And similar in concept is the Three Word Review, which shouldn't need to be explained.
  • DVD Extra Extra: Makes fun of all the random DVD Bonus Content people throw in.

The show is not hugely recognized, but does have a solid fanbase and has been acclaimed by the majority of viewers, garnering a very respectable 8.2 star-rating on IMDb. Critical reception, however, is rather mixed. However, the show truly does live up to its promise, being fast-paced, tongue-and-cheek, and normally hilarious with charming hosts, and has provided quite the number of quotes on this wiki.

Aired on Current TV Thursday nights at 10:30 or online at its official website. Brett and Ellen each have Twitter accounts at @bretterlich and @ellenfox, respectively, with the show itself's located here.

The Rotten Tomatoes Show aired from early 2009 until September 2010, when it was surprisingly canned for unknown reasons—there were still RT Show segment on infoMania, but that's probably not enough, and infoMania was itself canned in 2011 as Current remade its schedule around Keith Olbermann and more "hard" news shows.

This show contains examples of: