Series: The Revolution

The Revolution is an ABC talk show combined with reality show specializing in health and lifestyle. The producer is J.D. Roth. The hosts are Tim Gunn (style and fashion topics consultant), Harley Pasternak (fitness trainer), Ty Pennington (designer), Dr. Jennifer Ashton (medical consultant), and Dr. Tiffanie Davis (therapist/relationship expert).

The premise of this show is to improve the quality of life in overweight women. The show mostly focuses on weight loss, but it also shows women trying to work on mental health, style, and home environment. There are also segments on exercise, nutrition, fashion, medicine, and psychology.

The formula consists of women sending videos of themselves to the producers through casting calls to show what they want to change about themselves, with their weight being the number one topic. Off-screen, these women get customized plans in helping to achieve their goals. They later appear on the show and present their progress and accomplishments. Their progress and accomplishments is usually shown in a week-long chronological timeline, and later check on their progress again.

This show aired from January 16 to July 6, 2012 on weekdays.

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Tropes in this series:

  • Cancellation: This happened to the show in only seven months, due to low ratings.
  • Celebrity Star: Toni Braxton and Dolly Parton appeared on this show.
  • Cut Short: This show lasted only seven months before it got cancelled. Then again, it is a talk show, so there would have been little to wrap up.
  • Demographic: This show is apparently aimed at the women 18-49 targeted demographic.
  • Ratings: This show had very low ratings, and nothing they did could improve them. As a result, the show got cancelled within seven months.
  • Reality Show: This show has some elements of it. Women are essentially competing against themselves in losing weight and improving their well-being.
  • Spinoff: Essentially an attempt to bring The Biggest Loser into a weekday format, as the people behind that show also produced this one.
  • Talk Show: This is what the show essentially is, and it specializes in health and lifestyle.