''The Michael J Fox Show'' is a 2013 series that features Mike Henry, a news reporter who retired when diagnosed with Parkinson's, then decides to come back to work. The series focuses on him, his wife, his three children and sister.

!! This show provides examples of:
* ABoyAGirlAndABabyFamily: Ian, Eve and Graham Henry are older than the classic example but in the pattern.
* ActorAllusion:
** In "Art", Mike tells his daughter about [[Film/BackToTheFuture his dream of playing guitar when he was in High School.]]
** "Homecoming" has several jokes about [[Film/BackToTheFuture time travel.]]
** In the pilot, Mike's chair rolling him off camera might be a reference to the popular ''Series/FamilyTies'' clip of Alex P. Keaton rolling his chair across the room and tapping a textbook in triumph.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: When Michael goes on a weekend vacation with his wife, he meets a blind man who is this trope all over Michael. Annie initially thinks the guy is really sweet, but changes her tune when she sees him totally lay into Michael for ruining his shot earlier in the day. Everyone else just thinks he's InspirationallyDisabled, and he certainly plays upon this fact a bit.
* BlackBestFriend: Harris Green, who is also Mike's boss.
* CastingGag: Michael J. Fox's wife Tracey Pollan plays the upstairs neighbor Kelly, whom Mike Henry [[BlatantLies does not have a crush on.]]
* TheCastShowOff: In the episode "Hobbies", that's really Michael J. Fox playing hockey. Fox once demonstrated on ''Oprah'' that he still has this ability, despite having Parkinson's. Michael also demonstrates that he can at least putt straight in the weekend getaway episode.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: In the pilot episode, Eve behaved a bit more reserved and mature. She quickly de-evolved into the typical BrattyTeenageDaughter you see on most sitcoms.
* ConfessionCam: Every so often, the family will give their insights on the events.
* TheDanza: Michael J. Fox as Mike Henry.
* DisabledSnarker: Mike does this from time to time.
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* DumbBlonde: The bright-blonde Aunt Leigh is quite flaky, both in her job and outside of her responsibilities.
* TheEponymousShow
* InspirationallyDisabled: Mike ''hates'' the trope, and how it's inevitably used regarding him, although he does find that he misses it when he meets another, even more InspirationallyDisabled guy.
* KickTheDog: Well, punch the cat, actually. Getting filmed doing it on live tv spells the end of Zack's career.
* MistakenForGay: Eve assumes her friend, Reese, is a lesbian because she kissed a girl once at a party. She goes a little over the top to play up all the lesbian stereotypes. At the end of the episode, Reese admits the same of Eve.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Subverted. In the "Secret" episode, Ian, Eve, and Graham argue over what to do w/ an owl statue given to Graham that might contain something valuable. Ian wants to break it to find the possible treasure. Graham runs off with the statue and his siblings pursue him. Graham tosses the owl in the air, but Ian in slow, dramatic fashion, catches it. But then he says, "Wait. I wanted it to break."
* RealitySubtext: The pilot episode is this. Mike Henry returning to news reporting, mirrors Michael J. Fox's return to regular acting.
* SiblingsInCrime: Eve and Ian are usually at odds, but when their parents go away for the weekend, they join forces to rent out the apartment in order to make a little money.
* TechnologyMarchesOn: In the pilot, Harris attempts to lure Mike back to his job by showing office chairs now have wheel locks.
** Sort of justified, since Mike's last job was ended when his Parkinson's got so bad that he and his office chair kept rolling offscreen.
* WackyGuy: When Aunt Leigh drops by, you know something crazy's going to happen.