Creator/LucilleBall followed up the highly successful ''Series/ILoveLucy'' with this series, which followed the misadventures of Lucy Carmichael.
This show provides examples of:

* BackToSchool: Lucy goes back to high school in the episode "Lucy Gets Her Diploma" after the bank institutes a new policy that requires employees to have a high school diploma.
* BankToaster: Lucy demonstrates one to a potential account holder in the episode "Lucy Takes a Bank Job".
* ClipShow: The season 6 episode "Lucy and Viv Reminisce" has Vivian come out to California to nurse an injured Lucy while clips from past episodes are shown.
* HereWeGoAgain: This happens in "Lucy and the Ring-a-Ding Ring" when Mary-Jane puts the ring meant for Mr. Mooney's wife, Erma, on ''her'' finger... but, just like Lucy did earlier in the episode, she winds up getting it stuck on her finger, [[OhCrap much to Mr. Mooney's dismay.]]
* LockedInARoom: Lucy and Mr. Mooney are locked in a bank vault together in the two-part episode Mr. Mooney debuts in. The [[HereWeGoAgain next time it happens, which is in the second part]], she manages to ''accidentally trap Mr. Mooney in by himself,'' With little food or water to speak of.
* MonsterMash: The episode "Lucy and The Monsters" features several monsters from Franchise/UniversalHorror.
* {{Retool}}: The fourth season had the cast move to California, had Lucy's daughter leave for college and never return, and Vivian and her family left the series too.
* SarcasmBlind: In one episode of Season 2, Lucy plans to (and does, ''on top of winning the case'') sue Mr. Mooney after the sarcastic suggestion when Lucy demands that he kept his dog, Nelson, quiet or else and Mr. Mooney doesn't do anything about it. Lucy was no Phoenix Wright or Perry Mason to be sure, during the trial, but she managed to prove her case when Nelson barks and sets off all the other dogs outside the courtroom.
* {{Sitcom}}
* SpecialGuest: Later seasons of this series had several per season, usually with the title "Lucy and (Name of celebrity)".
* StealingFromTheTill: In ''Lucy and the Bank Scandal'', she wrongfully believes that Mr. Mooney would be as low as to embezzle money from his own bank, with nothing but circumstantial evidence and a shaky foundation to accuse him with at best. To prove that he is guilty of it, Lucy and Vivian try to find the money they ''think'' is buried in his backyard by digging up Mr. Mooney's backyard. Later, this accusation is subverted when it was in fact the oil tank for his oil-powered heater that they find instead and get everyone covered in oil when Lucy strikes the tank.
* StraightMan: Vivian played this role at the start of the series. Mr. Mooney filled the part for the rest of it.
* ZanyScheme: A staple of every Lucy series.