Creator/LucilleBall followed up the highly successful ''Series/ILoveLucy'' with these series, which followed the misadventures of Lucy Carmichael.
This show provides examples of:

* ClipShow: The season 6 episode "Lucy and Viv Reminisce" has Vivian come out to California to nurse an injured Lucy while clips from past episodes are shown.
* LockedInARoom: Lucy and Mr. Mooney are locked in a bank vault together in the two-part episode Mr. Mooney debuts in.
* MonsterMash: The episode "Lucy and The Monsters" features several monsters from Franchise/UniversalHorror.
* {{Retool}}: The fourth season had the cast move to California, had Lucy's daughter leave for college and never return, and Vivian and her family left the series too.
* {{Sitcom}}
* SarcasmBlind: In one episode of Season 2, Lucy plans to sue Mr. Mooney after the suggestion when Lucy demands that he kept his dog, Nelson, quiet or else.
* SpecialGuest: Later seasons of this series had several per season, usually with the title "Lucy and (Name of celebrity)".
* StraightMan: Vivian played this role at the start of the series. Mr. Mooney filled the part for the rest of it.
* ZanyScheme: A staple of every Lucy series.