A British television series about a young American author named Claire who moves to Scotland. In an effort to make friends, Claire starts a book club. The series follows the unusual group through their lives, which range from the mundane to the bizarre, as they discuss their books (and, of course, its relationship to their own lives).

!!This TV show provides examples of:
* BritishBrevity: Two seasons of six episodes, each a bit over twenty minutes.
* TheDitz: Many of the members of the book group, especially in the first episode where they read ''Literature/TheRoad'' and one character says that characters loves Mexico, as evidenced by the praise given to ''Chicago.''
* FunnyForeigner: Claire is bewildered by her new European friends and British customs. They see her the same way, to some extent.
* KavorkaMan: Every female in the series is drawn to Kenny, who is the best guy of the bunch but is by no means the Adonis they imagine.
* NippleAndDimed: In one episode, Janice (Michelle Gomez) gets out of a bathtub and we get a very brief glimpse of her right nipple.
* SpicyLatina: Creator/MichelleGomez provides a rare British example as a South American married to a professional footballer.