->''"The world is waiting for you. Good luck. Travel safe. Go!"''
-->-- '''Phil Keoghan''', starting off every season.

Emmy-winning RealityShow created by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster and aired on Creator/{{CBS}} since 2001. Hosted by Phil Keoghan, the show could vaguely be considered the RealityShow version of ''Literature/AroundTheWorldInEightyDays''.

Eleven teams of two people[[note]]Though four seasons have featured twelve teams (Seasons 3, 4, 10, and 15), while Season 8 featured ten teams of four[[/note]] go on a journey around the world, following clues and performing tasks in order to find their way to the designated Pit Stops; the last team to arrive is usually (but not always) eliminated.

The most common types of tasks that the racers must perform along the way:

* '''Detour''' -- [[CatchPhrase A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons.]] For Seasons 1-4, one route was typically shorter but harder (or scarier) to use while the other was longer but relatively easier. Starting with Season 5, it became more of a choice between two conflicting skill sets, such as brains vs. brawn, or something highly technical vs. grunt work. However, up until about Season 12, the tasks were still unbalanced enough that teams could easily see that one was much faster than the other. The producers got better at this after the first All-Stars, and it's now [[CompetitiveBalance uncommon to see all the teams choose the same Detour]]. Season 25 introduced the Blind Detour, where teams are only given the names of the tasks, and must travel to the task location before receiving instructions.
* '''Roadblock''' -- [[CatchPhrase A Roadblock is a task that only one team member can perform,]] and the choice must be made with only a vague clue to hint at the task. [[ObviousRulePatch As of Season 6]], the rules specify that no one racer can perform more than a set number of Roadblocks, meaning the tasks must be split between teammates somewhat fairly.
* '''Fast Forward''' -- A special task that allows a team to bypass all other tasks and head directly to the Pit Stop. This is only awarded to the first team to complete the task, and teams are limited to one Fast Forward per race. The earliest seasons had Fast Forwards available on every leg, but due to the expense of setting them up they were cut back to only once or twice a season.
* '''Yield'''/'''U-Turn''' -- Introduced in Season 5, the Yield allowed one team to hinder the progress of another, forcing them to wait for approximately 30 minutes before they were able to continue. Come Season 12, it was replaced by the U-Turn, where the affected team is forced to complete the other side of the Detour they just finished. There have been several variations on the U-Turn, such as the Blind U-Turn (Seasons 14-16), where the team using it can remain anonymous, the Double U-Turn (Season 17 onwards), where two teams can each hinder a group behind them, the Blind Double U-Turn (Seasons 21-22), and the Must Vote U-Turn (non-US only), which forces all the teams to vote for who should be U-Turned on that leg.
* '''Speed Bump''' -- Introduced in Season 12, this is a short penalty task for teams that place last in non-elimination legs (prior to this, non-elimination penalties involved the confiscation of money and possibly possessions, or a time penalty on the next leg if they did not come in first). Season 19 included a task called the "Hazard," which was functionally similar, but given to the team who finished last on the race's first task.

A few seasons of the American show have had gimmicks applied to their setup: the Family Edition (Season 8), which expanded teams to four people (including kids) and limited itself to traveling North America; three All-Star seasons (Seasons 11, 18, and 24), bringing back several previous racers (S18 titled "Unfinished Business" instead to hype up MyGreatestSecondChance); BlindDate (Season 26), where all the teams are dating couples and half of them only met each other at the starting line; and Season 29 (with no special title), a non-romantic expansion of the "Blind Date" concept where all 22 racers are strangers.

The show has done well with both critics and fans, with the possible exception of the aforementioned Family Edition, which sacrificed exotic world locales and interpersonal drama for a competitive family road trip.

''The Amazing Race'', like all reality shows, consists of a camera crew following the teams as they race across the globe; accordingly, for legal and political reasons, all participants must be U.S. citizens, and legally able to travel outside of the U.S. The show is much less frustration-wrought than, say, ''Series/{{Survivor}}'' -- less emphasis is placed on knocking the other team out of the proverbial race, which allows for a more 'relaxed' atmosphere while showcasing some of the absolutely ''[[SceneryPorn gorgeous]]'' scenery and geography in many of the world's most exotic countries.

Heck, it's even mildly ''educational'', owing to the fact that some of the clues require calculation, riddle- and puzzle-solving, and a passing familiarity with the notable landmarks in a given country.

Not to be confused with AmazingFreakingGrace, though that hasn't stopped some from making that pun [[Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle anyway]].
![[InternationalVersions/TheAmazingRace International Versions]]

Fittingly, other countries have produced their own versions of the show. Tropes relating specifically to these seasons should go on the [[InternationalVersions/TheAmazingRace International Versions]] page.

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* ''The Amazing Race Asia'': A race around the world (except for the Americas) open to English-speaking citizens of South, East, and Southeast Asia (Russia and Middle Eastern citizens not eligible), with a grand prize of US$100 thousand. It lasted four seasons, put on a hiatus in 2010 after the fourth season, then renewed for a fifth season in 2016.
* ''The Amazing Race: A Corrida Milionária'': A race around Brazil (and Chile) open solely to citizens of Brazil with a grand prize of 500 thousand Brazilian reais (about US$220 thousand). Only one season aired.
** The Brazilian version is dubiously known for having [[http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/ilustrada/ult90u345975.shtml one of the teams and their production crew robbed at gunpoint]] and being forced to stop racing until the local police could retrieve the camera and personal belongings of the crew. The team dropped from 4th to last, and were granted a non-elimination leg penalty. They were ultimately unable to recover and were eliminated two episodes later, after having come in first place on the leg before the robbery.
* ''[=HaMerotz LaMillion=]''[[note]]"The Race to the Million" in Hebrew[[/note]]: A race around the world (except the Americas, again) open to citizens of Israel with a grand prize of 1 million Israeli new shkalim (approximately US$277 thousand). The first three seasons ran the normal Race format, while the fourth had the largest cast in franchise history, with 14 teams, who were split up into two groups of seven. Each group ran a separate first leg, with a team being eliminated from each group, before meeting up to continue the race as a whole.
** In the first 2 seasons, the Israeli race kept to the "no Americas" rule set by ''Asia''. In the third season, the show visited Brazil and Cuba.
* ''The Amazing Race Latin America'': A race around Latin America and the Caribbean open solely to Spanish-speaking citizens of the region (except those from Cuba, French Guiana, Puerto Rico, and much of the Lesser Antillies; Jamaica and the Bahamas are okay though) with a grand prize of US$250 thousand. Six seasons have aired under differing titles[[note]]Season 1 and 2 were titled ''en Discovery Channel'', Season 4 was ''Edição Brasil'', and Season 6 was titled ''Ecuador'', for the country the race took place in.[[/note]].
* ''The Amazing Race: China Rush'': A race around mainland China with a grand prize of a trip around the world financed by a travel agency. The first season was open solely to English-speaking nationals or expatriates living in China, but the second season allowed Chinese citizens as well as any international contestants who speak English and Chinese and had lived in China at some time. It lasted three seasons.
** This was followed two years later by a 2nd Chinese version, which traveled around the world. This is the first version of the show to be filmed non-consecutively, with breaks in the competition to allow for the CelebrityEdition contestants' filming schedules. This version also featured a version of the Save, but this one did not save the team who held it from elimination, instead forcing them to choose one team to bring back into the competition. This resulted in a team finishing 3rd despite only running five legs.
** ''Shanghai Rush'': This knock-off[[note]]The network didn't get the ''Amazing Race'' trademark until the ''China Rush''[[/note]] preceded the ''China Rush'' and was a race solely around Shanghai with a grand prize of a year's accommodations at the Gemdale Green World. Instead of having Roadblocks, Detours, or Pit Stops, teams had to perform nondescript tasks at each location before moving on.
* ''The Amazing Race Australia'': A race around the world open to Australian citizens, with a grand prize of A$250 thousand (approximately US$229 thousand). Two seasons aired, and after taking a year off and switching production companies, a third season, subtitled "Australia vs. New Zealand" aired in 2014.
** The first season of the Australian race initially kept with the unwritten "no Americas" rule of the Asian and Israeli races, and was the first race to include an extended visit to Israel[[note]]The Israeli version barely spends any time in its home nation, and has only had international finish lines.[[/note]] and the West Bank.[[note]]It was an Israeli settlement.[[/note]] The second season broke this "rule" and had teams travel to Cuba[[note]]Practically forbidden for the American version at the time due to the embargo.[[/note]] as well as Canada. The third season became the first of the international versions to visit all six inhabitable continents.
* ''The Amazing Race Norge'' ("The Amazing Race Norway"): A race around the world (except for the Americas) open to Norwegian citizens, with a grand prize of 500 thousand Norwegian kroner (approximately US$82 thousand). Two seasons have aired.
* ''The Amazing Race Vietnam: Cuộc đua kỳ thú'': A race around Vietnam open to Vietnamese citizens, with a grand prize of 300 million Vietnamese đồng (the lowest pay out at just over US$14 thousand). The second season was a CelebrityEdition, while third season was a mix of celebrities and "fanatics."
* ''The Amazing Race Philippines'': A race around the UsefulNotes/{{Philippines}} open to Philippine residents, with a grand prize of 2 million Philippine pesos (approximately US$46 thousand). A unique aspect of the Race was its Philippine broadcast schedule, essentially shown every day of the week in half hour blocks Monday through Saturday, with a compilation episode shown Sundays. It is also notable for having a team break the "contacting people outside the Race" rule and receiving a 24-hour penalty. Two seasons have aired.
** Its second season is notable for having a team who ''completely'' [[WeUsedToBeFriends ended their friendship]] right after being eliminated from the race, and one of them not showing up at the Finish Line in the finale for that reason.
* ''Velyki perehony''[[note]]"Big Race" in Ukrainian[[/note]] ("The Amazing Race Ukraine"): A race around the world (except for the Americas) open to Ukranian citizens with a grand prize of 500 thousand Ukranian hryven' (approximately US$61 thousand). It lasted one season.
* ''The Amazing Race'' (France): A race around the world open to French citizens. It is the first international edition of the show to travel to the United States. The grand prize was 50 thousand (approximately US$65 thousand). It lasted one season.
* ''The Amazing Race Canada'': Open to Canadian citizens, and airs in summer to avoid schedule conflicts with simulcasts of the US edition. The grand prize is C$250 thousand (approximately US$240 thousand), and other assorted prizes (depending on the season). The first season only traveled within Canada, while the second season expanded to other countries.
* ''The Amazing Race Central Europe'' was cancelled and would have been open to residents of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.
'''Note: Tropes relating to the series or teams in general go here. Tropes and examples specific to certain teams should be placed on their respective [[Characters/TheAmazingRace character pages]].'''

!!Provides Examples Of:


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* AlasPoorVillain: With the tendency for teams to get a touching send-off after being eliminated or losing, even teams people originally rooted against can invoke this response upon realizing just how passionate they were about the race.
* AllThereInTheManual:
** The full rules of the Race are never fully disclosed to the audience during the show, and they find out about many rules only when a team breaks them. According to former Racers, however, the teams spend a good bit of time being briefed on the actual Manual before the Race starts.
** The audience only sees a single fairly brief page in the task envelopes that the teams open at each box. Again, teams have stated that there are usually supplementary sheets as well, with more details, limitations, and requirements for successfully completing the task.
* TheAllegedCar: Some of the cars the teams are given turn out to be this, and it's obviously quite deliberate. This is much more common in the early U.S. seasons than in later seasons, as ProductPlacement has replaced these so-called cars with much nicer ones.
* TheArtifact: The Fast Forward. For the first four seasons, there was one on every leg, in theory giving each team a chance at one free pass. However, for budgetary reasons (as it was not cost-effective to set up all those single-use tasks, especially when half of them never got used, and therefore never made it onto the show), starting with Season 5 (and in all the foreign versions) the Fast Forward was cut back to only one or two per season, although the "one per team" rule still applied. With all the strategy drained out of it, the Fast Forward has mostly become a cheap and/or easy win for a team that was already in the lead, as no team outside of the lead pack would dare risk it, as to not get it would mean certain elimination (as happened to Terence & Sarah on US Season 13, or Joey "Fitness" & Danny on US Season 20).
* AsianDrivers: The hectic nature of driving in countries such as India is often alluded to, but the trope is rarely outright stated. The best examples probably came from US Season 10 and Australia Season 2, where teams had to earn their local driver's license. While the US version toed the line with this trope, the Australian version stepped way over it, and teams passed their driver's test no matter how badly they did on their test. Sticky got into a car accident and still managed to pass.
* AutoRevive: The Save Pass, which saves the team who holds it from one elimination.
* BackForTheFinale: All eliminated teams show up at the Finish Line to cheer on the final three teams, with only a few exceptions. (Such as a team losing a passport)
* BackseatDriver: All the time when teams are tasked with driving themselves. As a bonus, because of the way the camera crew positions themselves in the car, the non-driving teammate is always positioned directly behind the driver.
* BittersweetEnding: Played for most of the 2nd and 3rd place teams. It's rare that a team hits the Finish Line completely distraught or dejected.
* BlindfoldedTrip: Sometimes the teams are given charter buses or planes to sign up for, but are not told their ultimate destination.
* BoringButPractical: Some of the Detour choices can end up being a choice between an exciting, but more skill-intensive, task and this. In the worst-case scenario, the viewers don't get to see the exciting task at all. This was less apparent with earlier seasons when "fear" was a supposed "con" of the more exciting tasks, and the boring tasks were more time-consuming.
* ClimbingTheCliffsOfInsanity: When the producers realized teams were no longer intimidated by jumping off things, they started making the teams climb them instead, such as in the US Season 10 premiere, where the teams had to climb the Great Wall of China to get to the Pit Stop on top.
* ConfessionCam: A variant, as teammates almost always do them together.
* CoordinatedClothes: Though teams are [[ColorCodedCharacters assigned a color]], several teams a season will take it a step further to this.
* {{Crossdresser}}: Deliberately invoked. When required to wear an outfit, uniform, or costume, teams are often given the exact same set of clothing, regardless of gender orientation.
* CrowdedCastShot: There's one at the beginning and end of every season ([[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness Save for US Season 1]]). The one at the beginning is generally used for promotional purposes, while the one at the end always precedes the FlyawayShot that ends the season.
* CultureEqualsCostume: Costumes play a big part of the race; locals hired to run tasks and pit stop greeters will usually be in traditional costumes, and often racers will be put in costume as ''part of'' a task. Averted, of course, for everyone else the racers encounter.
* TheDayTheMusicLied: Happens when a team realizes they've made a mistake, generally accompanied by a RecordNeedleScratch or, alternately, a [[FanNickname Gong of Stupidity]] for particularly bone-headed moves.
* DifficultySpike: The Race intentionally tries to make the tasks start off relatively easy; but they get more and more difficult as the season goes on (Partly because a lot of difficult tasks early-on would be hell on the editors.) However, generally a third of the way through the season there's a notable difficulty spike.
* DirectionlessDriver: Comes up more than you would expect, but there seems to be at least one team per season who would prefer to work off of maps than ever ask for directions from locals.
* DressUpEpisode: At least OnceASeason the producers will provide teams with costumes they must dress up in. Some of these are culturally relevant, others are just RuleOfFunny. Some are both.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Some cab drivers, especially in countries where traffic is prone to be like this in general.
** In US Season 4, Tian & Jaree's cab driver in India drove on the wrong side of the highway at night with his lights off.
** From US Season 17, in Ghana:
--->'''Jonathan''': Our taxi driver and the taxi driver ahead of us have just invented a third lane.
* EatThat: Most seasons have at least one eating challenge. They come in three varieties:
** ForeignQueasine: One or both team members have to eat a local "delicacy," which they usually find gross.
** MegaMealChallenge: One or both team members have to eat a massive amount of food.
** A combination of both of the above.
* EliminatedFromTheRace: The TropeNamer.
* EliminationCatchphrase: "I'm sorry to tell you, you've both been EliminatedFromTheRace."
* EliminationStatement: Generally much more positive and supportive than on other Reality Shows.
* EmergencyCargoDump: Teams will often dump their backpacks on the way to the mat if they think they are in a footrace for either first or next-to-last.
* EngineeredHashtag: They've become common on the show, usually for the standard elements like [[AC:[=#Roadblock=]]] and [[AC:[=#Detour=]]]. Season 26 even debuted premade team name hashtags.
* EpicRace: One of the definitive non-fictional examples.
* FacePlant[=/=]ThePratfall: Racers fall down... ''a lot'', and 95% of the time it's played for laughs, and plenty of times they even get back up and start laughing themselves.
* FailedASpotCheck: Happens a lot, with the cameraman generally pointing out whatever the racers missed.
* FailingATaxi: Will happen from time to time, and is always played for drama. Most of the time it happens because teams will be tasked with finding a cab in an area that doesn't have many.
* FailureMontage: All the time when teams struggle with tasks, in order to show how long the task is taking without actually wasting airtime to show all the failed attempts. Can be played emotionally or for laughs depending in the situation.
* FatalFamilyPhoto: Generally when a team talks about how much they miss their family back at home, especially early in the race, you can expect them to get eliminated that episode.
* FetchQuest: Get Object A, take to Location B to receive your next clue, return to starting point to retrieve your teammate.
** Season 2 had a multiple step fetch quest, in a Roadblock, where a contestant had to go from spot to spot before being told to rejoin their teammate. [[ReadTheFreakingManual Two teams messed this up and had to do it over.]]
* FinalExamFinale: The finale of most seasons includes a puzzle as the final task, usually asking the teams to identify things from the race and put them in order. These items can include flags, locations, Pit Stop greeters, or the order of elimination from the previous legs. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtD0RUIXn6o&feature=related Here's an example from US Season 9]], involving flags. It's become so notorious that teams take notes on what happens to them during the race in case they end up having to face one, and several times (US Seasons 9, 12, 13, 14, 21, and 25, Asia Season 2, Canada Season 1, Australia v New Zealand for example) it has caused a lead change that ultimately decided the outcome of the race.
* FollowThatCar: Just about every episode of the show has some variant of this trope. The second season finale was even titled "Follow That Plane".
* FriendshipMoment: The whole point of having teams of two instead of individual racers.
* GoOutWithASmile: See GracefulLoser.
* GracefulLoser: It's actually rare for a losing team ''not'' to be graceful in defeat (though the Elimination Station may be a different story), and many teams in the Final 3 are just happy having gotten to run the whole race.
* {{Griefer}}: Many challenges include locals whose only point seems to be annoying or distracting the contestants on challenges that take a lot of time or concentration.
* HateSink: Some teams exist purely to be hated by the audience, so that the fans can be happy when they're eventually eliminated.
* HiddenInPlainSight: Clues are hidden this way all the time, though most notoriously in US Season 19, when the clue was a giant flashing sign written in Chinese that many of the teams spotted then disregarded at first.
* IdiosyncraticShipNaming:[[invoked]] Commonly used both in-show and out for teams. The originators were Season 1's "Team Guido" (Bill & Joe), who named themselves after their pet dog. Other examples include Team Cha-Cha-Cha (Oswald & Danny from Season 2), the Double-Ds or the Pinks (Dani & Danielle from Season 9; the latter name for their wardrobe, and the former given by another team as a play on their names (but with a DoubleEntendre involved)), and the Afghanimals (Leo & Jamal from Seasons 23 and 24). Occasionally they're {{Portmanteau Couple Name}}s; like Momily (Nancy & Emily, the mother/daughter team from Season 1), Heave (Heather & Eve from Season 3), Dandrew (Dan & Andrew from Season 13), and Brenchel (Bendon & Rachel from Seasons 20 and 24). By Season 26, the show itself has begun providing its own idiosyncratic team labels to use on social media.
* ImNotHereToMakeFriends: Invoked at least OnceASeason.
* AnInsert: Showing off clue packets and other items involved in tasks. [[FanNickname Known as "Exposition Hands" by the fans.]]
* ItsAllMyFault: Sometimes, after an elimination, a team member will blame themselves for whatever mistakes that caused them to be last (whether {{Justified}} or not)
* ItsTheJourneyThatCounts: Most contestants will say that being on the show was more important than actually winning it.
* LandingGearShot: Given that it is a race around the world, the show uses this trope all the time during travel sequences.
* LanguageBarrier: One of the main challenges of the race is figuring out how to communicate with people in other countries.
* LimitedWardrobe: Justified, as teams have to carry their entire wardrobe on their backs.
* LinkedListClueMethodology: The show is set up for teams to go from clue to clue without knowing the ultimate destinations.
* TheLoad: It always seems there's one racer who's near-useless on tasks, leaving their partner to do all the work. These contestants are the reason that limits were put on Roadblocks, to make it harder for one teammate to carry another through the season.
* LongRunnerTechMarchesOn: Cell phone and smartphone proliferation has had a huge effect on the race metagame and the way the course is set up. Racers are barred from carrying phones themselves, but it's become increasingly easier to borrow a local's phone to call a cab or Google information about their clue or something. This has led to things that caused teams problems in early seasons, such as locating the location of a picture they were given, much easier. Also, as GPS devices become standard issue in cabs across the world, the "bad cabbie" problem is getting slowly phased out, country by country.
* LuckBasedMission:
** "Needle in a Haystack" tasks. One of the most ''hated'' types of tasks.
** Whether you get a good or bad taxi driver can have a significant impact on how you do in a leg. In earlier seasons, this sometimes factored heavily in the finales. Later seasons have been designed so that performance on the tasks has a better chance to offset an unlucky choice of cabbie.
* MacGuffinLocation: Everywhere, every episode, with each new clue leading a team to a new MacGuffin Location.
* MercyKill: Of the non-lethal variety. When a team gets so far behind that it would be impossible for them to catch up to the other teams, they are given a clue that sends them right to the Pit Stop for their elimination. If they're ''really'' stuck (usually trying to complete a task) and can't even get to the next clue, the host will come to ''them''.
* MetalDetectorPuzzle: The show will use this every once in a while. One of the rarer task types.
* MixAndMatch: Travelogue Show + Reality Show
* MobstacleCourse: Happens in big cities, especially in India. Sometimes used as a task where teams have to find a specific person within the mob.
* MoodMotif: An overabundance of them. When they're not using a RegionalRiff, it's probably this. The most notable are those used for the first and last place teams coming into the Pit Stop.
* MsFanservice: All-female teams, particularly blond ones, often tend to be cast more for their supposed attractiveness over potential racing ability, though teams such as Dustin & Kandice (US 10 & 11), Jaime & Cara (US 14 & 18), Jess & Lani (Asia 4), Bar & Inna (Israel 2), Sam & Renae (Australia 1), Jo & Michelle (Australia 2), Valeria & Bohdana (Ukraine 1), and Lam Anh & Thu Hien (Vietnam 2) have demonstrated themselves to be more than just looks.
* MundaneMadeAwesome: Put a million dollars on the line, and anything can become epic. In US Season 16, they did this with pouring champagne, and it actually ''worked''.
* MythologyGag: Although they don't necessarily point it out, many of the later international editions would either recycle locations and tasks from the US edition, or recycle tasks from each other. Australia Season 1 utilized this the most, as every other leg featured a task or location borrowed from the US or Asian versions.
* NeedleInAStackOfNeedles: The show is quite fond of this trope. One notable example came in US Season 17, where one Road Block had racers using chopsticks to find pieces of fake food hidden in a gigantic table of real food. The catch was that if they picked wrong, they had to eat the food they chose. Naturally, this started becoming a huge problem when a few teams started making several dozen wrong guesses in a row.
* NoDamageRun: Twenty-four teams have made it to the Final 3 without ever being in danger of elimination (that is, finishing in the bottom 2 on any given leg), and eleven of them can be considered {{Flawless Victor|y}}ies, that being Meghan & Cheyne on US Season 15, Kisha & Jen on US Season 18, Ernie & Cindy on US Season 19, Rachel & Dave on US Season 20, Jason & Amy on US Season 23, Dave & Conner on US Season 24, Adrian & Collin on Asia Season 2, Shay & Guy on Israel Season 1, Mauricio & Carlos on Latin America Season 2, Nicolás & Cristóbal on Latin America Season 3, Omar & Bilal on Norge Season 2, Valeria & Bohdana on Ukraine Season 1, and Mickey & Pete on Canada Season 2. The others are:
** Both Rob & Brennan and Frank & Margarita did it on US Season 1, but [[UnwinnableByMistake due to the way the course was set up]] it was impossible for them to finish below 2nd place after leg 9, and considering the easiest time to lose one's No Damage Run is late in the season like that, there's no telling what would have happened had the other teams been allowed to catch up.
** Dustin & Kandice did it on ''All-Stars'', but finished 2nd overall. They are also the only team to pull a No Damage Run where they had to run three legs with only four teams, where a 3rd place finish in any of them could have cost them.
** Margie & Luke on US Season 14, they also never finished below 4th at any point during the season, only to finish 3rd when Luke choked on the Final Puzzle.
** Perri & Maristela also did it in the Brazilian version, but unlike other teams who made it to the Final 3, they were actually disqualified halfway through the final leg for quitting a task.
** Toño & Lili pulled a NoDamageRun on Latin America's Season 2, but finished 2nd overall.
** Rovilson & Marc pulled one in Season 2 of the Asian version, along with one of the best run games in Amazing Race history, never placing below second and coming 1st in 8 out of 12 legs, but ultimately a struggle in the final Roadblock put them in 3rd place for that season.
** Jill & Thomas, US Season 17, also made it to the Final 3 unscathed. They then finished 3rd in the finale when they stuck with a bad cabbie past the point where it became obvious he didn't understand what they were telling him.
** Anaelle & Akiva did on Israel Season 2, and were in the lead most of the final leg, but struggled with the final task and ultimately fell to 3rd.
** Michelle & Jo from Australia Season 2 managed to reach the Final 3 only falling below 3rd place twice, and had a hour lead over the other teams midway through the final leg, but ultimately finished 3rd when a mid-leg flight allowed the other teams to catch up.
** Natalie & Meghan from Canada Season 2, who won seven legs and were tied for the third best finishing average of all time (with Rachel & Dave from U.S. 20), but lost in the final leg due to a lingering hand injury and bad luck in luck tasks.
* NonGameplayElimination: Generally happens at least OnceASeason, mostly due to the tight shooting schedule and loads of travel making it impossible to wait around for a single lagging team to finish a leg. The Race even has its own unique NonGameplayElimination nicknamed the "MercyKill", in which they're so far behind, they're given a clue that sends them straight to the Pit Stop for elimination.
* OddNameOut: Take a look at the names of all the tasks and related material: Detour, Roadblock, Yield, Intersection, U-Turn, Speed Bump, Switchback, Express Pass and... Fast Forward? One has to wonder why no one thought of calling it a "Shortcut" instead.
* OnTheNext: Somehow manages to combine TrailersAlwaysSpoil, TrailersAlwaysLie, and PseudoCrisis all into a 15 second clip.
* OneHitKill: The U-Turn used to function as one in its early seasons, though there were often other factors that contributed to a team's loss than just the time spent on a U-Turn. It has since become much more forgiving on teams as Detour tasks are relatively easy on a U-Turn leg. The US version even introduced the Double U-Turn so that at least one team would survive it.
* OnlySmartPeopleMayPass: Tasks like this are more prevalent in the later seasons, as well as the clues.
* PathOfMostResistance: Showed up on a lot of early Detours, where one was scary or physically challenging, but fast, while the other was safe, but tedious and time-consuming. Used very frequently on the first four seasons, but not too often anymore, as the longer option was rarely taken.
* PitbullDatesPuppy: Some couple teams come off like this under the stresses of the Race, though most don't tend to act that way in real life.
* PreviouslyOn: Usually only the finale references more than the previous episode.
* PoisonMushroom: The second Express Pass teams "won" to give to another team quickly turned into this, leading to the eliminations of [[Characters/TheAmazingRace22 Jessica & John]] and [[Characters/TheAmazingRaceCanada1 Kristen & Darren]], not to mention all the backlash it causes with the teams who do not receive the extra Pass.
* ThePowerOfFriendship: One of the main themes behind the race, with "teamwork" being one of the main skills necessary to win the Race that Phil brings up in his pre-Race speech every season. Sure, teams like Zach & Flo (3), Freddy & Kendra (6), and Eric & Danielle (11) have managed to win with less than stellar teamwork, but bickering and in-fighting usually kills a team's chances.
* PseudoCrisis: Almost every commerical break is led into by one of these, with the team resolving the issue or completing the task right after from coming back from the break.
* RaceAgainstTheClock: Some tasks have to be performed in a certain amount of time, otherwise the teams have to start over.
* [[ReadTheFreakingManual Read The Freaking Clue]]: This is the number one rule of the Race. Teams have been issued penalties and eliminated for disobeying instructions in their clues, Vietnam Season 2 even saw a team penalized at the Finish Line and lose the Race due to failure to do this.
* RealityShowGenreBlindness: Actually averted most of the time; the majority of teams in later seasons make it clear that they have seen previous seasons. That said, failure to [[ReadTheFreakingManual Read The Freaking Clue]] properly still happens way more often than it should.
** Expect to hear a variation of "We did all that work on the last leg, only to have every team get on the same flight," at least once per season, despite equalizers having been a staple of the race since the beginning.
** Some teams don't seem to realize that there's going to be a thrill challenge somewhere. Or that there will actually be tasks where they have to swim, or that the final leg of the race is going to have a puzzle. [[DrivingStick Same with people who don't know how to drive a stick shift.]]
** For everybody, please don't expect this is a free 24-7 vacation (or a honeymoon for couples).
* RecurringTraveller: Phil Keoghan, Allan Wu, and all the other hosts, showing up at the Pit Stops to officially check the teams in.
* RegionalRiff: A staple of the show, and considering how many regions they've traveled to, they've used ''a lot'' of these.
* RubberBandAI: For various reasons, production creates "equalizers"[[note]]spots like airports or locations with operating hours, where teams are all evened up equally[[/note]] or "bunching points"[[note]]spots like train or bus stations, charter buses and planes, or "take a number" tasks where teams are moved closer together or into groups, but not completely leveled out.[[/note]] usually involving operating hours or transport schedules, so no team gets too far ahead or behind: Logistically, it's easier to keep the crew in a single country at a time and you don't want to tie up locals in assisting/judging tasks for days on end. Dramatically, having wins or losses be a ForegoneConclusion every week [[BoringInvincibleHero is]] [[BoringFailureHero boring]].[[note]]And in the American version, during the first season, a few teams got caught too far behind because of factors outside their control, resulting in the race becoming UnwinnableByMistake[[/note]]
* SadisticChoice: The producers learning how to balance Detours means that instead of choosing between a hard Detour and an easy one, there are now times when teams have to choose between two brutally hard ones.
* SceneryPorn: The world is a ''very'' beautiful place!
* ScrewTheRulesImBeautiful: Heavily subverted. A lot of female teams talk about using their looks to their advantage. However, this rarely comes into play, and bringing it up pretty much guarantees a team's elimination down the line.
* SeriouslyScruffy: A result of the teams being constantly on the move. Though teams are allowed to carry grooming products with them, the constant travel causes personal grooming to slip as the season goes on and teams either spend their spare time resting, doing research, or ditch their products all together while lightening their backpacks.
* SexSells: The reason women generally have a huge advantage when it comes to selling tasks. It doesn't always play out this way, but men will point it out when a woman blasts by them on a selling task.
* StandardSnippet: When coming across a musical task, expect it to involve one of these.
* StubbornMule: Tends to happen with almost any animal based task when it involves leading the animal from point A to point B.
* SurpriseDifficulty: [[{{In-Universe}} Even racers who have been fans of the series for years]] have finished the first leg in shock of how difficult the Race actually is. Even racers who've won other [[Series/{{Survivor}} Reality]] [[Series/BigBrother Shows]] have commented on it.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: The U-Turn, which replaced the Yield.
* TheTaxi: The second most common form of transportation (after airplanes), with entire ''seasons'' turning on teams getting good or bad cab drivers.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: Not every team finds themselves ultimately getting along, Tara & Wil (US Season 2) being the best example.
* TemptingFate: All the time, mostly on legs when a team in the front of the pack boasts about how good they've been doing, that generally means they're about to struggle for the first time. It's almost expected to happen now.
* ThereIsOnlyOneBed: Never shown, but frequently talked about, especially when teams spend the night in a remote location.
* [[ThisIsACompetition This Is A Race]]: Usually used to justify breaking an alliance. Also quite possibly the most quoted non-Phil line in the series.
** You can actually see the how this attitude changes in the US version, where, early on, teams who held a competitive attitude over a friendly one were seen as unlikable or villainous by the other teams, and alliances were seen as a necessity by a lot of the teams. The shifting towards a more general competitive attitude was a major plot-line in Season 10, where the teams who valued friendship over the competition were portrayed as inept, while the most competitive team, Dustin & Kandice, were seen by the other teams and portrayed by the editing as the villains, but were wildly popular and are still seen as one of the best teams to ever run the race.
* ThoseTwoGuys: Since all teams are pairs, you will end up seeing several of these amongst teams who aren't given the airtime to differentiate them as individual characters.
* TightropeWalking: A rather common type of task, done with lots of safety equipment to prevent falling.
* TimePassesMontage: Usually when an "operating hours" equalizer is involved.
* TitleDrop: Oh, so many references to the race being "amazing". Additionally, at least in the US version, the episode titles are almost always something that one of the racers says during that leg.
* ToBeContinued: At the end of the first part of double legs.
** Season 21 is notable for having one in the first Moscow leg without it being double-length, brought about since two teams fell victim to a missed connecting flight and thus were left hours behind and one other team lost one of their passports. Normally, [[MercyKill one of these situations would lead to a team being sent directly to the Pit Stop for elimination]], but with three teams involved, and it being a non-elimination leg anyway, it was left on a cliffhanger instead.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Several female teams have fallen into this, though sisters Mary & Peach from US Season 2 are probably the best example. This seems to be a bad combination for female teams, as the girly girl tends to lag, forcing the tomboy to carry her weight.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: Both inverted and played straight, depending on the episode. The safest team on any given leg is ''usually'' the one made to look like they were in danger in the trailers at the end of the previous episode, which makes it all the more shocking when they play it absolutely straight.
** Trailers that spoil have been taken to an extreme level in recent seasons, as they tend to show the final three teams at the final destination city, spoiling the final elimination.
* TranslationByVolume: It happens, and far too frequently to list individual examples.
* TravelMontage: Given that traveling is the main premise of the game...
* UndesirablePrize: Sometimes when leg prizes aren't trips or money, such as boats or dune buggies, they end up going to a team that has absolutely no use for them. Like when Charla & Mirna won a pair of catamarans on Season 11, and started celebrating before realizing they didn't know what a catamaran was, or when Season 16's Dan & Jordan told Phil they would never use the scooters they had just won.
** Some teams don't accept their prizes, such as trips, due to tax issues.
** Averted in Season 18, where Snapple was a sponsor. It appeared the prize was solely to taste two new Snapple flavors, and then Phil revealed they were also getting a feast that night, a private Bollywood-style performance, and a million rupees (or roughly $20,000 cash).
* UniversalDriversLicense: The show takes full advantage of the fact that many people believe this trope to be TruthInTelevision, making teams operate things like doubledecker buses, armored personnel carriers, and shipyard cargo cranes, as well as extending it to things like dogsleds and donkey carts. Count on at least one shot each season of a team member saying something like, [[WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong "How hard can it be?"]] just before they screw up royally.
* UnwinnableByMistake: Season 1, three teams were essentially eliminated on leg nine, as poor course design made it impossible for the two teams who technically did survive to ever catch up to the lead pack. This was fixed in later seasons with the introduction of deliberate equalizers. This has not stopped some fans from complaining about equalizers ruining the game.
* VillainyFreeVillain: With a few exceptions, the worst thing most "villains" on the show do is be a huge {{Jerkass}}.
* VomitDiscretionShot: A part of most eating tasks. Occasionally a VomitIndiscretionShot (or, at times, as close as it could get without trying to cram the cameraman into the bathroom stall with the racer).
* WarMemorial: A common clue location in [[OscarBait Emmy Bait]] episodes. The most contentious of these visits happened in Season 22, where the U-Turn was located at a B-52 Bomber used as a Vietnam war memorial, only the show made no mention of it's status, setting of a number of viewers, who said it was insulting to veterans.
* WeWait: The producers are famous for subjecting the contestants to a variation of this trope (during equalizers. At the beginning of many legs of the Race, the first team to start the leg, no matter how far ahead they are, race to the airport to inevitably find that the first available flight to their destination doesn't leave for hours, well after all the other teams have caught up. Or they race to some local tourist trap that doesn't open until a specific time shown on a sign.
* WholeCostumeReference: All the time with locals and Pit Stop Greeters.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: If a racer expresses a phobia at any time, expect them to have to face that phobia before the end of the season. This was much more prevalent in the earlier US seasons, where a lot of contestants were afraid of heights, and they were forced to face them multiple times per season. Later seasons greatly reduce the number of height-related tasks, and teams come in expecting them.
* TheWorldIsJustAwesome: Racers tend to react like this when the race brings them in the presence of great natural beauty. Of course, there's also the subversion, usually brought on by bad interactions with locals, where racers declare that foreign cultures ''suck''.
* WorldTour: One of the main premises behind the game.

[[folder:U.S. Version: General Tropes A-M]]
* AllThereInTheManual: The show hasn't had strict 12-hour Pit Stops since the forced redesign in Season 12, partially in order to better control equalizers, but also to reduce time that the teams sat around at airports and task locations waiting for them to open, they just never mentioned the change on the show. Even before that, not all Pit Stops were exactly 12 hours either, some being 24 or 36 hours long.
** The producers stopped letting teams intermingle at the Pit Stops midway through Season 14, which is why teams are shown interacting with each other a Pit Stops before that, but often don't know who was eliminated until everyone shows up at the airport in the next leg after that.
** Before Season 19, the single use of a Yield/U-Turn was determined by whether you had your "Courtesy Of" sticker available. Since Season 14 featured a Blind U-Turn which did not require the use of the sticker, Luke has mentioned that he would have been able to use the other U-Turn if he got to it first.
* AsLongAsItSoundsForeign: The contestants are guilty of mangling foreign languages every season, especially when they get into Eastern Europe or Asia. Sometimes they use ElSpanishO.
** Oftentimes averted when the race brings the racers to a place where one (or more) of them is fluent (or at least competent) in the local language.
* BreatherEpisode: Each of the first four seasons had a non-elimination leg between the final elimination leg and the finale. Since there were no penalties given out to teams saved by the non-elimination, most teams considered this a free leg, and on Season 3, Zach even deliberately threw the second-to-last leg just to appease Flo. The non-elimination leg in the Final 3 returned for Seasons 7 and 9, but with penalties in place for non-eliminated teams, it was no longer a Breather Leg.
** Though the penultimate leg in Season 17 was technically an elimination leg, the 4th place team had fallen 9 hours behind due to a penalty from the previous leg preventing them from making a flight. This basically made the other 3 teams treat the leg as a free non-elimination leg.
* CallBack: The "Switchback" tasks have teams repeat notable tasks from previous seasons. While some tasks (such as bungee jumping) are repeated without much fanfare, the "Switchback" reference the famous moments that made these tasks so memorable, and are generally held in the same location as the original task (the exception being the head shaving Fast Forward in Season 20).
* CallItKarma: Some racers, especially in Seasons 10-15, seem to think that winning the race is all about racking up more Karma points than your opponents (Some of the fans aren't much better).
** Call It Karma teams especially hate the Yield and the U-Turn, and will vilify any team who uses them, regardless of the context. This is despite that, aside from Freddy & Kendra (who both Yielded and were Yielded by Adam & Rebecca on Season 6) and Dave & Connor (who were U-Turned by Brendon & Rachel and U-Turned Leo & Jamal on Season 24), only one other team has won the race after being Yielded (Eric & Danielle, Season 11), while ten have won after using the Yield or U-Turn (Chip & Kim (5), Freddy & Kendra, the Linz Family, (Family Edition), BJ & Tyler (9), Tammy & Victor (14), Nat & Kat (17), Ernie & Cindy (19), Bates & Anthony (22), Dave & Connor, and Amy & Maya (25), though their U-Turn was wasted, as the team they targeted won the Fast Forward).
* TheCameo: Season 1's Kevin & Drew appeared briefly at the beginning of Season 8 to give the teams one of their first clues in New York.
** Wayne Newton gave the racers their final clue leading them to the Finish Line in Season 15.
** Allan Wu, host of ''Amazing Race Asia'', gave the teams a clue in Season 16, and the finale took a trip to Industrial Light & Magic, complete with an appearance from [[StarWars Darth Vader]].
** [[Series/TheNewlywedGame Bob Eubanks]] gave the teams their final clue after they completed the game show style [[FinalExamFinale Final Puzzle]] in Season 17.
** David Copperfield ran the teams through a Roadblock in the Season 24 finale.
* CerebusSyndrome: Not so much of the show, but the attitude of the teams coming in has definitely shifted towards the darker over the course of the series. In the early seasons, the general attitude was one of a bunch of people taking an epic adventure around the world together, and there just so happened to be a million dollar prize at the end. Teams who played cutthroat were generally despised by the audience and the other teams, and were cut as the villains. Sometime around the first All-Stars, the general attitude shifted from "playing fair" to "playing to win".
** Also contributing to this is the elimination of the "eat, sleep, and mingle" Pit Stops during Season 14, which means teams in later seasons spend a lost less time socializing with each other, and are therefore more willing to play cutthroat.
** The biggest example of this shift is from Unfinished Business, where fans got upset about the teams working too much together, and giving each other answers to challenges. In the early seasons, this kind of cooperation was normal.
* ColorCodedCharacters: By accident (or maybe not), the Final 3 teams on Season 7 all ended up being associated with different color clothing (Uchenna & Joyce: yellow, Rob & Amber: red, Ron & Kelly: light blue). After that, teammates would generally wear same color shirts, if only for the first leg or so. Teams have started referring to each other by the colors of their shirts in the first leg (as teams are not allowed to interact prior to the start of the race), and even calling themselves "The <insert color here> team".
** Prior to this, teams were denoted by both numbers on their backpacks and different colored bandannas. However, the numbers were rarely, if ever seen, and the bandannas, when worn, were not always in a noticeable position, and often times were even completely discarded by the teams.
* ComebackMechanic: The Fast Forward acted as this for the first four seasons. If a team fell to the back of the pack, they could use their Fast Forward to put themselves back in the front. Later, with only one or two per season, teams who had fallen behind had to hope for an equalizer, or that someone has made a worse mistake than them.
* CurbStompBattle: The show itself, as a Meta example. It has dominated the Emmy's Reality-Competition Program category since its inception in 2003, winning the first seven awards, and ten overall, quintupling the number of awards won by every other reality show combined. Even if the show never won another award, it would take until 2022 for all the other reality shows combined to catch up to the show's ten Emmys.
* DamnYouMuscleMemory: When the teams drive themselves, it's common for them to get in the left side of the car in countries where the steering wheel is on the right.
* ADeathInTheLimelight: This has become a way for fans to determine who will be eliminated at the end of the episode.
* DescriptionCut: The editors love this trope, and it is done several times a season. Done typically when one team says something about the placement of another team that turns out to be completely wrong. A few examples:
** Season 1, Episode 3: While walking to the Hotel de Ville, Joe & Bill started talking about how all the other teams would get stuck in traffic or not be able to find it. Cut to almost every single team showing up at the Roadblock before them.
** Season 1, Episode 5:
--->'''Joe & Bill''' (reaching the Roadblock and seeing nobody else there): The fatties [Kevin & Drew] got lost.
--->''(cut to Kevin & Drew dancing it up at the Pit Stop oasis)''
** A slightly different, but still deliciously ironic, one from Season 2, Episode 11:
--->'''Wil''': [[[NoAccountingForTaste Tara and I]]] have the best chance of winning, because I got Tara. I got sunshine.
--->''(cut to pouring rain outside)''
** Season 5, Episode 4:
---> '''Mirna''': It would be nice to have dinner, we're starving.
---> ''(cut to Christie and Nicole breaking down as they try to eat 2 lbs. of caviar)''
*** A similar cut was done with Susan & Patrick (7) on their way to the 4 lbs. of meat Roadblock.
** Season 7, Episode 9: The ''entire first half'' of the episode played out like this. Rob was feeling so overconfident with Lynn & Alex gone that he asked older couple Gretchen & Meredith if they had gotten on the earlier flight, just to mess with them. Gretchen & Meredith freaked out and went running to Uchenna & Joyce. [[NiceJobFixingItVillain The two couples borrowed someone's phone,]] [[AccidentalTruth and actually found a flight that would get them in two hours earlier.]] Rob, after "confirming" there were no faster flights to Istanbul, sat around mocking the "idiot" teams that were already in the air, getting a two-hour jump on him. Even Rob & Amber fans found this episode [[HoistByHisOwnPetard immensely satisfying to watch]].
** Season 9, Episode 11: Ray & Yolanda, when going for the Fast Forward:
-->'''Yolanda''': An after school favorite. What is that? A game of football? UsefulNotes/{{Cricket}}?
-->''Cut to a bowl of crickets, the ForeignQueasine task.''
** Season 10, Episode 8: The entire episode played out like this, with Rob & Kim and Tyler & James laughing about how Dustin & Kandice had to do the Intersection with one of the Pit Stop, and about how the Fast Forward was going to put them so far ahead, only to have Dustin & Kandice win the leg.
--->'''Tyler''' (at the Fast Forward): No team is going to finish a Detour and a Roadblock ahead of us.
--->'''Rob''': We're going to be so far ahead.
--->''(cut to Dustin finishing the Roadblock, her and Kandice about to take first place on that leg)''
** From leg 1 of Unfinished Business:
--->'''Kris''': Amanda will be good at that, shes good at word puzzles and things.
--->*cut to a confused looking Amanda*
--->'''Amanda''': What? Great, doesn't make sense.
* DoomMagnet: You would not believe just how many tragedies have happened in places that were just featured on the race:
** Season 1: The ''series premiere'', which left from UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity, aired on September 5, 2001, six days before the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.
** Season 6: The racers traveled through UsefulNotes/SriLanka only months before it was devastated by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.
** Season 8 went through UsefulNotes/NewOrleans a month before Hurricane Katrina hit, which was actually doubly tragic, because the Schroeder family, who were actually ''from'' New Orleans, got ''eliminated'' there--and then their home was severely damaged a month later (Fortunately, the Rogers family was kind enough to take them in for a while).
** Season 14: On the night the second UsefulNotes/{{Bangkok}} leg aired, violent protests broke out in the city.
** Season 16 is the race's biggest example: The prize for winning the first leg was a trip to UsefulNotes/{{Vancouver}}, including a skeleton ride at the Whistler Sliding Center. A fairly obvious tie-in with the 2010 Vancouver Winter UsefulNotes/OlympicGames... only one of the Olympic athletes died going down that track on the day of the opening ceremony, mere days before the episode aired. Also, that and the next leg went through Chile - aired a week before it was hit with an 8.8 earthquake. Then, after the fourth leg, one contestant (Louie) was put under investigation under suspicion of being involved in a police run cocaine ring in Rhode Island. The next leg was packed with comments from Louie & Michael talking about how their jobs as cops prepared them for the race. Then, leg 10 features He Pingping, the shortest man in the world, only to have him die between the episode filming and airing.
** Season 18: In a less direct example, Phil's hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand was hit by a major earthquake mere hours after the premiere. It then took a more direct turn when the 2011 Japan earthquake hit right after the Tokyo leg aired.
** Season 21: The Race finished in New York City, with the episode airing a month after it was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. The Coney Island boardwalk that featured so prominently in the final episode was destroyed.
** Season 23: One of the less fatal examples; in the second episode, Kim [=DeJesus=] first reveal to the another team that she is married to a professional baseball player. Two days after the episode aired, her husband's team, the Tampa Bay Rays, was eliminated from the playoffs. Also, The Houston Texans, the football team Chester & Ephraim played for together and whose jerseys they wore, went from a 12-4 division winner the previous season to losing 14 straight games, the second game in that streak coming the day of the season premiere.
** Season 24: An episode featuring the teams traveling from China to Malaysia aired the day after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished and crashed over the Gulf of Thailand while traveling from Malaysia to China.
** Season 25: Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit hit the Philippines days after the first of two episodes set there aired.
** Season 27: A series of terrorist attacks on UsefulNotes/{{Paris}} occurred two weeks after the leg there aired.
* DrivingStick: There are times when the contestants are given stick shift cars to drive. Often, neither member of a team knows how to drive stick well. Sometimes it's open for debate whether either one can drive a stick-shift at all. Teams have been eliminated from the race over this.
** Sometimes racers who practiced driving stick at home discover that all manual transmissions are not created equal, and some foreign cars are much harder to shift gears in than they're used to.
* [[OscarBait Emmy Bait]]: At least one episode per season takes time out of the competition to have the teams talk about the heart-wrenching or inspirational local sights. Considering they've won the ten of the twelve Emmys given out for "Outstanding Reality-Competition Programming", it's obviously worked. More specifically, they often use India legs for this purpose.
** The two most obvious Emmy Bait moments, neither of which actually ended up getting nominated for the Emmy, were the Slave House visit in Senegal in Season 6, and the Auschwitz visit in Season 11.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Season 1 had a couple of features that were changed in later seasons, the most notable being that Phil only showed up at the mat to greet the last team instead of being there to greet every team like he would in every season thereafter. Also, the first episode was edited challenge to challenge, meaning each task was shown to completion before moving onto the next one, making it impossible to tell what order the teams were in, especially since it was the only season not to give team placements over the course of the leg, only showing what position teams were in when they checked into the Pit Stop; the route flags were yellow and ''white'' instead of the yellow and red of later seasons (the yellow and white flags would be brought back for Family Edition, and in countries such as Vietnam, that have a yellow and red flag); clue boxes and the Pit Stop mat were not standardized, and changed to reflect each country; and poor course planning resulted in two of the final four teams [[UnwinnableByMistake falling hopelessly behind with no chance of catching up to the two lead teams]], something that the producers have taken steps to avoid since then.
** The first four seasons as a whole had a lot more exposition than later ones, with teams (and Phil) talking about things like rules (both written and unwritten), money usage, travel, and how each little move affected their placement in the Race. Such exposition was cut out in later seasons as that information was expected to be common knowledge among fans by then. Many episodes in those seasons would also start with shots of the teams interacting at the Pit Stop, and {{Confession Cam}}s were done solo instead of in pairs.
** Originally, penalties were issued at the beginning of the leg following when they were earned (unless the penalty eliminated the team, then Phil would call the penalized team and the last team to check in into a meeting to tell them the new results). However, after Season 4, the rules were changed so that teams could not check in until all earned penalties had been served. (Season 21 briefly reverted to the original version, though, when production had to improvise to deal with a unique situation at the moment.)
* EvolvingCredits: Starting with Season 14. Early on each team has an "in their home environment" shot before a turn-to-the-camera-and/or-the-camera-pans-to-you portraits, both filmed in a single session (Sometimes just the same shot from two angles). Around Episode 5 or 6, each team's is replaced by action from of the the first half of the season. Teams eliminated early are often shown in their fatal challenges, while the continuing teams at that point team are shown doing other challenges or in transport - occasionally also a Crowning Moment of Funny.
* {{Expy}}: The producers have definite character types they like to cast, to the point where often times it seems like you've seen half of these teams before:
** The most blatant example is probably Season 14's Amanda & Kris, who were pretty much a carbon copy of Season 6 fan favorites Kris & Jon.
** The multiracial brother/sister trio of Azaria & Hendekea, Nick & Starr, and Tammy & Victor from Seasons 12-14 (respectively). They were all young, smart (though Nick & Starr were more crafty as compared to the other two's book smarts), below average physically, had communication issues (Azaria & Hendekea and Tammy & Victor with each other, Nick & Starr with other teams), and all had a bit of an ego. They were all even considered the strongest teams on their respective seasons at one point. It also helps that they were the first three brother/sister pairs cast since Season 3.
** Seasons 6, 9, and 12 had the parent-child pairs of Gus & Hera, Wanda & Desiree, and Ronald & Christina respectively, each featuring young, intelligent daughters who had to keep their parents' manic behavior in check on top of running the race. While the former two teams faltered due to this dynamic, Ronald & Christina became the most successful parent-child team to date due to Christina's sheer racing prowess, though Ron's lunacy also led them to a relatively early exit in Unfinished Business.
** It's hard to keep track of the number of beauty queens paired with a borderline competent boyfriend/husband that have been cast. They all either argue their way through the race (Ron & Kelly, Season 7), bumble their way deep into the race (Brandon & Nicole, Season 5, and Brian & Ericka, Season 15), or both (Brent & Caite, Season 16). They also have a weird tendency to finish 3rd. The only beauty queen/boyfriend pair to avoid this fate were Colin & Christie (Season 5), who were dangerously competent.
** Similar to the beauty queen teams and sometimes overlapping with them, there's teams where [[PitbullDatesPuppy a domineering-but-not-abusive-probably alpha male tends to take out his frustration on his notably less aggressive girlfriend/wife]]. This includes Jonathan & Victoria (6), Lake & Michelle (9), Eric & Danielle (11), Lance & Keri (15), and Joe & Heidi (16), among others. Played with in an odd way in Season 17, as the men in three teams (Nick, Thomas, and Chad) took turns being the JerkAss, where one or two would abuse his girlfriend on any given leg, while the other(s) would look like he was starting to mend his ways.
*** Inverted with Ken & Tina (13), where Tina was the domineering one and Ken was the nice guy.
*** Then there are "fighting couples," in which the girl can give as much nastiness as she takes from the guy, such as Tara & Wil (2) and Nathan & Jennifer (12). The women in these couples tend to be whinier as well.
** Following Season 1, the producers attempted to recapture the immense popularity of Kevin & Drew by casting at least one "male friends" team obviously chosen primarily for their sense of humor for several seasons thereafter. The most blatant Expy of them were Season 3's Ken & Gerard who ''were'' fairly successful. Season 2's Oswald & Danny (aka Team Cha-Cha-Cha) and Season 4's Jon & Al (aka The Clowns) were even more successful, although the former team might actually have upstaged the actual intended Expy team Gary & Dave (who just came across as "trying too hard to be funny" to many viewers). These teams also had a knack for finishing in fourth place (leading some fans to say that "[[AddedAlliterativeAppeal Fan Favorites Finish Fourth]]"), with the exception of Ken & Gerard (and even then, they beat it by only one ranking place). The producers seemed to stop trying to follow this trend after Season 4, however, shifting the focus to couples teams, though there still was Avi & Joe from Season 6, who ended up being one of the most popular first outs.
*** Then after the immense popularity BJ & Tyler garnered on Season 9, every season thereafter the producers have tried to recreate that success with other quirky, lovable, usually male teams. These teams tend to have a marketable gimmick, and stick out like sore thumbs from the rest of the cast. The editing tends to focus entirely on the teams personality, ignoring the technical aspects of the race and their interpersonal relationship (that is, unless the relationship is part of their gimmick). So far, Andy & Tommy (19) have been the most blatant Expy (though they were more of a Base Breaker, and many preferred fellow Season 19 team Bill & Cathi). Kynt & Vyxsin (12) and Jet & Cord (16) each achieved their own massive popularity, as well as Flight Time & Big Easy (15) and Mark & Bopper (20) to a lesser extent, while others have been less successful and overshadowed by other teams.
** If Season 19's cast looked familiar at first glance, that's probably because it was nearly identical to Season 7's cast. It had the same gender breakdown (2 Female teams, 3 Male, and 6 Male/Female), with 6 couples (the gay couple, the old couple, the black married couple, the couple who met on ''Series/{{Survivor}} All-Stars'', the couple in their 30s, and the couple in their 20s), one parent/child team, and a sibling team who looked (if not were) identical. It went so far that the breakdown of the final three was the same; with a dating couple, an engaged couple, and a black married couple. The final placings differed, however.
** Season 9 also attempted to duplicate Season 7's cast (Ray & Yolanda to Uchenna & Joyce, Fran & Barry to Meredith & Gretchen), most blatantly with Danielle & Dani copying Debbie & Bianca's rollerblading in skirts intro. In turn, Season 10 had Tyler & James copy Eric & Jeremy's shirtless basketball intro.
* FakeBalance: The first nine seasons favored physically strong teams (the first four seasons especially so). It was exceedingly simple for fit teams to power their way through the race, waiting for fatigue to take out the smarter teams. However, since then the game has tilted more and more towards favoring intelligent teams, as (1) teams have learned that cardio is far more useful than brute strength, and started preparing accordingly, (2) while physical teams can still dominate and string wins together at the beginning of a season, they are put at a huge disadvantage late in the season when the puzzles and mental tasks get harder, while the strength tasks remain relatively the same, and (3) budgetary cuts at the beginning of Season 12 (see ScrewedByTheNetwork under the Trivia tab) forced production to shorten the race by two legs and a whole week of filming time. Though the twelfth leg would be added back in Season 14, the actual length of the race has remained around three weeks (as opposed to the month it took for the first eleven seasons), meaning the fatigue the teams are working under in the final leg is much less than it used to be.
** That is until Season 20, when things started to balance out so that they no longer so heavily favored the intelligent teams.
* FelonyMisdemeanor: Both racers and fans are guilty of this one. It's understandable for a team to overreact when they're Yielded or U-Turned (though Eric calling Dustin & Kandice "Dirty Pirate Hookers" was probably going too far), but there are those who are willing to vilify a team simply for copying another team's flight arrangements or, even worse, having a "bad attitude".
* FleetingDemographic: Bertram justified only teams being selected from Seasons 12-17 for Unfinished Business by claiming that people might not remember contestants from earlier ones. Though this hasn't stopped ''Series/{{Survivor}}'' or ''Series/BigBrother'' from recycling contestants repeatedly, unlike those shows, people do not automatically become celebrities for running or even winning the Race.
* FoilerFootage: The 4th, 5th, and 6th place teams generally keep racing, even after their elimination, in order to thwart spoilers. This has not always been successful.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Done both subtly and not-so subtly. There are times when you can tell [[ADeathInTheLimelight a team is going to be eliminated just by what they say at the beginning of the leg]], while there are other lines that take on a lot more meaning once you've seen the end of the season.
** Generally, the show doesn't go too far in-depth explaining elements of the route and tasks, so if any suspiciously particular details are brought up, expect them to cause problems along the way. Money for instance is barely mentioned beyond a simple "You have $___ for this leg of the Race" statement at the beginning of the leg with exceptions being Chip running out of money to pay his cab in Season 5 after Kim chastised him for always giving overly large tips and Duke & Lauren running into money troubles in Season 10 after many people were intimidated by the zero-dollar allowance for the leg and started to count their remaining money.
** It's a bad sign for a team if the locals they interact with have their faces digitally blurred. This was because the producers didn't get permission from these locals to have their faces on camera, which is most likely because these locals don't make a good impression onscreen. So if their faces are blurred, expect the team to be in deep trouble thanks to these locals.
* GameOfChicken: The high risk, high reward nature of Fast Forwards can turn into this when two teams simultaneously decide to go for it. While there are still teams who value each individual leg win, the {{Metagame}} has evolved to the point where most teams would rather finish in the middle of the pack and stay in the game rather than take an AllOrNothing shot, where you have a 50% chance of winning the leg, but are almost guaranteed elimination if you fail. Generally, one of the two teams will talk themselves out of going for the Fast Forward when they see another team going for it, conceding the leg win to give themselves a better chance to stay in the game.
* HollywoodAtlas: A lot of the challenges are stereotypical of the current location. (eating caviar in [[GloriousMotherRussia Russia]], climbing the Eiffel Tower in [[GayParee Paris]], throwing a boomerang in [[LandDownunder Australia]], selling beer in [[{{Oktoberfest}} Germany]], etc.)
* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: Season 2 onwards; it's usually a line overheard on that leg of the race. The one exception is Season 8, episode 3, "I Don't Kiss, I Make Out," which was never said during the actual episode.
* InstantWinCondition: Even though it's not true, teams tend to see the Fast Forward as this (five times a team(s) has won the Fast Forward and failed to finish first; Dennis & Andrew (3) and Mark & Bopper (20) were so far behind when they took it, they still lost the leg). Subverted in Season 1 with Joe & Bill, when, after winning the Fast Forward, they decided to save money and take the bus instead of finding an alternate route to traverse the over 100 miles to the Pit Stop, solely because they thought there was no way the other teams could catch them. The next morning they rolled into the Pit Stop in last place, only to be saved by another team's even worse mistake.
* LateArrivalSpoiler: On the cover of almost every season released on DVD, the Final Four teams are shown. Even worse is with the first two seasons released, where the only teams shown on the menus are the teams that are going to be eliminated on that disc.
* LimitedWardrobe: Certain teams have become associated with certain garments, such as Linda & Karen's "Bowling Moms" shirts from Season 5.
** Certain unfortunate wardrobe choices, amplified by the LimitedWardrobe, can lead to some very [[FanDisservice "memorable"]] outfits, such as Teri & Ian's disposable underpants (Season 3), or the Holy Trinity of ugly pants, Kelly's khakis on Season 7, Rachel's skintight gray pants on Season 12, and the multicolored nightmare worn by BJ (or Tyler) after losing all their clothes (and borrowing some from Yolanda) on Season 9.
* LoopholeAbuse: It was common to see teams such as Rob & Amber (7 & 11) and Charla & Mirna (5 & 11) convince locals to go along with them on legs, helping them navigate past the other teams. Luckily this loophole was closed after Season 11.
** The final legs often have a [[FinalExamBoss Final Exam Challenge]] that will require the racers to remember all of the countries they visited, sometimes placing them in the right order. In Season 17, Nat and Kat had took detailed notes and when confronted with this, whipped out their notebook which allowed them to breeze through it. [[ObviousRulePatch At the time]], this was actually not against the rules as there wasn't anything saying they could ''not'' reference their notes.
* ManipulativeEditing: Bill & Joe, (1) have repeatedly said the same thing: The camera does not create footage. If it's on the film, it's because you said or did it. The editing, however, can add, delete, or change the context.
** The bottom two teams in any given leg are always made to look as if they're neck and neck, no matter how far apart they really are. The one exception is in the finales, where instead it's the top two teams (or all three, in the cases of Seasons 11 and 14). Seasons 7 and 16 were especially bad, as the top two teams finished 45 and 25 minutes apart (respectively). The only exception to this was Season 1, where it was impossible to do due to the first two teams ending up on separate train rides to the finish line (and the third team still being in Alaska).
** Several teams on the first All-Stars seemed very aware of this, as teams were very cordial towards the beginning of the race. Most teams seemed to forget about this very quickly, however.
* {{Metagame}}: Traces of it developing can be seen in Seasons 1-7, though it does not come into full effect until Season 10. It had two major effects on the game, first, shifting it from a game dominated by young, fit teams (especially "alpha male" teams) and those with extensive travel experience, to a game dominated by intelligent teams. Second, it gave teams who would have had no shot on early seasons (like Ronald & Christina, who were weak at physical tasks) a legitimate chance to win.
* MoodWhiplash: Any time the racers stop to pay tribute to a human tragedy, the sudden return to the frenetic pace of the race is jarring. In more specific examples, Season 6's visit to the Gate of No Return for African slaves was soon followed by Kendra's infamous "breeding and breeding" comments, and a stop at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Season 20 was followed by rubber chickens in a Japanese game show.
* MusclesAreMeaningful: At the beginning of each season, it's the biggest and strongest teams that are generally the most feared, and who are usually picked to win by the fans. Though justified in the first four seasons, where physical strength was only challenged by those with travel knowledge, in later seasons it's much more likely for an "Alpha Male" team to eliminate themselves with a stupid mistake than to dominate a season.
** Expect multiple teams to be far too worried about who they could or couldn't beat in a footrace, especially when it comes to the finale. This is despite the finale having only come down to a footrace once (Season 2), and almost every Season since 7 having been decided by the final puzzle. Tammy & Victor (Season 14) even U-Turned Kisha & Jen mainly on the reasoning that they couldn't beat the girls in a footrace (and even wrote "Sorry, but we can't outrun you" on their picture), even though Margie & Luke were the much bigger threat (only Luke pulling one of the biggest choke jobs in race history in the finale keeping them from beating Tammy & Victor).
** Derek & Drew serve as an excellent deconstruction of this concept on the Race during Season 3. On the tails of fit male teams winning the first two seasons, many of the teams became immediately obsessed with beating the "wonder twins", despite Derek & Drew viewing themselves as barely hanging on for the first few legs. At the same time, Ken & Gerard talked about how no one was giving ''them'' any thought because of their pudgier physiques, and Teri & Ian were outright disregarded as fodder. While Derek & Drew did end up being formidable opponents, so did Ken & Gerard and Teri & Ian, who both edged out Derek & Drew to make it to the Final 3. The twins lost not because they got beat in some head-to-head competition, but simply because they couldn't find a clue.
** Season 5 winner Chip was a huge proponent of this trope, especially when writing for the "Return of the Racers" blog for CBS.com. He constantly talked about how "alpha male" teams had a unfair advantage over all other teams, and how he and his wife never would have had a shot against one of these teams (even though they did beat the arguably stronger team of Colin & Christie). When he made a list of the strongest individual racers, the top 11 spots all went to men, with the top female racer being a physical trainer (though this was prior to Dustin & Kandice catching fire on Season 10).
** In Season 17, Jill & Thomas averted this. Given the chance of U-Turning any team, they targeted diminutive Home Shopping Hosts Brook & Claire, citing them as the biggest threats left (and Brook & Claire did end up beating them in the end). Nick then played it straight when he had a chance to use the second slot on the Double U-Turn, wanting to target the team of Chad & Stephanie (who spent most of their time at the back of the pack) over Nat & Kat (who had three leg wins at that point), until Vicki talked him out of using the U-Turn.

[[folder:U.S. Version: General Tropes N-Z]]
* ObviousRulePatch:
** On Season 1, teams were only allowed to buy one set of plane tickets, and weren't allowed to switch, even if they found a faster flight or their original flight was delayed. This was changed on the very next season, and multiple flight bookings has become an important part of the {{Metagame}} ever since.
** The first two seasons had no rules in place for when a team's car broke down. These were instigated in Season 3 after several time credits were issued in Season 2 (including one that saved Blake & Paige from an elimination, which they received after Paige threatened to sue).
** After Season 3, it became standard on selling tasks, where teams had to reach a certain amount of money made, for each individual item to have a minimum amount it could be sold for. This was after Ken & Gerard completed such a task by selling massive amounts of fruit for what would average out to be very low prices, and repeatedly going back to the stall to get more to sell.
** Ties were disallowed after Season 4, to prevent having to give out multiple prizes for 1st place ties, and, more importantly, to keep two teams from accidentally tying for last.
** Limits on how many Roadblocks a racer could perform were instigated after Season 5, after the three women who made the Final 3 that year performed a total of three Roadblocks combined.
** After the first All-Stars, limits were put on the practice of bringing locals along in the team's vehicle to help with navigation and other tasks. (See LoopholeAbuse)
** The original penalty for qutting a Detour was 24 hours (far longer than the 4-hour Roadblock quitting penalty), which had only been applied twice (Nancy & Emily in Season 1, Maria & Tiffany in Season 15). Due to the production complications this would cause if someone quit on a non-elimination leg (since they would still have to keep track of the lagging team despite them being essentially done for - see the mess in Season 21 when James & Abba lost a passport on such a leg), the penalty was shortened to 6 hours after Season 15, which only applied to Nick & Vicki in Season 17.
** After the teams on Season 17 were smart enough to take detailed notes throughout the race in anticipation of the FinalExamFinale, Season 19's Final Exam Finale instructions specifically forbade the use of notes. (There was no Final Exam Finale in Season 18.) This did have a precedent in Season 12 which disallowed the use of a pen and paper to solve its final task.
** When the cheese hill task from Season 14 was brought back for Season 22, they made a rule where teams had to use proper equipment to carry their cheese, fixing the loophole that allowed teams such as Margie & Luke to just roll their cheese down the hill and chase after it, rather than carrying it. Chuck & Wynona were eliminated as a result of rolling their cheese.
** Other minor changes were made to keep teams from taking advantage of loopholes, such as buying cellphones from locals (which Rob & Brennan did on Season 1) or switching their damaged car for another team's car at the Pit Stop (Dustin & Kandice on Season 10).
* OvershadowedByAwesome: Guaranteed to happen on any All-Star seasons, as an increase in competition means that teams who led their seasons are all of a sudden running with the pack, while teams that would otherwise be expected to make the Final 3 on a normal season are all of a sudden scratching and clawing to stay in the race. Unless they're a top tier team like Dustin & Kandice and Rob & Amber (on All-Stars), Zev & Justin (on Unfinished Business), or Dave & Connor (on the second All-Stars), no team really has a chance of standing out. In the case of Unfinished Business, this happened to every former Final 3 finisher, with the aforementioned Zev & Justin who finished 9th and Gary & Mallory who finished 6th being the dominant teams.
* ParanoiaFuel: [[{{In-Universe}} Not for the viewers, but the racers.]] It's well known how quickly fortunes can turn on the Race, and not knowing where the other teams are, especially on the later legs when there's only four or five teams left, can cause some pretty entertaining freak outs. Rob & Amber and Dustin & Kandice were two of the more popular teams for others to focus their paranoia on.
* PinkMeansFeminine: The second most popular choice for female team colors behind light blue. Pink is generally assigned to the more girly teams, though it's generally downplayed due to teams being asked to dress alike by the show.
* ProductPlacement:
** Most seasons have a leg that feature the Travelocity roaming gnome, starting with Season 7. Even discounting that, one of Phil's OnceAnEpisode lines is "For winning this leg of the race, you have won a trip to beautiful [place] from Travelocity."
** Kodak [=EasyShare=] cameras were the leg prize four times, and were used in a challenge, in Season 3.
** In general, seasons often have Ford loan cars for a leg for the contestants to drive, in exchange for the show going out of its way to point out that the cars were made by Ford (usually once near the beginning when they get to the cars, and again at the Pit Stop) and usually including a challenge designed to show off some aspect of the car model being used (such as using a rear view dashboard cam to read a location, using parking assist, or driving a hybrid electric with a minimal amount of gas).
** Leg 7 of Season 16 had a "7" theme, including a sponsored prize by 7-Up at the end of the leg.
** Season 18 included a leg in India with a lot of tea-themed tasks, sponsored by Snapple. In a subversion, they resisted the urge to plug Snapple at every opportunity and didn't even explain that the teas used were Snapple-brand until the finish line. Zig-zagged when one clue was a bottle of iced tea, as the bottles were unlabeled but the racers still recognized them; Jen and Kisha even thought they had to find a Snapple factory until they found the real clue under the cap.
** Averted in Leg 11 of Season 19, which had a task based on the comic ''Franchise/{{Tintin}}'' and aired at about the time [[WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfTintin a movie adaptation]] hit theaters, but no reference was made to the movie at all; Tintin was presented as merely a Belgian cultural icon.
** Fitbit became a major sponsor in Season 26, with the racers wearing them and ads providing stats that they gathered about the racers' activity.
* RealityShowGenreBlindness:
** Phil has two variations on the CatchPhrase he uses to greet teams at the Pit Stop. He normally uses, "You are team number ''n''," to check the teams in. However, he sometimes uses the far more ominous, "You are the ''n''th team to arrive," which ''always'' proceeds either a penalty or another clue, yet teams are always caught off guard when Phil follows it up with, "However..."[[note]]Though this was finally averted by [[Characters/TheAmazingRace23 Nicole in Season 23]].[[/note]]
** Though there was a non-elimination leg in the Final 3 in seven of the first nine seasons, the show has not had one since, yet most recent teams are still surprised that, when it gets down to leg 10 and there are still four teams left, leg 10 ends up being a non-elimination leg.
* RearrangeTheSong: Between Seasons 13 and 14. Then again between Seasons 22 and 23.
* RuleOfFunny:
** Almost any time they make the racers dress in costume. There's no special need for it, it's usually not for safety, and it's just there to make the racers look ridiculous.
*** To prove this example, in Season 18, the teams have to dress up as kangaroos... for no real reason.
** Several challenges have a band playing local music, for no apparent purpose except driving the racers completely nuts as their patience wears thin and the music keeps distracting them.
** Then there are the non-musical locals whose only purpose is to laugh at the teams when they mess up.
** In Switzerland during Seasons 14 and 22, the racers had to take 50-pound wheels of cheese down a ''very'' steep hill... and were ''intentionally'' provided with very cheap equipment.
* RunningGag: At least OnceASeason the show has legs where teams are given $1 for the leg, and it always manages to get laughs from the teams. Multiple teams have even given Phil the dollar back when getting eliminated at the end of these legs, and Flight Time & Big Easy carried their dollar throughout Unfinished Business so they could give it back to Phil at the Finish Line.
* SequelDifficultyDrop/[[SequelDifficultySpike Spike]]: The courses have gotten gradually tougher as the producers have gotten better and better at making courses, however some do stick out from the norm as being particularly tough or easy:
** The tasks on Season 5 were not particularly harder than what came before, but a few permanent additions upped the overall difficulty of the series from that point out. The addition of penalties for teams saved by a non-elimination leg made it even more costly to finish last at any point, and the subtraction of the Fast Forward took away each team's one free pass per season.
** Season 6 was the hardest of the single digit seasons, with a number of tough challenges, including the infamous Hay Bale Roadblock (in which the odds of finding a clue were ''Seven percent''. 20/270), the Spicy Soup challenge (which caused nearly every racer to throw up, one even ''in their bowl''), and the row of locks racers were forced to try and unlock on the penultimate leg (which caused one team to quit and take a penalty, and almost did it to another team as well). Plus, with an overabundance of equalizers, it was nearly impossible for a team to get an advantage through their travel knowledge. It also introduced limits on Roadblocks for each team member, making it harder for a strong racer to carry a much weaker teammate through the season.
** Season 8 was just a giant loop around North America, and included challenges that could easily be completed by a child early on, though the difficulty did ramp up later on.
** Season 10 was, by far, the hardest course they put together at that point, setting a new standard for course difficulty that would not be topped until Unfinished Business. Teams faced challenges on the first few legs that were not usually faced until midway through the season. This was also the first season teams were sent west to Asia to start the race, where communication with locals is generally the hardest, instead of east (Europe) or south (South America), and the first where there were rules against begging for money, taking away what had been a major Game Breaker for the last seven seasons.
** Season 11 had almost no tough physical challenges, and the mental challenges would have been easy for first time racers, let alone All-Stars. It was the biggest complaint fans had about the first All-Star season.
** Season 15 again had the fans complaining about how easy the course was (even with them bringing back the Hay Bale Roadblock).
** Season 17 at the time had one of the hardest routes from All-Stars to Unfinished Business, especially in the wake of the poor course design in the previous two seasons. Even with the introduction of the Express Pass this season, producers upped the difficulty by including a wide variety of physical tasks in addition to incredibly tricky mental tasks to throw off the teams.
** Season 18 not only featured an increase in the difficulty of the tasks that was missing in the first All-Star season, but they took out any learning curve, hitting the teams with difficult tasks right from the start, issued an automatic U-Turn for the team who finished last on the first task, created combination tasks (by taking what would normally be two separate tasks and making the teams do them either simultaneously, or as part of the same Roadblock), replaced two non-elimination legs with back-to-back Super Legs, and for the first time, had no (shown) Fast Forward. This season also began the trend of hitting each team member with their own Roadblock in the final leg (or at least forcing teammates to trade off tasks, in the case of Season 19).
** Season 19, not so much with the challenges, but the ''clues'', as they seemed to have been specifically designed to exploit teams who forget to [[ReadTheFreakingManual Read The Freaking Clue]], changed small things to throw off expectations of teams who knew the metagame, and exploited teams' tendencies to [[FailedASpotCheck miss obvious things]].
** Season 23 pulled back on a lot of the physical challenges teams had been put through in the past three season, only they did not make up for it by increasing the mental difficulty, leaving a few difficult tasks sprinkled in with a bunch of easy ones.
** Disappointing course aside, the challenges in Season 24 were considered too easy and linear for returning players.
* SharePhrase: "It's on like Donkey Kong", originally said by Frank near the end of Season 1, has been quoted by several teams over the course of the series, such as Chip on Season 5, B.J. on Season 9, Jen on Season 12, Cara on Season 14, and Cord on Season 16. (Chip's usage of it is probably the most well-known.)
* ShooOutTheClowns: The lighthearted, easy going, and comedic relief teams generally tend to trail off near the end of each season, when things get more competitive and they find it harder to keep up with the more cutthroat teams. three such teams have managed to win the race (Chip & Kim from Season 5, BJ & Tyler from Season 9, and Josh & Brent from Season 21), but only after they had an elimination scare and [[LetsGetDangerous got serious]]. Other such teams are:
** Jon & Al (4th place on Season 4) are probably the most fitting, seeing as they were actual clowns.
** Danny & Oswald finished 4th on both Seasons 2 and 11, winning three legs on both Seasons.
** Wisecracking Zev & Justin fell just short of the Final 3 on Unfinished Business.
** Andy & Tommy finished 4th on Season 19, becoming the first team with at least five leg wins to miss the Final 3.
** Ken & Gerard (3), Nicolas & Donald (12), and Dan & Andrew (13) all made the Final 3, only to finish a distant third.
** There's the "[[AddedAlliterativeAppeal Fan Favorites Finish Fourth]]" trend, which (aside from the above) includes Kevin & Drew (1), Linda & Karen (5), Gretchen & Meredith (7), and Flight Time & Big Easy (15).
** Starting with Season 7, 5th place became the axing point for such teams with Lynn & Alex (7), the dysfunctional Paolo Family (8), Fran & Barry (9), Erwin & Godwin (10), Uchenna & Joyce (who on All-Stars did not seem to have the same drive after winning Season 7), Kynt & Vyxsin (12 and Unfinished Business), Mark & Bopper (20), and Meghan & Joey (22) going out.
* SignatureLine: Colin's "My ox is ''broken!'' This is bull***!" from Season 5. ''My Ox Is Broken'' even became the name of a tie-in anthology book.
** A Switchback task in Season 25 echoed this in the Philippines.
* SplitScreen: Beginning with Season 14, which made it easier for viewers to keep track of where teams were in relation with each other...[[ManipulativeEditing so long as the editors were being honest, that is]].
* SpoilerOpening: Early seasons included the phrases "Who will be eliminated... tonight?" and "The last team to the Pit Stop will be eliminated," and any deviation was an instant tip-off that it was a non-elimination leg. Production quickly made it standard procedure to use ambiguous language ("Who will be eliminated... ''next''?" and "The last team to the Pit Stop ''may'' be eliminated."). Even the teams picked up on this, and it was pointed out by Tara & Wil in Season 2.
* TitleDrop: It seems required that someone say, "Amazing," at least OnceAnEpisode. And while most of the episode titles [[IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming are just random lines said by the racers]], others are significant enough to become Title Drops as well. Such as:
** "Follow That Plane!" (Wil, Season 2, Episode 11); After losing their clue, Tara & Wil direct their charter plane to follow Chris & Alex by using this line. Later in the leg, Chris & Alex tail Tara & Wil to the Finish Line, and pass them up in a footrace.
** "Good Doing Business With You" (Dustin, Season 11, Episode 10); Dustin & Kandice buy Danny & Oswald's Yield (the last Yield ever used). Danny & Oswald later act like it was a DealWithTheDevil, and seem to lose any and all heart to win the race.
** "It Starts With an F, Thats All Im Saying" (Dan, Season 15, Episode 10); the infamous "Franz" incident, where Dan refuses to help Big Easy at the Roadblock, and Big Easy ends up taking a four hour penalty instead.
** "They Don't Call It The Amazing Race For Nothin!" (Brook, Season 17, Episode 1); counts as both a regular TitleDrop, as well as providing the title for that episode, after Claire shot the watermelon into her face.
** "Tastes Like a Million Dollars" (Kat, Season 17, Episode 5); vegetarian Kat eats half of a sheep's head to win the Fast Forward, and it took on a whole lot more meaning after the finale.
* TokenMinority: A handful of teams every season, with Season 10 being the one exception, as 8 of the 12 teams could be considered a minority in one way or another.
* TrueBlueFemininity: Light blue is an even more popular choice than pink for all-female teams when they're given team colors, and is generally assigned to the less girly or more mature teams. The most well known is probably Dustin & Kandice, with their light blue jackets across Seasons 10 and 11, and Nat & Kat were also assigned blue when they won Season 17. Like with PinkMeansFeminine, downplayed due to teams generally being forced to dress alike, at least early on.
* UnderdogsNeverLose: Played straight for the first 12 seasons, as whatever team was built up to be the invincible favorites going into the Top 4, [[ManipulativeEditing whether or not they were that much stronger than the other teams]], always ended up falling short. It happened to Dustin & Kandice ''twice in a row''.
** Inverted in Seasons 13-15, as the obvious favorite won when the underdog team(s) choked away their lead on the final puzzle, only to return to playing it straight on Season 16.
** They tried to play it straight again on Season 17, by attempting to make Jill & Thomas look like the heavy favorites going into the final leg. However, the general view at that point tended to be that all the teams were pretty much even, and they all had a good chance at winning.
** Played straight again on Seasons 18 and 19, with Zev & Justin and Andy & Tommy looking unbeatable, only to suffer Shocking,]] [[{{Foreshadowing}} albeit heavily foreshadowed,]] Eliminations.
** Averted in Season 20, but gone back to being played straight in Season 21, then averted again in Season 22.
* ValuesDissonance: [[{{In-Universe}} The female teams are often treated quite badly in India.]] It took Nancy & Emily (Season 1) ''one and a half hours'' to buy train tickets there, and Tian & Jaree (Season 4) complained about being groped during a very crowded train ride there.
* VisibleBoomMic: The show is usually very careful about editing the show to hide any trace of the camera and sound team following along with each team of Racers, but sometimes they get caught in shots anyway.
** In Season 4, leg 2, the teams are packed into a crowded alley, and it became all but impossible for the cameramen to avoid each other.
** In Season 5, leg 8, after Colin changes the spare tire on his cab, the sound guy can be seen getting back into the cab with them.
** In Season 6, leg 2, the camera/sound crew are clearly visible when Meredith & Maria finish the Holmenkollen challenge.
** The infamous scene in Season 6 where Jonathan shoved his wife Victoria in a fit of rage at a Pit Stop showed a cameraman in the frame.
** In Season 7, leg 2, Brian & Greg's cameraman got caught on camera during their race to the Pit Stop with Megan & Heidi. Then when Brian & Greg flipped their car, all pretense got dropped as both Brian & Greg and Lynn & Alex's camera crews got each other on camera.
** In Season 8, leg 1, during Phil's opening speech, an extra person can be seen standing off to the side near the line of teams.
** In Season 14, leg 6, during Jaime's rant at her cab driver in the streets of Jaipur, a second cameraman can be seen running ahead of them.
** At Season 19's 8th Pit Stop, a fan can be seen taking pictures of teams running up to the mat.
** In Season 20, leg 7, during the fight between Brendon & Rachel and Art & JJ and Vanessa & Ralph at the Nairobi airport, shots of various cameramen can be seen as they angle to get shots of everyone's faces.
** In Season 21, leg 1, an overhead shot of the in-progress starting line challenge showed multiple cameramen scurrying around on the bridge. In leg 4, when Trey & Lexi's cab was passing Gary & Will's, you can see Gary & Will's camera and sound guys through the open windows. In leg 7, sound men can be seen as Jaymes & James and Natalie & Nadiya are at the pool Detour. In leg 9, the cameraman can be seen as Natalie & Nadiya do the Fast Forward. The finale (legs 11 and 12) included at least a dozen of these.
* YourPrincessIsInAnotherCastle: Used on the racers themselves in Seasons 7, 8, 9, 14, 18, 19, 22, 23, and 25. The teams get a clue telling them to go to mat and find Phil, only to have him tell them that they're still racing, and hand them their next clue.

[[folder:U.S. Version: Season-Specific Tropes (and Routes)]]

!!Season 1 (Fall 2001)
->'''Start:''' Central Park, New York City, New York\\
'''Destinations:''' South Africa / Zambia / France / Tunisia / Italy / India / Thailand / China\\
'''Finish:''' Flushing Meadows Park, New York City, New York

* OneHundredAndEight: The infamous Fast Forward that indirectly cost both Bill & Joe and Nancy & Emily the race involved dropping 108 coins into urns in a Buddhist temple.
* AbsurdlySpaciousSewer: Teams had to go through one of these in Paris.
* AntiClimax: The finale's final fifteen minutes were mostly filler, as the top two teams got on two different trains, fifteen minutes apart, to the Finish Line, while Joe & Bill were still stuck in Alaska.
* SpoilerOpening: The opening titles showed actual locations teams would be going to and tasks they would be doing, making it quite easy to work out whether certain teams were going to make it through to the next leg of the race. It was not until Season 14 that they started to show shots from the season during the credits again, and then they were only ever shots from the current or previous episodes.

!!Season 2 (Spring 2002)
->'''Start:''' Pahrump, Nevada\\
'''Destinations:''' Brazil / South Africa / Namibia / Thailand / Hong Kong, China / Australia / New Zealand\\
'''Finish:''' Fort Baker, Sausalito, California (Across the Golden Gate Bridge, overlooking San Francisco)

* DownToTheLastPlay: The finale was decided by a footrace from the cabs to the Finish Line. Wil & Tara made it out of their cabs seconds before Chris & Alex did, but Tara was asthmatic, and the physically fit Chris & Alex ran right past her and won the million dollars.
* ShoppingMontage: There was one of these, with several teams involved, and was used to set up the flirtation between Alex and Tara, as well as the cliquish nature of the teams. This was obviously before teams learned the importance of money management. In the next leg, Oswald & Danny, while waiting for a booking agency to secure them flights, took time off to shop, refreshing themselves and distancing themselves from the more cutthroat teams. The net result? They got the first flight out, drove in luxury to the airport, and came in an easy first on that leg. And most importantly Danny got that perfume he wanted.

!!Season 3 (Fall 2002)
->'''Start:''' Everglades National Park, Florida\\
'''Destinations:''' Mexico / England, UK / Scotland, UK / Portugal / Spain / Morocco / Germany / Austria / Germany / Switzerland / Malaysia / Singapore / Vietnam\\
'''Finish:''' Gas Works Park, Seattle, Washington

* SavedForTheSequel: Jill was originally a finalist to appear on Season 1 with her brother, then he later died in 9/11, and she started dating John Vito, after which they applied to race together.

!!Season 4 (Summer 2003)
->'''Start:''' Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Italy / Austria / France / Netherlands / India / Malaysia / South Korea / Australia\\
'''Finish:''' Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona

* AbsurdlySpaciousSewer: Teams had to go through one of these in Vienna.
* GayAesop: The last several episodes played out like this, with Jon Corso playing the "homophobe" who was "learning a lesson" about stereotyping homosexuals. This is the first and last time the show has devoted significant airtime to such a storyline.
* SharkTunnel: Leg 11 had racers wait in one of these while their teammate did a Roadblock in the surrounding tank.

!!Season 5 (Summer 2004)
->'''Start:''' Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Uruguay / Argentina / Russia / Egypt / Kenya / Tanzania / United Arab Emirates / India / New Zealand / Philippines / Canada\\
'''Finish:''' Trammell Crow Park, Dallas, Texas

* BinocularShot: In Episode 12, the racers had to identify the UsefulNotes/{{Philippine|s}} flag through binoculars. At one point, Brandon looked through the binoculars with the lens cover still on one side, and a single circular frame, offset to one side of the screen, was shown.
* TheMaze: The finale.
* RunningGag: Episode 6: The Roadblock has teams digging through a patch of sand searching for a wooden scarab. As each team reads the clue, they invariably ask: "What's a scarab?"
--->'''Colin''': Is this it?
--->'''Christie''': That's a rock.

!!Season 6 (Fall 2004 - Winter 2005)
->'''Start:''' Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois\\
'''Destinations:''' Iceland / Norway / Sweden / Senegal / Germany / Hungary / Corsica, France / Ethiopia / Sri Lanka / China\\
'''Finish:''' Ping Tom Memorial Park, Chicago, Illinois

* BarSlide: A task had the teams do this while aiming for a target on a bar made entirely of ice.
* EdibleAmmunition: In a Detour, teams had to shoot melons out of a catapult.
* MoodWhiplash: The visit to the Gate of No Return for African slaves was soon followed by Kendra's infamous "breeding and breeding" comments.
* RecapEpisode: Only one of two in the series. It took place after leg six, at the midpoint of the series' first double leg, leaving the ToBeContinued CliffHanger hanging for two weeks.

!!Season 7 (Spring 2005)
->'''Start:''' Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Peru / Chile / Argentina / South Africa / Botswana / India / Turkey / England, UK / Jamaica / Puerto Rico\\
'''Finish:''' Bonnet House, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

* EverythingsBetterWithLlamas: The first leg Detour involved guiding llamas.
* RecapEpisode: Only one of two in the series.
* SavedForTheSequel: Uchenna & Joyce made it all the way to the pre-race sequester for Season 6, only to be cut at the last minute.
* StormingTheCastle: The Roadblock at the end of leg 9 had teams climb a ladder up the wall of Halil Pasa Kulesi in Istanbul, then retrieve a key to unlock their clue.

!!Season 8 [Family Edition] (Fall 2005)
->'''Start:''' Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park (below Brooklyn Bridge), New York City, New York\\
'''Destinations:''' New Jersey / Pennsylvania / District of Columbia / Virginia / South Carolina / Alabama / Mississippi / Louisiana / Panama / Costa Rica / Arizona / Utah / Wyoming / Montana / Canada\\
'''Finish:''' Joseph Davis State Park, Lewiston, New York

* BlindfoldedTrip: Teams were put onto a bus to be taken to a mystery location (Huntsville, Alabama), attributing to the Weaver Family's infamous Waffle House breakdown.
* TheCameo: Season 1's Kevin & Drew appeared briefly in the first leg to give the teams one of their first clues in New York.
* ItSeemedLikeAGoodIdeaAtTheTime: The producers said this about this season in general.
* MobileKiosk: Kevin & Drew had a hot dog cart during their Cameo.
* OddlyNamedSequel: "Family Edition"
* SpySpeak: The Roadblock in Washington, D.C. had the racers exchanging a briefcase with a spy after exchanging code phrases.
-->Contestant:The sky is blue
-->Spy they were searching for:And the sea is green

!!Season 9 (Spring 2006)
->'''Start:''' Red Rocks Park, Morrison, Colorado\\
'''Destinations:''' Brazil / Russia / Germany / Sicily, Italy / Greece / Oman / Australia / Thailand / Japan\\
'''Finish:''' Red Rocks Park, Morrison, Colorado

* BookEnds: The season began and ended at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado.
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: The Roadblock in Bangkok had teams preparing a feast for sacred monkeys. The monkeys kept interrupting the task by dashing in and grabbing the food, forcing racers to keep fixing their work.
* SwanBoats: Teams had to paddle one of these to get to the 11th Pit Stop.

!!Season 10 (Fall 2006)
->'''Start:''' Gas Works Park, Seattle, Washington\\
'''Destinations:''' China / Mongolia / Vietnam / India / Kuwait / Mauritius / Madagascar / Finland / Ukraine / Morocco / Spain / France\\
'''Finish:''' Saint Basil Academy, Garrison, New York

* ArrowsOnFire: The second leg Roadblock involved shooting flaming arrows to light a target on fire.
* ChariotRace: The Roadblock in Morocco featured one of these.
* FiveTokenBand: The Back Pack, which consisted of Lyn & Karlyn (black single moms from Alabama), Erwin & Godwin (Asian brothers, one of whom went to Harvard), David & Mary (a coal miner and his wife from Kentucky), Tom & Terry (boyfriends), and Kellie & Jamie (college cheerleaders).
* NeverSmileAtACrocodile: The leg 5 Detour involved transferring a crocodile between pits at a croc farm.
* ParanoiaFuel: Intentionally invoked by the producers in the first leg with the surprise elimination of Bilal & Sa'eed at the Meridian Gate which would otherwise be a normal conditional bunching point, threatening the other racers to stay aware of what other twists might be prepared for them later on.
* ProducePelting: One Detour late had the locals pelting racers with tomatoes as part of La Tomatina, the local tomato festival.
* TankGoodness: A Roadblock involved driving tanks.

!!Season 11 [All-Stars] (Spring 2007)
->'''Start:''' Palmetto Bay, Florida\\
'''Destinations:''' Ecuador / Chile / Argentina / Mozambique / Zanzibar, Tanzania / Poland / Malaysia / Hong Kong, China / Macau, China / Guam\\
'''Finish:''' San Francisco Botanical Garden, San Francisco, California

* BlindfoldedTrip: There was one where they took the teams to Auschwitz.
* CallBack: As an All-Star season, it had a number of {{Call Back}}s to the teams' previous seasons, especially during team introductions.
** During leg 4, the Roadblock had racers searching through bags of mail for one of two letters written to them by a team from their original race.
* TheCameo: Eric was allowed to call Jeremy after winning the Race.
* MyGreatestSecondChance: All-Stars qualifies for the teams that were not Uchenna & Joyce.
* NeverTrustATrailer: The producers hurt themselves by repeatedly calling All-Stars a race between the "best of the best," when in fact they had cast the teams they deemed the most memorable, not the ones who had been best at the game. The InternetBackdraft caused by fans complaining about what constituted the "best" teams caused them frame the next All-star season as a second chance season instead, in order to justify the casting of any teams.
* OddlyNamedSequel: "All-Stars"
* WireFu: One of the Hong Kong Detours had the teams climbing a bamboo scaffold while stunt men fought around them.

!!Season 12 (Fall 2007 -- Winter 2008)
->'''Start:''' Playboy Mansion, Los Angeles, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Ireland / Netherlands / Burkina Faso / Lithuania / Croatia / Italy / India / Japan / Taiwan\\
'''Finish:''' Girdwood Airport, Girdwood, Alaska

* OneHundredAndEight: The wedding garland teams had to make in a Detour in India contained 108 flowers.
* EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether: T.K. & Rachel, Nathan, and Stella had all attended the same high school in Fountain Valley, California.
* AStormIsComing: Used in leg 3, when it started storming in the middle of the leg, when two of the teams were still trying to milk their camels at the Roadblock.
* StormingTheCastle: One of the Detour options in leg 6 had teams rappel down and then scale a rope ladder up to a cliffside fortress.

!!Season 13 (Fall 2008)
->'''Start:''' Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Brazil / Bolivia / New Zealand / Cambodia / India / Kazakhstan / Russia\\
'''Finish:''' Pittock Mansion, Portland, Oregon

* ForeignWrestlingHeel: The Roadblock in Bolivia had one team member learn a wrestling routine in which they had to fight against a local woman, making them this by default.
* TryEverything: The Roadblock in the second leg involved finding the location of the Pit Stop on a wall filled with Portuguese words and phrases. Instead of trying to work out the clue logically, most teams just wrote down everything and repeated it all to the judge until they got it right.
* TwoMenOneDress: The cow costumes teams were forced to don for the Act Like Fools Detour in Kazakhstan. They then had to run all around Almaty wearing them.
* WouldHitAGirl: See ForeignWrestlingHeel, during which male contestants who took the Roadblock were forced to do this.

!!Season 14 (Spring 2009)
->'''Start:''' Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Switzerland / Germany / Austria / Romania / Russia / India / Thailand / China\\
'''Finish:''' King Kamehameha Golf Club, Waikapu, Hawaii

* BeachEpisode: The finale in Hawaii, which had the teams in bathing suits for the entire episode.
* FairytaleWeddingDress: The brides in the Russian Bride Detour.
* {{Fanservice}}: The whole point of the underwear run Roadblock.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: In leg 8, one Detour choice had teams sing karaoke in a party taxi, each accompanied by a pair of transvestites.
* MoodDissonance: While Jen & Kisha and Margie & Luke were having the fight at the mat, the Pit Stop Greeters sat calmly and ate their food.
* PieInTheFace: One on the Detour choices in Germany.
* {{Precap}}: Almost exclusively in Season 14.
* RuleOfCool: The premiere had the teams bungee jumping off of the dam from the beginning of ''Film/GoldenEye''. As it was the only task in that part of Switzerland, sandwiched between two train rides, the Roadblock was there simply to allow the racers to emulate Film/JamesBond.
* SavedForTheSequel:
** Margie & Luke and two other family members were in consideration for the Family Edition before being ultimately cut.
** Mike White was originally chosen for Season 13 with director friend Jon Kasden. Jon backed out, and Mike was paired with his father for Season 14.

!!Season 15 (Fall 2009)
->'''Start:''' Sixth Street Viaduct, Los Angeles, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Japan / Vietnam / Cambodia / United Arab Emirates / Netherlands / Sweden / Estonia / Czech Republic\\
'''Finish:''' Casa de Shenandoah, UsefulNotes/LasVegas, Nevada

* AmazingFreakingGrace: Sung in the finale. By an Elvis impersonator. In a wedding chapel. In UsefulNotes/LasVegas.
* BlindfoldedTrip: Between the second and third legs, the Pit Stop, the Bassac III Riverboat, took the teams from Cái Bè to My Tho, Vietnam.
* CallBack: Leg 8 repeated the infamous hay bale Roadblock from Season 6, though this time it was placed right next to the Pit Stop and they made it a non-elimination leg.
* TheCameo: Wayne Newton gave the racers their final clue leading them to the Finish Line.
* DownLADrain: The season started there.
* EdibleAmmunition: One of the Detour choices in leg 9 had teams fire small vegetables at a moose sign with slingshots.
* HahahaNo: The Roadblock on leg 10 involves searching the Prague Opera House for a tiny case with a tiny cello inside. Some teams try bringing a empty case or a giant cello, only to have the judge give a "Hahaha...No" laugh at them.
* OutOfGenreExperience: The Japanese Game Show Roadblock in the premiere, including the sound effects and graphics to go along with them.
* {{Precap}}: In the episode with Mika's water slide meltdown.
* SharkTunnel: The water slide in Dubai went through a shark tunnel.
* VivaLasVegas: The finale took place in UsefulNotes/LasVegas. It involved traveling from casino to casino, an Elvis impersonator in a wedding chapel, a visit to Cirque de Soleil, Wayne Newton, and counting out a million dollars in poker chips. The season also featured Maria & Tiffany, a pair of professional poker players (however, they were eliminated before the finale).

!!Season 16 (Spring 2010)
->'''Start:''' Vista Hermosa Natural Park, Los Angeles, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Chile / Argentina / Germany / France / Seychelles / Malaysia / Singapore / China\\
'''Finish:''' Candlestick Park, San Francisco, California

* BlindfoldedTrip: Between the fourth and fifth legs, the teams were taken by bus from Hamburg, Germany to Les Monthairons, France.
* TheCameo:
** Allan Wu, host of ''The Amazing Race Asia'' gave the teams their first clue during the ninth leg.
** The finale took a trip to Industrial Light & Magic, complete with an appearance from [[Franchise/StarWars Darth Vader]].
* CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkeys: Averted; a leg in France had WWI-themed tasks and described the bravery of the French soldiers against Germany.
* DigitalAvatar: Used in the Industrial Light & Magic challenge in the finale.
* EverythingsBetterWithLlamas: A detour had one.
* IfYouCanReadThis: The final challenge required the teams to place psychedelic posters of the eliminated teams in the order of their elimination. They also had to place three posters representing the three non-elimination legs. These posters featured host Phil Keoghan's complete OpeningNarration that was played along with the show's opening theme in Season 1.
* TheMagicPokerEquation: Averted during the five card stud task in the third leg. Only one team won their hand with something higher than a low pair (Brent & Caite's two pair), and several teams won with a high card.

!!Season 17 (Fall 2010)
->'''Start:''' Eastern Point Yacht Club, Gloucester, Massachusetts\\
'''Destinations:''' England, UK / Ghana / Sweden / Norway / Russia / Oman / Bangladesh / Hong Kong, China / South Korea\\
'''Finish:''' Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills, California

* AntiClimax: Despite being a ''very'' memorable season over all, the last two episodes in general were this. Nick & Vicki got pushed so far behind in the penultimate leg due to their penalty for quitting a Detour that their elimination was a ForegoneConclusion. Nat & Kat then so thoroughly dominated the final leg that it was clear they were going to win halfway through the episode, and they didn't see another team past the midpoint of the leg.
* BearsAreBadNews: Had two ''fake'' bears, one on a dogsled course in Sweden, one in a circus in Russia.
* CameraAbuse: During the Gorodki Roadblock, there were cameras set up behind the pin formations, which would repeatedly be knocked over by the teams' bats.
* TheCameo: [[Series/TheNewlywedGame Bob Eubanks]] gave the teams their final clue after they completed the game show style [[FinalExamFinale Final Puzzle]].
* ChekhovsGunman: All of the greeters were wearing hats. In the finale, identifying the greeters and their hats became the subject of the FinalExamFinale puzzle.
* ContinuityNod: The final puzzle had the teams searching for the pictures of the eleven greeters who had met them at the mat at the end of each leg. In amongst the eleven right pictures were dozens of wrong pictures, which were all greeters from previous seasons of the race.
* EdibleAmmunition: The watermelons teams shot at suits of armor using a giant slingshot.
* FailedASpotCheck:
** Episode 3: Almost every single team who chose the option of decoding phrases into symbols for the Detour couldn't find the decoder key located on a wall just around the corner from where they were (the sole exception being Connor & Jonathan, who completed it before the others showed up). All of them ultimately opted for the second Detour option, and the cameras kept on showing them running right past the decoder key - if they had just glanced behind them, they would have seen it.
** Episode 7: Every single team had trouble spotting a colorful figurine of a building in an otherwise drab colored tower they were scanning the skyline from. In fairness, the figurine was placed behind the racers, in the exact opposite direction of the skyline.
* FakeFood: The "find a fake piece of food in a table full of real food" Roadblock.
* GlobalIgnorance: The teams were visiting a school in Ghana and tasked with identifying Ghana on a map. It went about as well as you would expect.
* LanguageBarrier: Exploited in the finale. Even though the teams were back in the U.S., none of the idling cabs waiting outside the Rose Bowl (the ones set up by production to be waiting for the teams) had drivers who even remotely spoke good English.
* LateArrivalSpoiler: The DVD summary says that a female team finally wins the race, not only spoiling the end of this season for those arriving late, but the previous 16 as well (Season 11 in particular, as two of the teams in the finale were femanle/female).
* ThePianoPlayer: In one challenge, there was a room full of Russian pianists repeatedly hammering out iconic classical pieces while the racers constantly freaked out trying to identify them.
* StormingTheCastle: The first task of the Race had teams scaling the walls of Eastnor Castle while dirty water was thrown on them.
* TemptingFate: In the infamous [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cfeTZNcA3g&feature=youtu.be watermelon scene]] from this season. After failing to hit the suit of armor with her first two watermelons in the slingshot challenge, Claire is encouraged to hit the armor "right in the kisser". Perhaps they should have specified whose kisser it was, namely the suit of armor's and not ''[[HoistByHisOwnPetard Claire's]]''.

!!Season 18 [Unfinished Business] (Spring 2011)
->'''Start:''' San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm, Palm Springs, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Australia / Japan / China / India / Austria / Liechtenstein / Switzerland / Brazil\\
'''Finish:''' Pigeon Key, Florida

* [[BaseballEpisode Basketball Episode]]: While waiting for the train to Kunming, China. The Globetrotters broke out a basketball, and played a game with Jet & Cord and Kisha & Jen.
* CallBack: As an All-Star season, it had a number of {{Call Back}}s to the teams' previous seasons, especially during team introductions.
* ChekhovsGun: At the beginning of leg 6, teams were told to go to a tea shop and given tea to drink, then given a clue telling them to fly to India. Zev even called it a pointless task. After landing in India, the Roadblock involved identifying that tea on a table full of cups of tea.
* ComedicSociopathy: One of the locals watching the final trailer setting task got in a great line while the teams were fighting against the wind knocking down all their work:
-->When they do something stupid, we think it's funny.
* ContinuityNod: The premiere had the teams fly to Sydney, Australia, where the audience was welcomed to Sydney by the Pit Stop greeter from the Race's initial trip to Australia in Season 2. The {{Establishing Shot}}s for the episode also featured the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, both locations of tasks in Season 2.
* CoveredInMud: The Frog of Luck Detour resulted in this for all the teams who chose it.
* FlashbackEffects: Justified, in that this is the first season shot in HD, so all {{Call Back}}s to previous seasons were all shot in SD, and in 4x3 format instead of 16x9, so all "flashbacks" were in lower quality video with borders on the side to fill out the screen.
* HistoryRepeats: Brook & Claire, a team considered essentially a shoo-in to be invited back for an All-Star season, had to drop out after Claire got pregnant. Colin & Christie, another shoo-in team, had to drop out of All-Stars for the same reason.
* MeditatingUnderAWaterfall: A Detour in Japan featured this.
* MyGreatestSecondChance: It's called "Unfinished Business" after all. Of course, for the teams returning, this also led to...
* MyGreatestFailure: This was emphasized for nine of the eleven teams returning for Unfinished Business. Only Jaime & Cara (14) and Amanda & Kris (14) were exempt, as the former finished 2nd without any obvious mistakes, and the later was U-Turned out of the Race. Those mistakes were:
** Kynt & Vyxsin (12) having [[DrivingStick stick shift problems in Italy.]] However, no mention was made of their ultimate elimination after U-Turning a team that was in front of them until much later.
** Christina (12) panicking and falling apart on the Final Puzzle.
** Mel & Mike (14) sticking with a bad cab in Phuket.
** Jen (14) [[PottyEmergency "pissing away a million dollars"]] on the penultimate leg.
** Luke (14) choking on the final surf board in the Final Puzzle after having 8 of the 11 surf boards placed by the time the other teams got there.
** Zev & Justin (15) losing a passport on the fourth leg.
** Big Easy (15) being unable to unscramble the word "Franz," even with the "F" spotted to him, and taking a game ending penalty instead.
** Jet & Cord (16) standing by as Dan & Jordan cut in line at the Shanghai airport in the finale, and allowing it to affect their game afterwards.
** Gary & Mallory (17) getting lost for nine hours in Oman due to buying an uninformed map.
* NeverTrustATrailer: The promo shown at the end of Season 17 prominently featured a large number of teams, more than could be in a single season, and led to a number of false cast lists popping up on various sites.
* OddlyNamedSequel: "Unfinished Business"
* SchmuckBait: The Austria Detour was a choice between "Long Hard Walk" or "Quick and Easy Meal". Three teams took the bait, a task which was nearly impossible to complete since it required both teams to finish a meal full of meat within a strict time limit. On top of that, failure essentially meant you had to do the other option since it's not like you can eat any more the second time.
* SharkTunnel: The premiere had racers wait in one of these while their teammate did a Roadblock in the surrounding tank.
* SpotlightStealingSquad: Season 14 with taking 5 of the 11 cast spots (plus first alternate Steve & Linda, who finished 10th originally), leaving only six cast spots for the other five seasons, including zero representatives from Season 13, and only a 6th place team from Season 17 (though the two best candidates from Season 17, Nat & Kat won the race, disqualifying them for ''Unfinished Business'', and Claire got pregnant). Bertram Van Munster called 14 a "very unique season" in order to justify this overcasting (with an tiny addition of Season 14 Alum Jodi being a casting director). [[{{Irony}} Ironically, 4 of the 5 teams cast from that season were eliminated in the bottom 4 places]], Amanda & Kris were halted by a U-Turn again, Mel & Mike were forced out of the running due to medical concerns, Jaime & Cara were foiled by a Roadblock in China, and Margie & Luke suffered an extremely shocking elimination when Luke choked on the Roadblock in India. But then Kisha & Jen turned around and won the whole thing.
* ThisIsGonnaSuck: At the beginning of the 6th leg, after two straight legs in China, teams were given a clue telling them to find a tea shop, eliciting groans from everyone (except Chinese speakers Ron & Christina) about how they were going to have to stay in China. However, after drinking a cup of tea, they were sent to India.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: The final episode was a two-hour finale with two legs - the last elimination leg and then the final leg of the race. One of the trailers CBS aired for the finale, however, showed all of the teams but one in the final destination city, leading a number of viewers to guess (correctly), that the team in question was eliminated in the penultimate leg.
* UndesirablePrize: Subverted, where Snapple was a sponsor. It appeared the prize was solely to taste two new Snapple flavors, and then Phil revealed they were also getting a feast that night, a private Bollywood-style performance, and a million rupees (or roughly $20,000 cash).

!!Season 19 (Fall 2011)
->'''Start:''' Hsi Lai Temple, Hacienda Heights, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Taiwan / Indonesia / Thailand / Malawi / Denmark / Germany / Belgium / Panama\\
'''Finish:''' Swan House, Atlanta, Georgia

* AntiClimax: Ernie & Cindy completely dominated the finale when the other two teams made vital mistakes early in the leg, to the point where they didn't see another team after leaving the first task.
* BarelyThereSwimwear: Much to the embarrassment of everyone except Ernie and Marcus during the bodybuilding task.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Though different from the usual kind. The show normally ignores stuff surrounding the production, but the premiere showed how spoiler hounds tracking racers' progress on Twitter helped Kaylani & Lisa recover their lost passport, preventing their automatic elimination.
* ChekhovsGunman: Throughout the penultimate leg, Ernie & Cindy, Marcus & Amani, and Jeremy & Sandy voiced their annoyance that their cab drivers were all discussing directions with each other, with Marcus & Amani getting taken to the wrong Detour as a result. However, they were all much happier when those same cab drivers helped them get into the Final 3 over Andy & Tommy.
* ChewingTheScenery: The Roadblock that required contestants to memorize a Hans Christian Andersen poem called for "dramatic flair," which invariably led to a lot of this.
* {{Expy}}: If the cast looked familiar at first glance, that's probably because it was nearly identical to Season 7's cast. It had the same gender breakdown (2 Female teams, 3 Male, and 6 Male/Female), with 6 couples (the gay couple, the old couple, the black married couple, the couple who met on ''Series/{{Survivor}} All-Stars'', the couple in their 30s, and the couple in their 20s), one parent/child team, and a sibling team who looked (if not were) identical. It went so far that the breakdown of the final three was the same; with a dating couple, an engaged couple, and a black married couple. The final placings differed, however.
* FailedASpotCheck: Exploited in Episode 2, when one task included a sign of additional directions that weren't in the clue. Eight of the eleven teams missed it and had to backtrack, causing the three who did notice to jump as many as seven places to the top of the standings.
* FanService: The whole point of the body building pose-athon.
* HiddenInPlainSight: The first clue in Taiwan is one of the most notoriously tricky in the series. They were simply told to go into a commercial district and "look up." The clue was a giant red and yellow sign written in Chinese that many of the teams spotted then disregarded at first.
* ProductPlacement: Subverted. The 11th leg had a task based on the comic ''Franchise/{{Tintin}}'' and aired at about the time [[WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfTintin a movie adaptation]] hit theaters, but no reference was made to the movie at all; Tintin was presented as merely a Belgian cultural icon.

!!Season 20 (Spring 2012)
->'''Start:''' Bridlewood Estate Winery, Santa Barbara, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Argentina / Paraguay / Italy / Germany / Azerbaijan / Tanzania / India / Japan\\
'''Finish:''' Secret Island, Waikane, Hawaii

* BadassBeard: The Champion Male Detour involved molding a beard after a world championship winning beard style.
* BaitAndSwitch: In the first leg, the teams are told to drive to a small airport, where they find a Roadblock clue. Most teams automatically suspect that it's a sky diving challenge, only to find that, once they open the clue, they're only half right. The Roadblock involved following a map to the landing zone for their partner after ''they'' sky dived.
* BreatherEpisode: Leg 6, where everybody dance along together until they are allowed to race, scrubbing oil off of hairy naked men and Rachel Reilly didn't {{Wangst}} for once. After this the race became way more nasty.
* CallBack: Leg 10 repeated the head shaving Fast Forward from Season 7 (Season 5 was not mentioned).
* ContinuityNod: When the teams competed in a Japanese Game Show Roadblock, the host for the task was the same person who hosted the Japanese Game Show Roadblock all the way back in Season 15.
* FanDisservice: Not just for the fans, as one Detour had the teams scrub oil off of hairy, nearly naked men.
* MoodWhiplash: A stop at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial was followed by rubber chickens in a Japanese game show.
* OutOfGenreExperience: The Japanese Game Show Roadblock in the finale, including the sound effects and graphics to go along with them.
* {{Precap}}: There was one used in leg 7 to recap the major storylines of the season so far, and show where they would be heading starting in that episode.
* RegionalRiff: Played with during a cricket Detour. After having the teams compare the challenge to "just like hitting a baseball," the challenge is scored by sitar versions of "Charge" and "Take Me Out To The Ball Game".
* SavedForTheSequel: In Season 19, Kaylani's original partner was supposed to be Rachel Reilly, but as Rachel was asked to return for ''Big Brother'' 13, she had to change to Lisa, and Rachel was cast for the following season with Brendon.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: The premiere, instead of featuring the normal, [[OnTheNext "Next week on ''The Amazing Race'',"]] instead featured a preview for the entire upcoming season, including scenes from the 7th episode, the 8th, the 10th, and even the finale. It became fairly obvious that certain teams were safe until those scenes aired.
* WeWait: The Water Supply Detour in leg 8 was simple, all you had to do was fill up nine jugs with water, only you had to wait in a line for forty minutes or so to get to the hose.

!!Season 21 (Fall 2012)
->'''Start:''' Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena, California\\
'''Destinations:''' China / Indonesia / Bangladesh / Turkey / Russia / Netherlands / Spain / France\\
'''Finish:''' Gotham Hall, New York City, New York

* AmphibiousAutomobile: The Fast Forward in the Netherlands in involved eating herring on an aquatic bus.
* BeachEpisode: The three teams had twelve hours to waste in Barcelona, so they went to the beach.
* CallBack: Leg 9 repeated the ditch vaulting Roadblock from Season 12 (Jaymes even recognized it as they were driving up).
* ChekhovsGunman: Observant viewers might have noted that the greeters at each of the Pit Stops in Season 21 said [[JustForFun/{{Hello}} hello]] and [[ThatsAllFolks goodbye]] to the racers in their native languages. This turned out to be important later when the [[FinalExamFinale final challenge]] was to match the words/phrases for "hello" and "goodbye" to their native countries. Unfortunately, most teams did not pay attention to this detail and the people who did the roadblock spent at least two and a half hours trying to complete it.
* FailedASpotCheck: The finale had all three teams constantly miss the seemingly inconspicuous poster among others posted at Coney Island Boardwalk. Appropriately, it was titled The Amazing Houdini.
* HoistByTheirOwnPetard: See LoopholeAbuse. The other trailing team saved by the U-Turn manipulation ended up winning the race.
* LoopholeAbuse: In the second Double U-Turn, the leading three teams going into Amsterdam - all which had a good 3+ hour advantage on the trailing two teams - conspired to use the Double U-turn specifically against the stronger of the trailing teams, Abbie & Ryan (who were also the ones in contention for the $2 million prize); one team used their U-Turn on Abbie & Ryan, while a second team used the U-turn on the team that provided the first U-turn, knowing full well it wouldn't affect them, but specifically to deny Abbie & Ryan from using the U-turn on the other trailing team.
* ThatRussianSquatDance: This was a Detour option in Moscow, and all but one of the teams did it.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil:
** The premiere showed clips from leg 9 and the finale.
** Likewise, in the episode prior to the finale, the preview for said finale featured shots of Lexi doing the final Roadblock at the United Nations building in New York City, and Jaymes & James on the Coney Island boardwalk.
* VictimizedBystander: The bamboo Detour in leg 5 involved teams carrying forty bamboo poles to a rickshaw and then taking the rickshaw to a construction site. The teams repeatedly lost control of the poles as they turned corners, and kept smacking locals with them.

!!Season 22 (Spring 2013)
->'''Start:''' Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California\\
'''Destination:''' French Polynesia / New Zealand / Indonesia / Vietnam / Botswana / Swaziland / Germany / Scotland, UK / Northern Ireland, UK\\
'''Finish:''' Mount Vernon Estate, Mount Vernon, Virginia

* AntiClimax:
** Leg 5, Vietnam. What could have been an extremely exciting leg involving a Double U-Turn (with ''obvious'' divides between alliances, no less) was rendered a ForegoneConclusion after Dave & Connor quit early in the leg due to the former's injury, thus ensuring the rest of the teams were safe even before the first commercial break.
** Bates & Anthony did not see another team after the Spy Roadblock, which was halfway through the episode.
* BaitAndSwitch: During the final leg, in Washington, D.C., the teams all go to 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, where they are to get pictures with [[UsefulNotes/BarackObama the President]]. The teams are all surprised... but it turns out that they are just going to get pictures of themselves taken with an image of the President photoshopped onto the pictures.
* BrickJoke: [[note]]On the part of the editors.[[/note]] At the beginning of the German leg, there was a puzzle regarding UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan's "[[UsefulNotes/ColdWar Tear Down This Wall]]" speech. Max was the first to the puzzle and had (incorrectly) guessed UsefulNotes/JohnFKennedy as the speechmaker [[note]]and further established his and Katie's VillainCred by stating that RushLimbaugh "[[AcceptableTargets would be upset with him]]" for getting a question on Reagan wrong[[/note]]. Guess what ''other'' American President turned out to be the password to the Roadblock later on?[[note]]Not a ChekhovsGag as only one team had this experience, at least on-screen.[[/note]]
* CallBack:
** The leg 4 Roadblock had the teams search through a number of surfboards for one that had the picture of a Polynesian priest who had blessed them in the second leg (with the clue only telling them to look for something they had "encountered" on the course). Aside from that, the task was also a simplified version of the Final Exam Finale Puzzle from Season 14.
** Leg 8 repeated the cheese carrying task from the Season 14 premiere, only this time teams had to do it in the snow. The episode title itself, "My Cheese Is Out of Control," was a direct Call Back to the Season 14 episode title, "Don't Let A Cheese Hit Me."
** The finale also repeated the spy Roadblock from Family Edition. Unlike with other Switchbacks, they showed images from the original task, but did not mention what season they were from. Also notable in that it was the first Switchback not to draw from a memorable moment or episode, meaning most fans might not have recognized it as a Switchback had it not been pointed out.
* {{Calvinball}}: The shemozzle race in New Zealand, which involved crawling through a crate dripping with molasses and a tunnel full of feathers, then riding an inner tube down a tarp into a muddy pond, all while holding eggs.
* ChekhovsGunman: In the second leg, teams were blessed by a Polynesian priest before getting their Detour clue. Two legs later, a Roadblock had the teams search through a number of surfboards for one that had the picture of the same priest on it (with the clue only telling them to look for something they had "encountered" on the course).
* DisneyAcidSequence: The Roadblock in the German leg had teams traveling through a freaky labyrinth inside Berlin's Salon zur wilden Renate. Multiple racers even said walking through the maze was like being on a drug trip (see MindScrew below).
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: The teams were task with retrieving a clue in Bali by having a monkey open a coconut for them to retrieve the clue inside. The episode title was even "I Love Monkeys".
* FailedASpotCheck:
** A subtle version of this in the first leg sandcastle Roadblock. As confirmed by Matt & Daniel, many teams didn't think to dig underneath the sandcastles, expecting the clues to simply appear when they knocked the castles over ([[ReadTheFreakingManual despite it saying they would be beneath the sandcastles in the clue]]). Though searching 400 sandcastles and having to rebuild them would be taxing in itself, this led to teams not finding a single one in all of them and thus the last three teams felt it better to take a penalty over continuing their fruitless efforts.
** The penultimate leg (set in Belfast, Northern Ireland) had a Detour in which one of the challenges involved teams going to the dry dock where the ''Titanic'' was built and serving a five-course first-class meal to reenactors. Three of the final four teams attempted this challenge, and all of them initially didn't realize there was a reason why the menus they picked up only had two of five courses listed for each person at the table - the menus were sitting on a signboard which listed the other three courses.
* HumanChess: A Detour had the teams setting up human pieces on a Chinese Chess board.
* InnocentlyInsensitive: The show itself became this in leg 5, as Leg 5 was set in Vietnam and featured a communist propaganda song and the wreckage of an American B-52 bomber that - though the show didn't mention this part - served to commemorate a victory over the Americans. Production had acknowledged they made a mistake and a formal apology was offered at the start of the next episode, though this was only broadcasted on CBS.
* TheMaze: The labyrinth Roadblock in Berlin.
* MindScrew: The labyrinth in Berlin's Salon zur wilden Renate was built to deliberately invoke this.
* PatrioticFervor: A Roadblock had teams sitting and watching the performance of a patriotic Vietnamese song and dance.
* ThePrecariousLedge: The Roadblock at Eiger mountain in Switzerland, where teams had to climb out on a slim board bolted to the mountain's north face.
* SavedForTheSequel: Chuck & Wynona were originally cast in Season 21, but had to drop out due to a family death.
* SpySpeak: The Switchback in Washington, D.C. had the racers exchanging a briefcase with a spy after exchanging code phrases.
* TarAndFeathers: Shemozzle racing in New Zealand involved getting covered in molasses and feathers.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: Season 22 had a two-hour finale featuring the final elimination episode and the final leg. Like with Seasons 18 and 21, the promos aired on CBS showed three of the teams in the Final Destination City, Washington D.C., leading to the (correct) assumption that they were the Final 3.
* TheWorldIsJustAwesome: This season seemed particularly geared towards this kind of reaction with a route primarily consisting of scenic rural locations and endless Racer soundbites about how cool the surrounding environment was.

!!Season 23 (Fall 2013)
->'''Start:''' Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio, Santa Clarita, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Chile / Portugal / Norway / Poland / Austria / United Arab Emirates / Indonesia / Japan\\
'''Finish:''' End of North Douglas Highway, Juneau, Alaska

* BaitAndSwitch: Like in Season 20, the Roadblock of the race was designed to fool teams into thinking the Roadblock was a physical thrill task, in this case paragliding. However, the non participating team member had to do the paragliding, and the Roadblock was to instead follow their teammate to the beach.
* ChekhovsGun: The bag of Viking Coins the teams picked up in Norway were later used to decode the code for the electronic locks on their [[ProductPlacement Ford Explorers]] in Abu Dhabi.
* ContinuityNod: When the teams competed in a Japanese Game Show Detour, the host for the task was the same person who hosted the Japanese Game Show Roadblocks in Seasons 15 and 20.
* FallingChandelierOfDoom: The unused Detour in Austria involved assembling a chandelier. If they failed to do it correctly, the task judge would drop the chandelier to the floor.
* {{Fanservice}}: The salt bath Detour, though Phil tweeted that there was no requirement to get into swimwear. Everyone just followed suit after Jason & Amy changed.
* FlatWorld: Lampshaded InUniverse during the Miles Detour in Lisbon, where teams had to measure out Magellan's circumnavigation route via a giant compass and a flat map. Three teams forgot the world was round when they got to the end of the map, while one team was able to correct this, restart from the other side of the map, and give the right number, two other teams kept giving ridiculously large numbers to the task judge until they just gave up and switched Detours.
* TheMaze: Teams had to navigate a hedge maze to get their final clue in Austria.
* OutOfGenreExperience: The Japanese Game Show Detour in the finale, including the sound effects and graphics to go along with them.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: The CBS-made promos prior to the two-hour finale spoiled the final elimination again.
* WholesomeCrossdresser: The polka Detour in Poland had teams dressing up in traditional Polish costumes to do a polka dance routine, and had to remain dressed like this for the remainder of the leg. One teammate dressed as a male and the other as a female, this included ''all-male'' and ''all-female'' teams. Most teams had no problem cross-dressing for the purpose of the Detour, but Danny complained long and hard about dressing as a woman, much to Tim's annoyance.
* WrittenSoundEffect: Used during the Japanese Game Show Detour.

!!Season 24 [All-Stars] (Spring 2014)
->'''Start:''' College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, California\\
'''Destinations:''' China / Malaysia / Sri Lanka / Italy / Switzerland / Spain / England, UK / Wales, UK\\
'''Finish:''' Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, Nevada

* AntiClimax: The eliminations of Joey & Meghan, Margie & Luke, and the Globetrotters were obvious by the middle of their respective episodes.
* CallBack: As an All-Star season, it had a number of {{Call Back}}s to the teams' previous seasons, especially during team introductions.
* TheCameo: David Copperfield ran the teams through a Roadblock in the finale.
* FakeDifficulty: The toy chariot racing in Rome. It was easy when teams were alone, but got harder when more and more teams shows up.
* FlashbackEffects: All flashbacks to previous seasons are done in muted colors with travel documents layered in over the edges of the screen.
* MyGreatestSecondChance: For all the teams, with three of them (along with one half of a fourth) having their third chance.
* MobstacleCourse: Done in leg 6 with tuk-tuks, as seven teams raced to fill up four tuk-tuks apiece, with only two gas pumps available. This caused traffic jams at the pumps as contestants fought to get their tuk-tuks to the gas pump, with contestants standing in front of, block, redirecting, and even pushing tuk-tuks out of the way.
* NewRulesAsThePlotDemands: It was not the producers' fault, but they should have told the viewers about the new Roadblock rule at the start of the season, not when everybody realized that Dave did only 4 Roadblocks over the course of the first 11 legs, thus giving the illusion of this.
* NoodleIncident: Several team placements changed between the first and second leg with no explanation. Dave & Connor and Margie & Luke switched 3rd and 4th place, Margie & Luke moving up, Dave & Connor down. Joey & Meghan also moved up two spots from 10th to 8th.
* OddlyNamedSequel: "All-Stars"
* RearrangeTheSong: The season kicked off with the theme song played by the UCLA marching band. The normal title sequence played a little later on, though.
* RubberbandAI: Averted for the first five legs, as the teams were not all fully equalized for the first time until the beginning of leg 6. However, leg 6 the proceeded to hit the teams with three equalizers, an operating hours equalizer, followed by two trains.
* SecondHandStorytelling: In the finale, there was a fight between Rachel and Caroline & Jennifer in the customs. Since they couldn't film the fight in that section of the airport, the fight had to be told by confessionals from all three teams. From Caroline & Jennifer's POV, Rachel appearantly cut in front of them. From Rachel POV, she arrived at the customs first, and then Caroline accused her of cutting in front of them.
* SpotlightStealingSquad: Season 22 became the spotlight stealing season this time around, providing four of the teams for All-Stars. However, unlike with Season 14 on Unfinished Business, only one of the teams, Dave & Connor, was really expected to be brought back by most fans. Jessica & John were considered an outside possibility due to the embarrassing nature of their elimination, while Joey & Meghan and Caroline & Jen were surprises.
** Just as surprising, the season most expected to steal the spotlight, Season 21, only ended up contributing one team, Natalie & Nadiya, while Jaymes & James, Trey & Lexi, and Abbie & Ryan were all snubbed.
* TruncatedThemeTune: For every episode except the first and last, they cut all the teams out of the title sequence, playing a shorter version of the theme before showing the title card after a few seconds. They would go back to the full theme in every episode in the following season.
* UnwinnableByDesign:
** For three teams in Leg 3. The flights out of China were split 6-3 with a three-hour deficit for the last three teams, making it impossible for those teams to catch up and guaranteeing they would be the last three teams to check in.
** The second Roadblock, which was the final task in the finale, where a contestant had to sky dive from a helicopter to finish the race. It basically meant that the first person that signed up for the charter won the race.
* VivaLasVegas: The last leg takes place in Las Vegas.
* WhatHaveWeEar: In the finale, David Copperfield pulled clues out from behind the contestants ears.

!!Season 25 (Fall 2014)
->'''Start:''' Times Square, New York City, New York\\
'''Destinations:''' United States Virgin Islands / England, UK / Scotland, UK / Denmark / Morocco / Sicily, Italy / Malta / Singapore / Philippines\\
'''Finish:''' Point Vicente Lighthouse, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

* BaitAndSwitch: The Painters or Posers Detour in leg 7 did this with the clue. The Posers task was much faster, as teams only had to remember ten outfits, and could work together, but because the vague description of the task in the clue, and the four team limit they put on the Painters task, made it look like the time consuming and detail oriented Painters task was faster, and all the teams raced for that one instead.
* BritishRoyalGuards: One of the Detour choices in the second leg had teams changing the guard at Buckingham Palace.
* CallBack:
** For their 25th season, the show started with Phil at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, where the first race had started, with shots of that season starting. Later, at the Starting Line in Times Square, Phil pointed out that some veteran racers had shown up to see the race start ([[Characters/TheAmazingRace1 Frank from Season 1]], and [[Characters/TheAmazingRace13 Terence and Andrew from Season 13]]). The first clue of the season told teams to go where the first season had ended (the Unisphere in Queens), and all the teams ran over to Frank to get the answer.
** Later in the leg, when the final three teams at the Roadblock all decided to take four-hour penalties, the editors cut to shots of the three teams who had similarly decided to take four-hour penalties at the Roadblock in leg 1 of [[Characters/TheAmazingRace22 Season 22]].
** The Switchback in Leg 10 was the ox-plough Detour from Episode 11 of Season 5, the last time the Race went through the Philippines, though this time it was used as just an additional task. Included with the task were shots of Colin in the middle of his VillainousBreakdown, with Phil calling it the "biggest breakdown ever." The name of the task on screen was even "My Ox is Broken."
* TheCameo:
** [[Characters/TheAmazingRace1 Frank from Season 1]], and [[Characters/TheAmazingRace13 Terence and Andrew from Season 13]] were in the crowd at the Starting Line. Luke (Seasons [[Characters/TheAmazingRace14 14]], [[Characters/TheAmazingRace18 18]], and [[Characters/TheAmazingRace24 24]]) was also reportedly at the Starting Line, but was not shown.
** Leg 9's Pit Stop Greeter was Melody from ''Characters/TheAmazingRaceAsia1''.
* GreenAesop: The fourth leg in Copenhagen centered around this, with one task involving driving 20 miles in an energy efficient car while using less than a tenth of a gallon of gas, and the Pit Stop was outside of a self-ustainable apartment building.
* HistoryRepeats: As in Season 22, the premiere featured a lengthy Roadblock on the beach involving the teams digging in sand. Eight of the teams got it, leaving a trio of a pair of firefighters, a pair of blonde women, and a couple. The couple decided to propose to the other two teams that they all quit the task and take the four-hour penalty and race it out to the Pit Stop. The two biggest differences in the ending were that the teams knew they'd be in a footrace to the Pit Stop instead of racing it out via boat, and the blonde team was eliminated instead of the firefighters.
* TwistEnding: Episode 11 revealed that the final leg would be run by 4 teams.
* WhamLine: Phil tells Brooke and Robbie at the mat that "the final leg starts now."

!!Season 26 (Spring 2015)
->'''Start:''' Castaic Lake, Castaic, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Japan / Thailand / Germany / Monaco / France / Namibia / Netherlands / Peru\\
'''Finish:''' Continental Avenue Bridge, Dallas, Texas

* AntiClimax: Episode 5 turned into one twenty minutes into the episode, when Kurt & Bergen abandoned the car they needed for the leg in favor of taking a cab, essentially putting them in an unescapable hole. There was one small hope of them surviving, as Tyler & Laura had misplaced their fanny pack, but once that was recovered the show made no attempt to hide their imminent elimination.
* BaitAndSwitch: The show did this to the teams in leg 8, sending them to Swakopmund Skydiving Club, making them think they were sky diving for the Roadblock, only to send contestants running into the desert after an air dropped case, leading to disappointment from many teams.
* BingeMontage: A quick one was used near the beginning of episode 3, when several of the teams ended up hitting an overnight equalizer at Patong Beach in Thailand, with said teams having drinks together.
* BlindDate: Five of the teams met each other for the first time at the Starting Line.
* CallBack: To go along with the dating theme of the season, the premiere opened with a montage of (mostly) couples who had previously run the race together. Included were [[Characters/TheAmazingRace20 Brendon & Rachel]], [[Characters/TheAmazingRace25 Dennis & Isabelle, Brooke & Robbie, Adam & Bethany]], [[Characters/TheAmazingRace23 Amy & Jason]], [[Characters/TheAmazingRace10 Rob & Kim]], [[Characters/TheAmazingRace20 Ralph & Vanessa]], [[Characters/TheAmazingRace17 Chad & Stephanie]], and [[Characters/TheAmazingRace21 Brent & Josh]]. Also included in the montage were [[Characters/TheAmazingRace23 Tim & Marie]], who were exes at the time.
* EverythingsBetterWithLlamas: The leg 10 Speed Bump involved teams typing out a llama loan form.
* RomanticSpoonfeeding: One Detour in leg 2 had teams feeding each other noodles with chopsticks.
* ThereIsOnlyOneBed: Due to an overnight equalizer, the teams ended up staying overnight in Thailand, and were provided with five rooms, for what ended up being eight teams, including five BlindDate couples.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: Right before the show took a three week break for the NCAA basketball tournament, the show featured a lengthy trailer showing clips from episodes as late as the 11th episode.

!!Season 27 (Fall 2015)
->'''Start:''' Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California\\
'''Destinations:''' Brazil / Argentina / Zambia / Zimbabwe / France / Netherlands / Poland / India / Hong Kong, China / Macau, China\\
'''Finish:''' 1620 Meadow Lane, Southampton (Long Island), New York

!!Season 28 (Spring 2016)
->'''Start:''' (No specific place; contestants begin their race at their stated hometowns)\\
'''Destinations:''' Mexico / Colombia / Switzerland / France / Armenia / Georgia / United Arab Emirates / Indonesia / China\\
'''Finish:''' Grassini Family Vineyards, Santa Ynez, California