Series / The Adventures of Superpup
Main cast (L-R): Terry Bite, Bark Bent, Pamela Poodle. Not pictured: Superpup.
"Oh, he's Catholic..."
Poink T. Weasel seeing Superpup in his costume for the first time.

Failed pilot for an After Show which tried to replace the cast of The Adventures of Superman with a cast of little people wearing giant dog masks following the tragic death of star George Reeves. The pilot can be seen without commentary here, while The Funday Pawpet Show version with Poink T. Weasel's commentary can be seen here.

Not to be confused with Krypto the Superdog.

This show provides examples of:

  • After Show
  • Anthropomorphic Animal Adaptation: If the title and page image wasn't clear enough...
  • Furry Fandom
  • Product Placement: The weirdness begins from the very start with the announcer saying "Your Product! The finest in all the world!" (The show was presumably being shown to potential sponsors.)
  • Muppet: Jimmy Olsen, transformed into a hand puppet mouse living in Bark Bent's office drawer.
  • Narrator: The Jimmy Olsen/mouse puppet who even lampshades a change in footage featuring a different car.
  • Short-Runners: Just one "Adventure" for Superpup.