[[caption-width-right:300:''You stupid little skinny man!'']]

''The Adventures of Lano and Woodley'' is an Australian sitcom revolving around the misadventures of two somehow-best-friends, TheDitz Frank Woodley and {{Jerkass}} Col Lane, who live together in a flat in Melbourne. Lano and Woodley were originally a comedy duo that had had several previous successes and made this hilarious sitcom, although it [[ShortRunners only lasted 13 episodes]].

The show is all about the scrapes they get into in their day-to-day lives, and how they make things worse for themselves.

Full of slapstick, although humour was also derived from witty wordplay.


* AirHugging: From "One Simple Task". Although it's more bum-in-the-air-so-we-don't-have-to-touch hugging.
* AlterEgoActing
* AnnoyingPatient: Again from "One Simple Task".
* BadlyBatteredBabysitter The last two episodes of the series.
* BrickJoke: They are the kings of this. See the end of "One Simple Task," "Starquest," "Tonight You Die," "The Two Men," "Primal Warrior"...
* CannotTellFictionFromReality: A RunningGag in "One Simple Task". Frank brings up a memory of a holiday at the beach, claiming that Col had an affair with a married woman while her husband was aware. Col is confused until Frank mentions, "the war", and realises he's remembering ''Summer of 42''. Frank later brings up "a movie" about two pizza guys getting beaten up by hoodlums, which in fact happened to them only days ago.
-->'''Frank''': "Col, [[Film/FreeWilly did we ever help a whale get free]]?"
* CasanovaWannabe: Col, at times.
* CatchPhrase: "Love X? Love X? I want to DESTROY X!", "You stupid little skinny man!" and of course the sarcastic "Oh YEAH!"
* TheDitz: Frank, though Col has his moments.
* EasterBunny: Averted and Subverted in "The Easter Story". Lano and Woodley do attend Sunday Easter Mass AND have the Easter Bunny... which they accidentally decapitate... long story.
* FawltyTowersPlot
* TheFunInFuneral: Col's mother's funeral in "Mother" is disrupted by endless problems with the tape playing her favourite song ("Danny Boy", unsurprisingly).
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Subverted in "Tonight You Die" - Frank freaks out about dying and Col slaps him. Frank snaps out of it but Col keeps slapping him. Frank tries to slap Col to his senses but all that happens is that they end up slapping each other in a continuous line saying "You snap out of it." "You snap out of it." "You snap out of it." "You snap out of it." "You snap out of it." "You snap out of it." "You snap out of it." "You snap out of it." "You snap out of it." "You snap out of it." [[OverlyLongGag "You snap out of it." "You snap out of it."]]
* HeterosexualLifePartners: The two title characters.
* HorribleCampingTrip: From "Primal Warrior". Subverted in that the horrible camping trip occurs ''in Col and Frank's apartment.''
* IgnoreTheDisability: Neighbour Susannah's lisp.
* IWasJustJoking
* {{Jerkass}}: Col - To extremes. And particularly towards Frank. Is regularly seen hitting, insulting and generally abusing his flatmate. But when it comes to the crunch he does care about Frank.
* LargeHam: They both have their moments, but Colin is more prone to this, while Frank is more physical.
* LineOfSightName: Col's imaginary girlfriend "Jenny Window" in the first episode.
* MistakenForDying: Frank, in "One Simple Task"
* NoOneGetsLeftBehind: Subverted in "Tonight You Die"
* OnceAnEpisode: Every episode before the opening credits the duo get fired.
* OverlyLongGag: Multiple times, in every episode, usually whilst jumping or moving around the room.
** The first episode alone has 5 of these, Frank and Col grabbing and shaking each other trying to get the other to "settle down", Col informing Frank that "yep yep yeah" he has had a girlfriend, Col's reaction to Frank talking when he gets a girlfriend, Frank's "I don't want you to go" when Frank goes out on a 2nd date. Also, some of the jokes aren't quite in the "Overly Long" category, but do take longer than you would expect, like Frank acting like he's going to put down a phone, picking it up, and doing that 4 times, as well as another "yep yep yeah" at the end of the episode.
* PocketProtector: Spoofed in "Primal Warrior". Col shoots Frank in the chest with an arrow. Frank is horrified until he realises that his ''massive'' autumn leaf album was in his jacket pocket and stopped the arrow.
* RunningGag: "Love him? Love him?! I want to DESTROY HIM!"
** Colin attempting to repeat something hopeful Frank said, only to break into sarcastic laughter.
** Falling out the window. Normally, but not always, backwards.
* StudioAudience
* SarcasmMode: Colin. A lot. The most memorable would probably be in "The Wall" where after a HUGE sarcastic rant Frank [[SarcasmFailure asks whether he's being sarcastic]]. Col replies "YEAH! I'm being REALLY sarcastic," which Frank points out is sarcastically wrong and that he should have said "NAH! I'm not being sarcastic!" Colin then goes into uber sarcasm mode which he can only be brought out of with a GetAHoldOfYourselfMan moment.
* SawItInAMovieOnce: "One Simple Task." After confusing reality and films with each other for an entire episode, Frank proves his friendship to Col by pulling a CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass, fighting off a band of hoodlums with a [[StuffBlowingUp back-pack of pesticide spray and a lighter]]. However it gets spoofed because, after he gives it to Col to have a go, Frank remembers that in the film it [[MadeOfExplodium blew up and killed the guy]], at which point boom!
* ThemeTuneCameo: With a twist - The tune in question is not the theme tune, but "Danny Boy". According to the commentary, this is because the song was in the public domain and thus royalty-free.
* WhosOnFirst: In "Primal Warrior":
-->'''Colin:''' I don't think you're pulling your weight frankly!\\
'''Frank:''' My name's not Frankly!\\
'''Colin:''' What?\\
'''Frank:''' You dropped the Wood!\\
'''Colin:''' Where?\\
'''Frank:''' You called me Frankly -- my name's Frank Woodley. Frankly, it makes me uncomfortable.\\
'''Colin:''' What makes you uncomfortable?\\
'''Frank:''' Frankly!\\
'''Colin:''' Yes, I'm glad you're being honest with me, what's upsetting you?\\
'''Frank:''' I don't like it when you drop the Wood!\\
'''Colin:''' I didn't drop the wood! Frankly, I don't what you're talking about!\\
'''Frank:''' Don't call me Frankly!\\
'''Colin:''' Just cut the wood!\\
'''Frank:''' I'm not cutting the Wood, it's part of my name!\\
'''Colin:''' Grab an axe and cut up pieces of timber for me!\\
'''Frank:''' ...Oh okay, why didn't you say so?
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Frank's phobia of beards in the episode "Game Show God". Cured at the end of the episode.
* WithFriendsLikeThese
* TheWoobie: Woodley. Almost every action he makes is in the first episode gets a sad "awww" from the StudioAudience/LaughTrack.