A British GameShow format that takes SpeedDating to a slightly different level, or if you want to be technical, ''Series/LoveConnection'' meets ''Series/OneVersusAHundred''. One man faces 30 bachelorettes, all of which are standing at podiums with lights on them. In the first round, the women get to know the male contestant's name, hometown, and see him enter to the {{Leitmotif}} of his choice. Each bachlorette has a button on their podium they can press at any time to turn off their light, signifying that they're, well, turned off (thus taking themselves out of competition for the man), probably because the man didn't try hard enough to woo them or because they don't like something about them that they've revealed. Or in simpler terms, "[[CatchPhrase no likey, no lighty]]."

The process continues with two rounds of promotional material, typically featuring videos with more details about the bachelor's personality, interests, etc. Sometimes they may also perform a talent on-stage. At any time during these presentations, the women can bail out on the man. If all of the women turn off their podiums at any point, it's game over for the man! If any women remain after the 3rd round, the contestant narrows it down to two (obviously, if there's only 2 or fewer left, they don't need to do anything) and then asks them one question each to determine who he'll choose. The winning woman gets to on a date to "Fernando's" (or Cyprus in Series 3, or the "Take Me Out Resort" in the U.S. version), the result of which gets shown on the next episode. It's just that simple, really.

The show is based off an Australian format, which was aired on Creator/{{ITV}}1 in the United Kingdom. While some have thought the show to be cheap and lowbrow, it became a sleeper hit for the network; its Series 2 premiere netted almost 6 million viewers. An American version debuted on Fox on June 7, 2012, hosted by George Lopez, managing to be very faithful to its British counterpart, but not as revolutionary. That would be the China version ''[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fei_Cheng_Wu_Rao If You are the One]]''.

!!GameShowTropes in use
* Personnel
** GameShowHost: Paddy [=McGuinness=], George Lopez on U.S. version
** TheAnnouncer: Mark Thompson for the U.S. version (who is seemingly the announcer for ''every'' Fox game show)
!!This show provides examples of
* CatchPhrase: "Single man, reveal yourself!"
** "No likey, no lighty!"
** "If you're turned off, turn off!"
** [[MadLibsCatchphrase "Let the ____ see the ____!"]]
* [[ChippendalesDancers Chippendales Dancer]]: The first U.S. episode had a contestant who pretty much ended up being one. His talent demonstration (billed by Lopez as something that would be happening on the show for the first time ever .. despite only being the first aired: which means its either SarcasmMode or OutOfOrder) turned off the one remaining person. As if saying that he would "bring ''Series/JerseyShore'' to the UsefulNotes/LasVegas Strip" wasn't enough of a turn-off.
* ForeignRemake: The British and US versions, and now [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fei_Cheng_Wu_Rao China too]].
* HurricaneOfPuns: The hosts must be paid by how many cheesy puns and catchphrases they can spout off per show.