->''People say I'm...lucky. It all began in a plane crash thirty years ago. One hundred and six lives ending in a single heartbeat. No one survived...except me.''
-->--'''Chance Harper'''

''Strange Luck'' was a short-lived television series that aired on the FOX Network in late 1995 through early 1996. It starred the very likeable D.B. Sweeney as Chance Harper, a freelance photographer whose life consists of a freakish string of bizarre coincidences that always put him in the wrong place at the right time.

!!Contains Examples Of:

* AmateurSleuth
* BornLucky
* CoincidenceMagnet. The entire show is based around this. "If I go to a restaurant, somebody chokes. If I walk into a bank, it gets robbed."
* CosmicPlaything
* FridayNightDeathSlot
* LastMinuteReprieve
** KarmicDeath
* PhileVerse
** Confirmed only by a ShoutOut in the very last episode.
* PlagueOfGoodFortune
* WeirdnessMagnet
* WindsOfDestinyChange