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Series: Sheena
too sexy for my shirt, Sheena, too sexy for my shirt
Sheena was a 2000-2002 television series produced by Steven L.Sears reviving concept from the Sheena, Queen of the Jungle comic book and 1984 film. The television show stars Gena Lee Nolin as the title character, with John Allen Nelson as Matt Cutter, Kevin Quigley as Mendlesson, Cutter's business associate, and Margo Moorer as Kali.

The television show basically centers around Sheena's past in her present, and showing her conflict with the world she knows, and the Western world. She is environmentally conscious and tries to protect the animals of the African jungle, as well as respect the tribes of Africa and their traditions.

Kali raised her in the ancient tribal ways, and taught her the ways to morph into an animal at a moment's glace. Because the tribe and the animals are always at odds with Western influence, Sheena covers herself in mud, puts on fake claws, and a mask and pretends to be the Darak'na- a mythical killer residing in the La Mista jungles and mountains.

Sheena finds a friend in Matt Cutter, but the viewer is constantly at odds whether or not they will fall in love with each other or stay friends. Matt Cutter owns Cutter Unlimited,Inc. which provides safari and other business tours in Africa. Due to a troubled past, he is a cynic, but he is also a ladies man, and would do anything for a good amount of money.

What makes the show interesting is that it is trying to be serious, but it isn't.

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