Series: 72 Hours

A Reality TV show airing on TNT. 3 teams of 3 are dropped into a remote location, where the host (Brandon Johnson) shows them a briefcase with $100,000US in it. If all 3 members of a team touch the case, the cash is theirs. All they have to do is get to it in the titular 72 Hours. They are given a GPS, a walkie talkie and 1 bottle of water. And told to get walking.

They can only travel when the sun is up. (Periodically the viewers are given a "time to sunset" countdown clock.) They hike toward 3 "supply drops" where Brandon gives them a challenge to complete to move on. (Literally, it's not some random physical act, it's usually some sort of "cross this chasm via zipline" type challenge.) They can take periodic "rescue drops" where they're given some creature comforts and a chance to stop, but this costs them one hour. The third "supply drop" is the "here's the general area where the cash is, GO FIND IT!" challenge and the big climax of the show.