CopShow with a Godly twist.

[[CowboyCop Grace]] [[TheLadette Hanadarko]] (Holly Hunter) is an Oklahoma City detective. She's pretty good at her job, but she [[SmokingHotSex smokes]], she [[TheAlcoholic drinks]], she's a DrunkDriver, [[MyGirlIsASlut she boinks anyone she can get her hands on]], she flashes her neighbor every time she takes a shower (deliberately and with full enjoyment by both parties)...

Then one night when drunk driving, she hits a guy and kills him. As one is wont to do in that situation, she begs God for help. An angel named Earl (Creator/LeonRippy) answers, telling her she's going to hell and he's her "last chance angel." And he's going to be popping in and out of her life from now on...

As it turns out, Grace [[ScareEmStraight didn't even kill the guy she hit with her car]]- in fact, the guy's alive and well and on death row. Leon Cooley (Bokeem Woodbine) is another one of Earl's clients, and to him it was some kind of dream. And yet, there's forensic evidence proving that Earl exists, Leon was there on some level, and something happened.

Grace continues to get up to bad behavior and solving crimes... with Earl along for the ride.

Not to be confused with ''Series/SavingHope'', the Canadian supernatural medical drama, or ''Film/SavingGrace'', the 2000 British comedy.

* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Paige
* Literature/TheBible
* BigFriendlyDog: Grace's dog Gus. Also, the "dog with the big tongue", which Earl has a tattoo of, and may be uh...God?
* BrokenAesop: [[spoiler:"Turn your life over to God, and {{Satan}} will blow you up with a truck bomb."]]
* BulletProofVest
* CaliforniaDoubling: The series is set in Oklahoma City, but filmed in Los Angeles and Vancouver.
* ChainedToABed - naked, with the name of the culprit who locked her up written on her butt, just in time for her partner/lover to walk in and see it.
* ChristianityIsCatholic: most of the characters seem to be Catholic, so Catholicism gets emphasized. Leon, on the other hand, converts to {{Islam}}. Earl still sticks around because all the religions go to the same place anyway.
* TheChurch: One of Grace's brothers is a priest, and she has issues with the Church (see above)
* CowboyCop: Grace tortures a confession out of one suspect and kidnaps another, but it's okay because they were bad guys. Also, her boss has absolutely no problem with her obvious corruption.
* {{Confessional}}
* DaChief: Kate Perry. The previous chief, [[DeadStarWalking Yukon]], got killed in the second episode.
* [[spoiler:DoomedProtagonist]]: [[spoiler:Given that Earl is a "Last Chance Angel" and what happened to his other charges (Leon and Neely) it could be argued that people given a Last Chance Angel are not long for this earth. This could mean that Grace was one of these from the start.]]
* [[spoiler:DownerEnding]]: [[spoiler:Grace dies and poor Ham never gets to propose to her.]]
* EpunymousTitle
* FairCop: most of the OCPD.
* {{Fanservice}}: Grace is naked and riding the baloney pony in almost all episodes. Naturally, for the guys she boinks we have a RightThroughHisPants situation.
* GoodbyeCruelWorld: the suicide note of the girl Leon killed when she threw herself in front of his car.
* {{Heaven}} and {{Hell}}: where are Leon and Grace going to end up?
* InMysteriousWays: of course.
* InternalAffairs: Abby
* InterruptedSuicide: Leon
* InvisibleToNormals: sorta? Earl can supposedly only be seen by Grace and Leon- and at times, nobody else sees them, like when Earl is hanging out in Leon's cell. And yet, Earl pops up ''all the time'' to talk to Grace's various friends and relatives in bars and whatnot- they just don't know who he is. (Which would really kill Rhetta if she knew she'd ''met'' Earl.) Also, Grace and Leon can't recall what Earl looks like when he's not there- all they can recall is that he's white and wears different shirts.
** Rhetta does meet Earl again AND finds out who he was later. Grace can't resist making a "touched by an angel" joke.
* LimitedWardrobe: Earl dresses about the same, EXCEPT for his different shirts that he gets while globe-trotting. Leon is in InstitutionalApparel, which accounts for Grace catching him in a lie that he told to Rhetta.
* {{Masquerade}}- subverted, Grace has definitely blabbed to folks about knowing an angel.
* MissingMom and DisappearedDad: Grace's sister and father died in the Oklahoma City bombing.
* MissionFromGod: Earl's job.
* ModestyBedsheet: never happens. Heck, Grace hardly ever has sex ''in bed.''
* MyGirlIsASlut: and HOW. Grace loves to boink and has waxed poetic about it to Earl. She prefers to boink Ham, but she was never at all exclusive about it.
* NearDeathExperience: Grace and Leon
* NoOneShouldSurviveThat: Grace and Neely's fall off the building in season 3. Obviously attributed to God.
* OffscreenTeleportation: despite the wings, Earl gets around like this. And somtimes he takes Grace or Leon along.
* OneDegreeOfSeparation: Leon starts to suspect something when Rhetta and Father Hanadarko come to visit him in prison. Earl says that he and Grace were entangled before Earl showed up.
** Not to mention that Leon's son Benjamin turns up as one of the Police Explorers and a friend of Clay's.
* OrWasItADream: Leon has a lot of these (especially the one where Grace kills him), thanks to Earl.
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: naturally. Earl is touchable, eats food, shops, gets tattoos, and chews. (And leaves chew bottles around for Grace to find.) His wings appear to have some kind of orgasmic effect. He has no DNA in his spit and he's a different kind of life form.
* PeerPressureMakesYouEvil: the explanation for why Clay [[CoveredInGunge threw a pie in a girl's face.]]
* PoliceBrutality: more like prison guard brutality, which is why Leon got a death sentence.
* PsychicPowers: Grace's aunt has them- precognition. She can't pick up that she's ''talking to an angel'', mind you, but she does get that some guy named "Earl" is going to be with Grace for the rest of her life.
* RaisedCatholic: Grace and a good chunk of the characters.
* [[spoiler:RapeAsBackstory: Grace and her deceased sister were both molested by the same priest.]]
* ScareEmStraight: Grace's niece gets dragged down to the morgue and forced to look at her best friend's corpse after the best friend OD's on a random pill. Not to mention Grace's hitting Leon with a car.
* SinisterMinister: why Grace isn't so fond of the Church = Father Patrick "Satan" Murphy the PedophilePriest.
* AStormIsComing: the tornado episode.
* WeNeedToGetProof: Rhetta collects forensic evidence of Earl's existence that Grace brings her (feathers, chew bottle, whittled duck, etc.) She also proves that the blood left on Grace's button belonged to Leon Cooley.
* WickedStepmother: Not exactly...Leon's ex-wife is remarrying, and her future husband wants to adopt Leon's son. The man in question isn't wicked, but Leon is massively offended and is all [[OtherStockPhrases "Over my dead body"]] about it when he says no.
* YourCheatingHeart: Ham is married and boinks Grace anyway.
* YourDaysAreNumbered: Leon [[spoiler:was executed in the second season finale]], Grace's aunt had two more months to live in season 1.