''Robson Arms'' (2005-2008) is a Canadian dramedy that aired for three seasons on Creator/{{CTV}}. The series is structured as an anthology with recurring characters, as the network thought this would appeal to a wider audience than a straight anthology. Each episode focuses on one or a small handful of [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters residents of the titular apartment building]], particularly their sex lives and other wacky hijinks.

!Provides examples of:

* {{Adorkable}}: Fred. When he isn't a {{Woobie}}. Also, appropriately enough, his wife Alicia.
* DistinguishingMark: How Bobbi realizes that [[spoiler:Bobby, Jr. is Yuri's son.]]
* GeekyTurnOn: Fred is first attracted to Alicia when he finds out she watches ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}''.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: Website/IMDb lists over 40 recurring characters, most of whom appear in 10 or fewer of the series' 39 episodes. Aside from the Troubadors (who appear in every episode but aren't characters, strictly speaking) and Yuri (who, as the apartment manager, has a bit part in most of the episodes that aren't about him), even the main characters only show up in a third to half of the episodes.
* MayDecemberRomance: Stanley and Geoff.
* {{Mood Whiplash}}: Being the Dramedy that it is, the settings and dialogues can constantly shift between Comedic and Dramatic.
* {{Narrator}}: The Troubadors.
* NobodyOver50IsGay: Averted with Stanley.
* NoNameGiven: The two musicians are credited as "The Tall Troubador" and "The Not As Tall Troubador."
* OneSteveLimit: Averted by the married couple Bobby and Bobbi.
* SnowballLie: Sault's lie about having cancer.
* YourCheatingHeart: Bobbi cheats on her husband when she believes he's having an affair. [[spoiler:Later, he actually does have one.]]