A [[PrivateDetective Private Eye]] TV show created by Creator/BlakeEdwards that ran from 195861, updating the HardboiledDetective ideals of the 1930s with 1950s notions of jazz cool. It featured the crime-solving skills of the title character (Craig Stevens), who got equal portions of help and hindrance from Lieutenant Jacoby. He hung out in a nightclub where his girlfriend was the singer; the owner often provided tips and clues to the crime.

Well executed, but mostly forgotten... except for the fact that Music/HenryMancini's theme music is legendary, and still popular today.

* ActionPrologue: The episode's crime to be solved would take place before the opening credits.
%% * BreakawayPopHit: No, really. The theme music hit #1 on the Billboard chart and stayed there for ten weeks, and the show's soundtrack [=LP=] received the ''first'' Album of the Year award when the Grammy Awards began. (To be fair, it was the late 1950's.)
%% ** A remake of the theme by the Art of Noise reached #2 on Billboard's Dance chart in 1986.
%% * ChannelHop: The show aired for two seasons on Creator/{{NBC}} before jumping to Creator/{{ABC}} for its third and final season.
%% * TheCharmer: Pete himself.
* {{Chiaroscuro}}: Unsurprisingly, as it was shot in black and white and rather Noir in style.
* CityWithNoName: It's never stated what city the series is set in, only that it has a waterfront.
%% * DetectiveDrama
%% * DramaticHalfHour
%% * FilmNoir
%% * FriendOnTheForce: In Lieutenant Jacoby.
%% * GlamorousWartimeSinger: Minus the war, but this is Pete's girlfriend, Edie Hart.
%% * GoodGuyBar: Nightclub, really. But same difference.
%% * InstrumentalThemeTune: With piano by Music/JohnWilliams.
* {{Leitmotif}}: The InstrumentalThemeTune becomes this for Bally's ''VideoGame/SpyHunter'' video game.
* TheMovie: ''Gunn'' (1967). There was also a made-for-TV movie made in 1989 as a pilot for a prospective {{revival}} series that didn't get picked up.
* MusicOfNote:
** The series was notable for its music. (Unusually for the time, every episode had original music written for it.)
** Reaches the point of CrowningMusicOfAwesome for the title theme, which has become one of the iconic themes of all time, up there with Mancini's other famous work ''Franchise/ThePinkPanther''.
* NoExportForYou: It didn't get sold to British television due to concerns over its violence. (That wouldn't be a problem today.)
%% * PrivateDetective: The titular Peter Gunn.