Series / Pawn Stars UK

It's like Pawn Stars, but in Britain...

Airing on the British version of The History Channel, Pawn Stars UK (2013-) focusses on Regal Pawn a pawn shop in Chester, run by Mark "Big Mark" Manning, Mark "Little Mark" Holland, Little Mark's son "Marco" (described as a skinny version of Chumlee by Rick Harrison and Big Mark's daughter Vicki. They also have an in-house expert by the name of Simon Pennyworth.

Regal Pawn (CH5 2HR, just off the A494 and just over the Welsh border) gets in a large variety of distinctly British items, which the team... you know the drill.

This show contains examples of:

  • Cool Car: An Aston Martin appears in one episode.
  • Cool Gun: While handguns are a no-no under British law (unless they've been deactivated), Regal Pawn still gets some interesting shotguns and rifles.
  • Name's the Same: Mark, Mark... and Marco.
  • Spin-Off: From Pawn Stars and launched in that show.
  • Take a Third Option: If the shop can't reach a deal to buy the object offered, they may agree to advertise it in return for a commission.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Marco.
  • We Buy Anything: Well, except for skeletons without supporting documentation.