A Canadian RealityTV series broadcast by Space ([[{{NetworkDecay/Slipped}} Yeah, they've changed a bit]]) that strives to have ordinary people face their greatest fears. Five contestants progress through a series of levels that invoke all manner of NightmareFuel (adding insult to injury, their studio is a building in Toronto that used to be a slaughterhouse), trying to be the last person standing. The first two levels usually involve progressing through a "course", followed by a more involved task for level 3, capped off with an endurance-based challenge. Of course, if anyone wishes to chicken out on their quest, they simply mash the BigRedButton on their suits.

And by the way, they don't even ''win'' anything.


* BigRedButton: The panic button.
* BuriedAlive: One contestant's final challenge was to be "trapped" in a coffin, joined by mealworms and even live rats.
* GameShowHost: Completely averted. The only voices you'll hear throughout an episode are TheAnnouncer (specifically Marilla Wex, who does the OpeningNarration, and is TheVoice in the facility), and the test subjects (either during their journey, or via the ConfessionCam)
* NoAnimalsWereHarmed: The humans probably were, however.
* ManipulativeEditing: It ''feels'' like the contestants shown in each episode are competing against each other in different areas at the same time, but they may just be separate (and tailored) runs edited together to look like it's a contest. Then again, it's not really a competition, it's more of a spiritual journey
* {{Squick}}: Deliberately invoked, because why not? One task involved taking jewelry and accessories off of ''carcasses in body bags''.