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Series: PARAN Oi A
Paranoia is a Fox Family Game Show that ran three times a week from April 14 to May 7, 2000, and was unique due to its allowing one in-studio contestant (on a fancy blue-screen set) to compete against others live via satellite, on the phone, or on the internet.

With a mathematical possibility of up to $1,500,000 as the top prize, the studio contestant tried to defend his bank (which began at $10,000) by answering 10 multiple-choice questions (hey, that's a little familiar). Correct answers kept the bank intact, while incorrect answers deducted $1,000. Additionally following every question, the studio contestant had to "challenge" one of the three contestants that were live via satellite to see if they answered correctly; if the chosen player had answered correctly, that's another $1,000 down the drain, or else no money was deducted and the remote player got a strike (two strikes eliminated the player). There were also forms of lifelines which could swap out a remote player or entirely eliminate them...for a fee.

Additionally, select players on the internet and phone lines were chosen per question to play for $50 from the "interactive jackpot" of $5,000 (and some interactive players would also be chosen at the end of the show to play for an eMachines computer in the same way), leftovers from this pot would also be added to the studio player's bank at the end of the game (if they make it that far) for the bonus round, where the contestant picked a bonus question from one of ten categories. Nine questions multiplied the winnings by 10 for a correct answer, while the remaining question multiplied it by 100.

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