Series / My Super Sweet Sixteen

My Super Sweet 16 is an MTV reality show about teenagers' sweet 16 birthday parties, where insanely rich teenagers cry, scream, swear, berate their parents and act as if the apocalypse has begun because they didn't want to get their $65,000 Lexus now, they wanted to get it slightly later. One commentator has remarked that it is almost certainly a portent of the complete collapse of our civilization, and excerpts have been used in North Korean propaganda videos about the decadence of the West.

On a happier note, this show has spawned some decent spinoffs. The first is My Super Psycho Sweet 16, a series of made-for-TV slasher movies in which the little twerps get what's coming to them, and Exiled, another reality show in which the parents of former Sweet 16 stars, fed up with their kids' behavior, send them off overseas so that they can find out what it's really like to suffer.

Tropes related to the show: