[[{{Britcom}} British Sitcom]] about a MayDecemberRomance between Zoe Angell, a 26 year old P.E. teacher, and 53 year old widower solicitor named Alec Callendar. Zoe meets Alec when he handles her divorce and the two start a relationship, to the chagrin of Alec's prudish, busybody daughter Simone. Alec's son Jamie, who works at his father's firm, is more laid back about the idea. Zoe's family isn't very excited about the idea in the beginning, and try to set her up with younger men. Other members of the cast include Hilary, the ditzy secretary, and Ms. Flood, Hilary's prim, long-suffering counterpart.

!!May To December contains examples of the following tropes:

* BritishBrevity: The show ran for 6 seasons, but only produced 39 episodes in that time.
* TheDitz: Hillary
* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: All of the show's episode titles are named after popular songs.
* ImagineSpot: Alec occasionally fantasises about being Franchise/PerryMason.
* MayDecemberRomance: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Duh.]]
* UglyGuyHotWife: Zoe is young and beautiful, while Alec is middle aged, bald and rather pudgy with coke-bottle glasses.