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Series: Master Chef
Cooking doesn't get tougher than this!

A cooking themed reality show that has different formats in different countries. In Britain (1990—2001, 2005—), three to six people compete per episode and one of them goes through to the next round at the end. In Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, and South Africa, the format is a standard Reality Television show, with people leaving each episode and the contestants being whittled down to one over time.

This show contains examples of:

  • Adorably Precocious Child: Some of the MasterChef Junior contestants can be this.
  • Adorkable:
    • US season 4's Bri and season 5's Jaimee, with their simpler style of clothing, glasses and amiable attitudes.
    • Gordon Ramsay, during the season 3 auditions, upon learning that a lady named Pauline is from Glasgow, his own hometown.
    • Jorge, the Molecular Biology Doctor from the Spanish version S2. His courgette chaperonines will always be remembered.
    • The fifth season has Scottish Francis.
  • Alpha Bitch: Natasha is set up this way at first in US season four, but while she continues to be haughty and occasionally mean to her competitors, the general tendency of many of that season's contestants towards Jerk Ass behavior leads to her never really achieving this status and she is overshadowed in the "villain" role by her initial rival Krissi.
    • Courtney in season five. Astrid and Ahran were initially being set up this way, but the former crashed and burned early on, while the latter's repeated apologies and acceptance of her mistakes got her out of it.
  • Americans Hate Tingle: An in-universe example with regard to Molecular Gastronomy, which is a part of the show in nearly every version — except for the US version, where Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich have made no secret of their disdain for the technique, saying that they don't consider it "real" cooking and that it encourages chefs to show off rather than focusing on making something which tastes good.
  • Aroused by Their Voice: Everyone with a pulse after hearing the youngest judge of the Spanish version, Jordi Cruz, talking for the first time. His amazing baritone voice only helps to enhance his other appealing physical attributes, so much that nowadays is the not-so-unofficial Mr. Fanservice of the programme — (Shirtless Scene included).
  • Awesome McCoolname: Season 3's Monti Carlo.
    • Monti's son's name is Danger.
      Monti: "He'll thank me for it in college."
    • The first season of MasterChef Junior has Jewels Gold.
    • Season 5 has Joshua "Cutter" Brewer.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: In the first episode of MasterChef Junior, ten-year-old Gavin explained to the judges how he learned to make tortellini from scratch — he had it at a cafe and decided he could make it just as well at home. So he did.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment: "I have one big complaint about your dish... I can't stop eating it!" shows up a few times.
    • Or a comment along this line: "I'm sorry but (beat) you won't be going home for a while. Come up here and get your apron!'
    • Conversely, the first episode of the third US season had this little exchange:
    Gordon: Congratulations...
    Gordon: ...on cooking the worst dish I've ever tasted.
    • In season three to Felix when she's one of the bottom two: "It's time to say good-bye... to Scott."
    • Also in season 3, Josh was the captain of a team of seven that lost the earlier challenge. The judges decided that three people performed well enough in the challenge to be deemed safe and would not need to cook in the elimination challenge. After choosing two, Gordon Ramsay turned to Josh, and said, "The person I'm saving... Josh... it's not you." Josh's reaction was just priceless.
    • In season 4, Gordon was choosing one person of three to save from a pressure test. He says "Lynn..." and as Lynn starts moving forward to go upstairs, Gordon proceeds to reprimand him for sweating on plates (and even wiping the plates with the same towel he used to soak up the sweat from his forehead) during the team challenge, tells him to get back in line, and says who he's actually saving.
    • Season 4 also had an elimination challenge involving cooked chicken breasts. Gordon says "And the person who will be leaving Master Chef tonight is... Bri", and the he continues with "It's not you, head upstairs."
    • Also in Season 4, an elimination challenge has come down to Jessi and Bri. Gordon tells Jessi, "Take off your apron, and say goodbye." Jessi, on the verge of tears, takes her apron off, and then Gordon says, "Because you won't be seeing Bri again."
    • A notorious one from the Australian version (season 2): Matt Preston, having tasted a weird dish, states "That is disgusting!" He lets the plate fall to the floor and shatter. ...before adding "Disgustingly good" and claiming he destroyed the plate so that no one else could taste it.
    • US season 5 has Gordon use the exact same line he used on season 3's Josh for declaring the safe team in the surf-and-turf challenge. "The team that is safe from that dreaded pressure test is... Christian and Francis B... it's not you."
  • Batman Gambit:
    • In Season 4, Eddie used his Mystery Box advantage to deliberately give Jordan the high-quality fresh wild mushrooms, rightly expecting him to get cocky and overwork them. Gordon even referred to it as a "precision strike", and Jordan only stayed that episode because Bethy added way too much sesame oil to her mushrooms and got eliminated.
    • Later that season, Jessie wanted to set up an all-female final with Natasha and picked Kobe beef as her ingredient, hoping that Natasha would pick Grana Padano cheese, leaving Luca with crab, which he wasn't too hot at cooking. However, this backfired when Luca pulled his own Batman Gambit and said that even as an Italian he wouldn't want to work with the cheese (which, of course, he actually did). Natasha then decided that rather than sitting around and being played by the other two, she'd just pick the ingredient she personally wanted — the crab. Jessie subsequently got eliminated that episode, though not for reasons directly related to her failed gambit, oddly enough.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: In Season 4, Bri has shown to be one of the nicer contestants overall, until loud, confrontational Krissi finally gets on Bri's last nerve, and the mousy, bespectacled vegetarian shows her inner badass when she delivers an epic verbal smackdown to Krissi.
  • Berserk Button: Serving the judges raw food is pretty much a one way ticket to elimination. Justified considering that the worst case scenario for this happening in the real world is someone getting severely ill and/or dying.
    • We have seen in the US version that contestants who are safe from pressure tests will try to help others in them by offering suggestions, reminding them when they have something cooking for certain periods of time or if they forgot an ingredient, but the judges in MasterChef Argentina really, really don't like it when safe contestants try to help out those participating in pressure tests.
    • Do NOT insult the palates of the three judge's mothers. When Giuseppe, the Red Team captain in a second season episode implied that they lost because of different "tastes" (as the judges were Gordon, Graham and Joe's mothers) Gordon exploded at him. No one insults his mother like that. It was probably only the fact that Giuseppe spoke English as a second language and possibly chose his words poorly that prevented him from being tossed off the show there and then.
  • Body Sushi: In the second season of the US version, a contestant attempts to impress the judges by serving the nyotaimori variety of this in the auditions. It doesn't work.
  • Bowties Are Cool: Logan from the second season of MasterChef Junior wears a bowtie in every episode except the finale, where he and his opponent wear chef's jackets.
  • Brutal Honesty: Gordon and Joe will verbally tear a contestant apart when their dish is horrible or raw. Joe takes it a step further by throwing really horrible tasting dishes in the trash, right in front of their cooks.
  • Character Development: In the U.S.A. version during Season 5, Ahran and Leslie spent several episodes in a rather immature feud with each other. But after being forced to work together (thanks to Courtney) in episode 7, they both worked incredibly well as a team. They listened to each other's ideas, didn't bicker even once, and even hugged each other after their dish was praised by the judges. Ahran later admitted she'd love to work with Leslie again. Come the next Team Challenge, where Ahran was a captain due to her performance in the previous challenge, she made good on her words.
  • Character Tic: Many times, when US judge Graham Elliot takes a bite of something, he'll shift his eyes upwards to the left when he starts chewing.
    • Joe Bastianich always scrapes his teeth on forks when he takes a bite.
    • A not often seen tic from Gordon Ramsay is he will unexpectedly chuckle whenever he tastes a dish that he expects to be a mess and yet it ends up being delicious, such as season 3's Monti's scotch eggs breaded with canned crab meat and season 5's Francis Legge's donuts with prosciutto, stout, and maple syrup.
  • Catch Phrase:
    • In the US version:
      • Gordon Ramsay: "We have here the most amazing (foodstuff)!" In fact, he can actually count as catchwords, as he always uses the words "amazing", "beautiful", "delicious" and "stunning" when talking about food. And not just about food:
      Gordon: "...a delicious... sausage-maker!"
      • When teams are chosen schoolyard style, at least half of the names called will be followed by Gordon saying "wow."
      • If a dish is served with an exceptionally good presentation, Gordon will very likely say "Visually, it's got that wow factor".
      • Joe Bastianich: Whenever confronted with a moderate-to-bad mistake, he usually tells the contestant "That's a very severe technical error". When a contestant really screws up, he tells them "Thanks for nothing," usually on the back of a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
      • Graham Elliot: "I wish I could think of something positive to say about this."
      • Graham lampshaded Gordon's catchphrase in one of the first cooking challenges of Season 4 in which the Mystery Box had four very simple ingredients.
      Graham: "And we have the most amazing single potato!"
      • Graham: [something endorsing Wal-Mart]
      • And used by all three judges, "the dreaded Pressure Test."
    • In Masterchef Australia: "For one of you, the dream is about to end."
    • In the UK: "Cooking doesn't get tougher than this!" and "They're/You're fighting for their/your Masterchef lives!"
  • Cooking Duel: Happens in the British and Australian versions.
  • Cooks Cannot Do Math: Daniel in season 5 of the US version gets some fun poked at him when he's asked to produce 12 donuts and instead makes 16, and explains that he want to art school.
  • Cool Teacher: Rodrigo from the chilean version.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Played with with Bri the vegetarian from US season 4. She cooks amazing vegetarian dishes but can also cook meat dishes. However, she doesn't taste the meat she cooks and she usually has trouble cooking meat so its no wonder some of her worst dishes were meat dishes.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Fortune in the SA version.
  • Deaf Composer: Or rather, blind chef Christine in the North American version.
  • Death by Irony: Not a literal death, of course, but upon Josh's first elimination, he declared that Christine would go on to win the whole competition. Afterwards, he earned his way back into the competition, making it to the finals ... where, indeed, he lost to Christine.
  • Death Glare: Season 4's Natasha's default expression. Almost every time she was seen onscreen, she looked like she was plotting a horrible demise for somebody. Krissi herself had a lot of these, too.
    • Judges Gordon and Joe can also be very good at this when contestants infuriate them in any way, be it with horrible food, disregard for cleanliness while cooking or serving, or having a bad attitude when the judges are sampling dishes.
    • Season 5's Cutter was shooting these at both Dan and Courtney after the fiasco that was the team composed by himself and Dan, a team put together by Courtney herself.
  • Determinator: Khaya is pregnant but continues to outclass all of her fellow contestants in the SA version.
    • US season 3's Christine, who is unable to see how things are cooking and how her plating looks, unless she asks her aide, Cindy, how things look. She nevertheless constantly puts up tasty dishes, many with nice presentations, and has even put up good dishes baked from an oven, in which she can't taste her dish while it bakes.
    • In the chilean version most contestants are still working at their regular jobs. For Ignacio, who is a garbage collector, works at nights so he almost doesn't sleep when he is cooking for the show. He also took the trope up to eleven when he went in a wheelchair with a broken leg. And he is the most probable winner and the only one who already has an offer to cook in one of the judge's restaurants.
    • US Junior season 2's Abby, during a challenge where they had to cook a restaurant worthy dish, and she can only use two ingredients to do it. She never lets that deter her and she pushes on, managing to have one of the two best dishes of the night.
  • Disability Superpower:
    • The Judges noted that Christine has an amazing palate due to her blindness; culinary school students would often be blindfolded during a taste-testing assignment to better allow them to understand the flavours of various foods and spices. Christine, being actually blind, has all of this heightened, allowing her to make minute adjustments to the taste of her dish on the fly because of this sensitivity. As expected, during the course of the season Christine did not fail to deliver.
    • Christine, again, in the offal challenge. Knowing how offal looks, being blind is certainly an advantage.
  • Disappointed In You: In the American version of Junior, the judges say this when the semifinalists fail to produce a perfectly soft-boiled egg.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: The main reason Vicky, from the Spanish version S2, will be remembered. Because "I can't cook with a hot guy in front of me". Because "Is he hot?" is probably her catchphrase. But mostly because of her hilarious teenager-like reactions to one of the judges (doe-eyes, giggling, blushing, babbling, almost burning food to a crisp,...). Obviously, everyone and their cat can see (and laugh about) it... even the jury himself. Yeah, watching Masterchef Spain is almost like watching a flipping soap-opera.
  • Dojikko: Monti in US season 3. Her firetruck-red lipstick and meganekko look do not hurt at all.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Judge Andrew Ratkinson in the SA version.
    • And judge Alvin Leung from the Canada version. He is loud, strict, demanding and will get in contestants' faces if they produce crap food. That being said, he is very supportive towards contestants who do well and will never fail to give high praise to a good dish.
  • Endangered Soufflé: In the semi-finals of one version, the contestants had to make a chocolate soufflé. Whitney, the eventual winner had a case of both Carrying A Cake and Endangered Soufflé as she had to hurry and present the soufflé to the judges as the soufflé slowly sank.
    • In the US version one pressure test was to make a soufflé. In a subversion, all the soufflés were deemed so good that nobody was eliminated that episode.
    • Taken up to eleven in the third season of the US show. All three of the soufflés were properly risen on each side, even though the judges thought the task may have been too difficult to do in an hour.
  • Epic Fail:
    • In the second pressure test of Season 3 US, the goal was to make a molten lava cake. With time running out, Tali had presented a cake that looked okay, but was apparently a little bland and undercooked, while Anna and Josh had both presented excellent cakes. The one remaining contestant, Ryan brought up his plate literally as time ran out... and served up a disintegrated pile of mush that Graham described as "diarrhea on a plate." Turning this into a full-blown Humiliation Conga, rather than just announcing that Ryan was eliminated, the judges made him admit he had the worst cake and hand over his apron of his own accord.
    • In episode 6 of the US Season 3, the elimination challenge involved using either canned crab or fresh crab, with who gets what being decided by Ryan (as he had won the mystery box challenge). He gave everyone he wanted to stay a fresh crab, gave everyone he disliked canned, and made an exception for Christine as he was hoping a live animal would "trip her up". Not only did his plan backfire spectacularly (Christine and Monti, the two he was specifically aiming for, both delivered impressive dishes, with Christine winning and Monti surprising Gordon with the taste) but among the four singled out for elimination, three of them got fresh crab. The judges all voiced their disappointment and specifically singled out Tali, as Ryan had given him the fresh crab to ensure he stayed in the competition, and he somehow managed to bungle it up so bad even Graham was making jokes at his expense.
    • In episode 7 of Season 5, fourteen of the fifteen contestants were paired up in teams of two to make a surf-and-turf dish. One of the teams was composed of Cutter and Dan, and to say that they fit this trope would be an understatement. From the very beginning, they couldn't agree on a plate, with Dan insisting on using ingredients that would shine in individual plates and Cutter arguing about it, trying to convince Dan that both proteins and the other components of the plate needed to fully combine into one cohesive dish. This led to them wasting their five minutes in the pantry and barely grabbing any ingredients at all. It all went further downhill from there, both of them working separately and with palpable animosity with their meager ingredients and producing a terrible dish that, had it been an elimination challenge, would have easily sent either or both home.
    • Later in that season, Daniel somehow managed to produce a poached egg with no yolk in the first segment of a multi-part pressure test.
    • In episode 10 of MasterChef Argentina, two teams must cook for one hundred little children. The challenge required them to cook a vegetable soup as an appetizer and serve it while other members of each team would continue cooking a pasta dish as an entree. The blue team left behind three members who worked through the pasta smoothly, whereas the red team left behind just two members, Laura and Mohamed, who completely tore everything down. Mohamed was too indecisive, while Laura kept insisting that they had to wait to cook the pasta, all while she tried making vegetarian meatballs in a size too big, which would take too long to cook portions for 100 children. By the time the other members returned, things were too far behind to salvage, and when teams had to serve the entrees, the blue team was on the right track, but the red team had nothing ready, and the judges promptly disqualified them on the spot, assuring they'd all go directly to the pressure test.
  • Fat Bastard: Averted by Graham Elliot in the US version; despite probably weighing as much as Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich combined during the first four seasons, he's easily the nicest of the three judges. As of Season 5, he's no longer even fat either.
  • Fingore: Season four's Jessie cut off the tip of her finger with a mandoline in an excruciating sequence featuring spurting blood, and Gordon retrieving said tip, stuck in the blade of the mandoline, with a knife. It's pretty much the worst thing you'll ever see.
  • Food Porn: Kinda goes without saying, really.
  • Foreign Queasine: In the second US season, Christian won the first Mystery Box challenge and got to set the theme for the next challenge, which was based around one of three European cuisines. Joe Bastianich revealed the first choice of Spanish cuisine, Graham Elliot revealed the second choice of French cuisine, and then Gordon Ramsay revealed the third and final choice of... British cuisine. Despite his attempts to talk it up, Christian and the other two judges couldn't stop laughing. A little later, after discovering that he didn't actually have to take part in the challenge himself, Christian said that he wished he had chosen British cuisine, just to witness the epic clusterfuck that would have resulted among the other contestants.
    • Similarly, in the third season the chefs were assigned one of three desserts, namely American Strawberry Shortcake, Italian Tiramisu, or British Trifle, for an elimination challenge. The chefs with Strawberry Shortcake and Tiramisu all appeared fairly confident, while the reaction of the chefs who got the trifle could basically be summed up as "What the fuck is this shit?" — though in the end, Stacey's trifle actually ended up being the best dessert, and Monti's was also praised.
    • The fourth season created an entire Mystery Box based on this: the Box contained a variety of bizarre ingredients from around the world, all with labels in their own languages which none of the contestants could read. Some contestants found things they recognized (Bime), some found familiar-looking foods and cooked simple "safe" foods with that (most contestants used the purple yam and/or the flank steak), some experimented to varying degrees of success (Jordan), and some were, understandably, hopelessly lost.
      Krissi: *spitting* I think I just ate some nasty Chinese pubic hair! (dried seaweed)
    • A Scottish lady named Pauline auditioned in the third season, with a dish containing haggis. While Gordon and Graham enjoyed her dish, Joe hated it.
  • From the Mouths of Babes: The US version of Junior already has a few examples in its first episode.
    • One episode of US Season Four had the Judges bring their children in as guest-stars. Gordon's son immediately began trying to hit on the female contestants.
  • Full-Name Basis: A Running Gag on the US version is that if a chef introduces themselves by their full name when they first meet the three judges, they will continue to be referred to by their full name for the duration of their time on the show.
  • Generation Xerox: Played for laughs in one episode when the Judges' kids show up to help them with a challenge, and they're all dressed as miniature versions of their fathers. The resemblance is quite striking.
  • Genre Blind: In the Reality Television US version of the show, many contestants fail to realize that many of the usual genre tropes are not applicable. The standard "I am not here to make friends" behavior is just going to make you look bad in front of the judges. Not that some haven't done it anyway.
    • Nobody ever seems to prepare for the Food Science/Molecular Gastronomy challenge despite it being in almost every single version of the show.
    • Pretty much every single contestant that goes into the show without bothering to practice making desserts.
  • Genre Savvy: Some of the US MasterChef Junior contestants were definitely relieved Gordon didn't really yell at them as much as he does with the adults, having watched his other shows before.
    • Contestants can show this when dealing with items they have never cooked before, by studying and testing it before they decide to compose a full dish.
      • US season 1's Sheetal did so in a mystery box challenge highlighting venison. Having never cooked with it before, Sheetal decided to take a small portion and test it on the pan while she worked on other components, to see how long it would take to overcook, then she could properly cook a fuller portion and time it with the rest of her components to plate on time. She ended up winning that mystery box challenge with a perfect venison.
      • Season 5's Cutter also showed this in a challenge where they had to make caramelle pasta (a stuffed pasta shaped like a wrapped candy), where inside the pantry, while other contestants gathered ingredients, Cutter spent some time intricately studying the sample of the pasta made available to them before he went about choosing anything, and ended up making a dish that the judges praised.
      • Season 3's Monti displayed this in a fish challenge, both filleting and cooking it, where she was assigned John Dory, a fish she had never even seen before. The judges noted through the challenge that she seemed to be working very slowly, but Monti was actually taking her time to get the feel of the fish to make sure she would fillet it properly, knowing that fish cooks rather quickly. This proved to pay off, as ultimately she produced a fabulous and tasty dish, and was declared as one of the top two in the challenge.
    • The mystery box challenges are designed to help contestants shine by displaying their skills and knowledge, but also to make them fail if they try to take on too much, so some contestants exemplify this trope by taking on as few ingredients as possible and focusing on really perfecting the dish to make it great and make the few ingredients they chose truly shine.
      • US season 5's Ahran did this during the 52 tin cans mystery box, where rather than open and use a lot, she used just one single can (fruit cocktail) to make a sponge cake so well prepared and tasty that it put her in the top 3 of the challenge. And though she didn't win, Joe called her the smartest contestant in that challenge.
      • Season 3's Christine also showed this during the offal challenge, taking only some sweetbreads, then simply coating them in panko, deep-frying them and serving them with bok choy and a dipping sauce, getting her into the top 3 over more complex dishes.
  • Gosh Darn It to Heck!: Gordon Ramsay, who is often a Cluster F-Bomb waiting to happen, has to come up with creative alternatives for MasterChef Junior. He does let one slip when the kids are challenged to whip cream into stiff peaks and hold it over the judges' headsnote  and he gets covered in halfwhipped cream as a result.
  • Gratuitous Italian: Seen occasionally in Season 4 when Italian contestant Luca talks to Joe. It may or may not be subtitled.
  • Hair Decorations: Dara's Hello Kitty bow headband was so noticeable Gordon tried it on.
  • Handicapped Badass:
    • Christine, the blind chef in season 3, still manages to make delicious and beautiful looking (to the point Ramsay once asked if she was really blind) food quite a few times. Other contestants have stated that she has an amazing palate and that makes her a strong contender, and when finding themselves eliminated, four contestants declared she would be the winner — which she eventually was.
    • In a different way, Jaimee from season 5. For perspective, Christine started having eyesight problems in her late teens, and lost her vision altogether around 4-5 years before appearing on the show. Jaimee started having major issues with her speech and movement days before the season started, and didn't even get a diagnosis on her condition until months after filming ended. Just competing on the show at all in the face of her disorder qualifies her as this, and the fact that she got through to the final six cements it.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Rodrigo, who was one of the most probable to win the chilean version, resigned from the show to save Daniela who was eliminated. He also claimed that he wanted to focus on his career as a teacher.
  • History Repeats:
    • US Season 3: In the episode down to the final six, eight previously banished contestants come back, and one of those come back to join the final seven. The end result was Josh against Ryan in a dessert challenge. Josh beat Ryan in a dessert resulting in the latter kicked out before. He does it again with a fruit tart, as the final six were blind taste judges and Josh won in a landslide.
    • US Season 4: Natasha and Bri go head-to-head as captains for the Top 8 team challenge, which eventually results in the latter's team's lose and later elimination in the pressure challenge afterward. Bri is eventually brought back with the "redemption" challenge. Two episodes later, in the Top 6 team challenge, Natasha and Bri are once again competing captains, and once again, Bri's team loses and Bri gets eliminated by the pressure challenge.
  • Honor Before Reason: Frank from season 3 of the U.S version passed the chance of being excluded from cooking in a pressure test and gave the chance to his team mate Felix, who refused and passed the chance to Scott, who also refused. Stacy ended up taking the chance, but she was in tears and admitted that she feels bad for taking the pass.
    • In the 8th episode of U.S. season 5, Willie was the blue team captain in a challenge where the contestants had to work the line at a popular diner in L.A., and his team (narrowly) lost. He was then given a choice for the pressure test: either he could save himself, and let all six of his teammates compete, or he could elect to compete, and save three of his teammates. He chose the latter option (ultimately saving Daniel, Francis L, and Victoria), saying that he was a man of integrity and he felt responsible for the team's loss. Considering how Willie had presented himself up to that point in the competition, it wasn't surprising that he made this decision.
      • In the very next episode, Willie created a very disappointing dish using ingredients selected by Joe (tomato soup with an egg and flatbread), that Ramsay stated was a one out of ten. However, Cutter brought up a small, terrible "artisan" pizza, while Elise served a tiny, bland ravioli that she openly admitted was terrible, and after tasting everyone's dishes, the judges, rather than select the bottom three dishes, told the contestants who made the two worst dishes to raise their hand. It was obvious they were implying Cutter and Elise, and they both raised their did Willie. Gordon repeated the worst two, and Willie kept his hand raised, while Cutter put his down. The judges eventually had to tell Willie that he was safe.
    • In the 6th episode of MasterChef Argentina, contestants were divided into two teams to cater for a wedding. An unexpected change of schedule put them far behind when it came to the main dish, to the point that two of the judges had to jump in and create dishes of their own so the guests would get to eat without too big a delay. Based on early dishes and teamwork in general, the red team won. Juan, the captain of the blue team, was given the choice to save himself or a member of his team from the pressure test, and he chose teammate Pablo. And then the judges pull off the twist, noting that teams needed the judges' help in completing the challenge, so they tell the captain of the winning team, Natalie, that she had to put a member of her team into the pressure test. Natalie said her team performed admirably, and then promptly put herself into the pressure test, which one of the judges mentioned was what a true Master Chef would do.
    • In Season 2 of the US edition, Jennifer won the mystery box challenge and got to select the item everyone got to cook with. When revealed that each of them gets 500 dollars worth of Black Truffle to work with, Jennifer was presented with her second "advantage"; to save herself from elimination in exchange for not being able to participate in cooking. In the context of the contest there was absolutely nothing to gain from staying. However Jennifer chose to stay as no true chef would turn down the chance to work with actual Truffle.
    • In season 3, Monti ended up as team captain in a challenge to cook for 101 cowboys and cowgirls, with her team consisting of herself, Josh, Felix and Becky (not her choices, as the judges decided to switch the teams that the captains picked). Her team ended up losing the challenge, and before the pressure test, the judges ask the four team members to decide between themselves which one of them would be saved and not have to take part in the pressure test. Josh, Felix and Becky all used their vote to save themselves, but Monti felt that, as team captain, she was responsible for the team's loss and she would take on the pressure test, so since only her vote would count, she chose to save Felix.
  • Hypocrite:
    • Season 4's Krissi; after the first team challenge, Jordan, captain of the losing team, was told to save three people, and he could choose to save himself, which he did, and teammate Krissi openly called it "a bitch move". After the third team challenge, the losing team being led by Krissi and including Jordan, Krissi was told she could pick and choose which teammates would compete in the pressure test. She chose Jordan as one of the competitors, and saved herself. Jordan IMMEDIATELY called her out on it.
    • Later in the competition, Krissi talks trash about Bri when Bri gives a name to one of her dishes (a dish which got her the win in that particular challenge). Move on to another challenge, and Krissi gives one of her dishes a name too.
    • Surprisingly, Season 3's Frank ended up doing this. The first time he was up for a pressure test and could save any member of his team, he chose not to save himself. Come the second time, where he was under the impression that he didn't actually have the choice (the judges simply asked him who he thinks should be spared) he chose someone else. When informed that he did in fact have the choice of saving himself, he folded and left the others to their fate. This ended up being taken badly by everyone involved, as the first time it happened there was a considerable amount of people, so it was much less likely for Frank to screw himself over. This time, he would fight against only one other person, which it was very likely he would be kicked out. Unlike other examples, Frank was clearly unhappy with his choice and knew it was a bad move.
  • Informed Ability: While season 4's Lynn was by all means a great cook and had some of the best plating skills in the competition, the way his competition constantly raved about how big of a threat he was and how he was probably going to win it all left some viewers feeling he was overrated, as while he had some moments where he truly shone he generally performed as a middle-of-the-pack to slightly-above-average competitor in individual challenges. Thus, the informed part is not his ability to cook but how better he was than the rest of the cast.
  • In-Series Nickname: Alexander "Big Al" Weiss in MasterChef Junior. "Big Willie" for Willie and "Scottish Francis" for Francis L. in Season 5.
  • Inspirationally Disadvantaged:
    • Christine from the third US season was almost totally blind, yet still managed to finish at or near the top in virtually every challenge, and eventually won the competition. Gordon Ramsay has said that, as of the show's fifth season, he still considers her to be that version's best-ever contestant by quite some distance.
    • Subverted by Jaimee from the fifth US season. From the earliest weeks it was obvious that she had some kind of disorder, as her movements tend to be jerky and erratic, and she often has trouble speaking. However, as her specific condition hadn't actually been diagnosed at the time of filming, it wasn't mentioned on the show. While the season was broadcasting she confirmed that she had been diagnosed with dystonia.
  • Jerk Ass: Many in the US version.
    • David could be this in season 1 or Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Sharone could be this at times too.
    • Max in season 2 and also Christian who do not treat his competitors or the judges with any respect. Suzy as well was quite the mean one herself, and at times so was Christine.
    • Season 3's Tali and Ryan are both smug and have an irrational hatred towards some contestants (David and Monti), but Ryan takes the jerkass flavored cake with inappropriate comments that he does not feel sorry for saying. Becky, meanwhile, takes more of a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing approach, acting sweet towards the judges while smugly condenscending the other chefs, and Josh was also prone of trash-talking, also having quite the bad attitude pretty much every time he fell into the bottom and had to compete in a pressure test.
    • Season 4's Natasha wastes no time in coming out as a mean-spirited trash talker right from the start. She immediately shows disdain for Kathy and especially Krissi and makes rude remarks about their efforts, and later verbally attacks Beth to the point of making her cry. Krissi herself can dish the trash talk and foul language towards other contestants pretty good herself, while Jordan is more like season 3's Becky, being a nice guy in front of others while talking crap about them behind their backs. James also tended to take the same approach as Jordan of being nice to people and trash talk behind their backs, and was genuinely annoyed at Luca for clapping when Bime was brought back for a chance to get back in the competition.
      • It should be noted that Natasha only started showing disdain for Kathy after Kathy tried calling her out during a challenge when she should have been focusing on her cooking. Additionally, Beth was already starting to cry before Natasha verbally attacked her, and Natasha only did it because Beth insulted her cooking. In Natasha's own words, that's something you should never do to anyone in the competition, and something she wouldn't have ever said to Beth before that point.
      • However, during that challenge, Beth tried to point out flaws in Natasha's cauliflower puree, and Natasha shut Beth out and constantly refused to listen to her. It turned out that the puree was indeed a big failure and nobody liked it, something even Joe Bastianich mentioned. It is when the team is discussing what caused them to lose that Beth points out the puree being disgusting, and Natasha proceeds to go berserk.
    • Krissi of Season 4 eventually cements herself as, easily, the biggest Jerkass in the show's history. She loudly and proudly argues with everyone and proclaims how she hates some of them, and after Kathy's elimination (Kathy and Sasha being her only friends), she admits that she pretty much hates them all and wastes no chance to talk smack on everyone she can. It eventually shows the most with her irrational hatred of Bime and her utter glee at his mistake during the citrus meringue pie pressure test that gets him eliminated. She spends the whole thing cackling, gloating at the camera about how her "plan" to get Bime eliminated worked, and even when Natasha comments how hard the whole thing is to watch, Krissi comments that it isn't hard to watch for her. What makes it even worse was he actually helped her team out for the team challenge more than everyone else. Further along, she continues to ignore her faults, becoming increasingly confrontational and louder, and it's gotten to the point where the other contestants are becoming more open on how much they dislike her.
      • Eventually she had gotten so bad that she did things such as fling sauce with a spoon to other contestants who were arguing with her during a pressure test, and she walked out on Jessie during a team challenge after they argued, returning only when there was barely any time left to do anything.
    • Season 5's Leslie, who is arrogant, loud, argumentative, has shown to be incredibly petty (such as his choices of three people who would take a pressure test, which he chose due to dislikes and grudges) and comes across as rather immature despite being the oldest contestant at age 56. It seems telling that several contestants have openly shown a dislike for him during the competition, very much like with the previously mentioned Krissi — and while Krissi's ex-competitors have said that a lot of her drama was exaggerated for the show, Leslie has shown the exact same behaviour on Twitter (re-tweeting comments from people hating on the other contestants) as in the show, and his co-competitors have said that he comes across as a self-obsessed jerk in real life. In episode two, when Elizabeth was asked who would mess up and pointed out Leslie (saying he talked too much and was too abrasive), he started snarling at her that he'd worked hard to get where he was. Viewers promptly pointed out that he'd married a rich woman and was a stay-at-home dad who was interviewed while sunning himself on their yacht. Whoops.
      • A prime example of this is in episode 5, when, after his team lost (due to him abandoning his post as captain), he started whining that "I'm sorry I wasn't the leader you guys wanted!" and tried to blame the other contestants, even though Gordon himself said Leslie was the worst leader he'd ever seen on the show. He was also incredibly condescending to Ahran (to the point when Christine had to physically pull him away from screaming in her face and tell him to leave her alone), and his nominations for the pressure test were Christian for deciding on the menu (which Leslie should have as captain), Daniel for suggesting Francis B take charge and also because Leslie didn't like that Daniel didn't save him last time, and Ahran for daring to speak against him. After the episode aired, he began retweeting nasty comments about Ahran on Twitter until someone told him to act his age and stop. Ahran, on the other hand, posted an apology regarding the matter, but ended up receiving so much hate (including death threats and threats of sexual violence) from Leslie's fans that she was forced to temporarily close all her social media accounts. In a later episode (diner challenge), he managed to completely destroy his toast and eggs, then proceeded to blame Daniel for "not offering to help" and got into fights with both him and Cutter (who told Leslie he needed to "shut up and cook", and to accept his mistakes). To top it off, he again started re-tweeting people insulting the other chefs and calling them names.
    • A lot of season 5 viewers also seem to dislike "aerial entertainer" Courtney, likely due to her ever-present stripper heels, alarmingly obvious narcissism, and endless supply of overweening cockiness. The most notable example was episode 12, when her team lost the challenge and faced the pressure test, and she was given the choice to save anyone on her team, including herself. She did outright say in a past episode (when Willie was in a similar situation) that she would save herself, but she managed to basically give the finger to her teammates by saying "the reason we did so well was because we had such good leadership", and saved herself because she was so proud of herself.
    • Season 5's Ahran started off as one due to having a bad temper combined with a very short fuse, but ended up averting it after a couple of episodes after she buried the hatchet with Leslie and mellowed out.
    • A non-US example, we have Gonzalo, from the second season of the Spain version. He spent all his time on the show insulting his fellow competitors and picking fights with them and sometimes even with the judges (mainly with Jordi). He constantly whined and complained, and at one point he refused to take part in a task for a team challenge (this after having won the mystery box challenge) and promptly decided to quit the competition, to the astonishment of the judges and viewers, but noticeably, to the delight of the other contestants.
  • Jerkass Has a Point:
    • After being criticized for trying to turn the ravioli dish that all the cooks were expected to prepare into an Italian-Mexican fusion dish, US Season 4 contestant Howard openly asked what the point of the challenge was if all the contestants were expected to cook the same thing. This caused Joe to launch into a hell of a "The Reason You Suck" Speech in which he basically accused Howard of being a talentless idiot who was wasting his time trying to make it in the culinary world, and that he should go back to his day job. While the smarmy, petulant way in which Howard phrased his question left him wide open to that attack, many fans pointed out that the judges do tend to chew contestants out for producing dishes that don't fit their very specific criteria.
    • Leslie in U.S. season 5, episode 8. Before everyone was called in to see the results of the pressure test, Leslie stated that he was trying not to say anything to piss anybody off, to which Daniel replied "When are you gonna apply that to the rest of your life?" Later, after Willie chose to save Daniel from the pressure test, the judges asked Daniel why he thinks he keeps being spared from pressure tests, and he says that he hasn't made any enemies. Leslie starts laughing, since Daniel has never missed an opportunity to insult or criticize him, and Daniel starts railing on Leslie for being so immature. Leslie may have been better off with an eyeroll, but it's unsurprising that he'd find the comment unfair. Later on, Leslie fit this trope to a T when the judges were reviewing his red velvet cake and deemed it delicious, to which Cutter interrupted that Leslie was a one-trick pony. Later, after Cutter got mediocre reviews on his cake, he stated that he thought Leslie should go home, primarily because he doesn't like him. When the judges were deliberating, the two got into an argument, with Cutter saying Leslie needs to be more mature, to which Leslie replies "Yeah, because YOU'VE done such a great job so far".
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: As US season 5 moves along, Leslie seems to be gravitating more and more towards this trope. He certainly came off as a giant douche in the beginning, but he started to win people over around the time he and former rival Ahran were paired together and they actually worked well together, burying the hatchet and even appearing to become friends. Since then, he has had occasionally obnoxious moments, but he always at least tries to work well with others. Then, in episode 12, he and Ahran faced elimination together, and he teared up talking about how much he had come to respect not only her, but all of his fellow contestants. Ahran ended up going home, and he looked utterly devastated.
  • Kick the Dog: Season 4's Kathy goes through an especially long and painful one, pretty much going through 4 challenges not being the worst performer just to end up eliminated. First, the team she's in loses the team challenge due to weak leadership and too many cooks in the kitchen, such as Krissi being mouthy and not easy to work with, Natasha ignoring Beth's suggestions on the cauliflower puree (which ended up being horrible) and one of Kathy's ideas (putting an actual rub and seasoning on a steak to test if it would taste better than the unseasoned one they would serve) being ignored. In the pressure test they have to make eggs benedict. While Kathy's eggs benedict was not perfect, her flaws aren't huge, with one poached egg breaking a bit but the yolk not spilling, and putting little sauce on it, while the muffin, bacon, egg and the sauce itself were perfectly cooked. The judges deem this bad enough to put her in the same level as Luca (undercooked eggs), Natasha (hollandaise so bad it turned into mayonnaise) and Beth (broken hollandaise, undercooked egg and burnt muffin). They take part in a team challenge cooking burgers, Kathy paired with Luca, who suggests a very simple burger, then has problems cooking them, sending out both raw and overcooked burgers, essentially costing the team the victory by a few points through no fault of Kathy. Finally, Luca and Kathy have to cook butter poached lobster. Luca has the more complete presentation and the better salad, while Kathy lacked a bit of lobster in the presentation and her salad was acidic, but when it came to the lobster's taste, Luca's was lacking some flavor due to an improper preparation technique, while Kathy's lobster was cooked to perfection and very flavorful, this despite Kathy having never made that dish before while Luca had. Despite the main component of the dish being superior on Kathy's side, the judges choose to save Luca over her.
    • Bime gets put through a similar string of events shortly thereafter, courtesy of Krissi. One week he is a team captain and winds up with Krissi on his team, who spends the whole time complaining that he is a terrible leader and generally being unpleasant. When they lose, she blames it all on him and shows nothing but disdain when he is saved from the pressure test not through his own choice but that of the judges. The next week, Krissi is a captain and Bime is assigned to her team, leading to her saying he's an "idiot" and deciding to have him make fried chicken because she figures "even he couldn't screw it up". She then continues to blame him when some of the chicken comes out raw, and once again blames him for the team's loss. When it turns out his chicken actually won their team the majority of their votes and it was actually the fish that lost them the challenge, she still makes Bime compete in the pressure test while saving herself. Bime winds up accidentally putting cream of tartar in his pie instead of cornstarch and is eliminated, while Krissi watches and gloats the whole time.
      • Made even harsher when, after that episode, an interview revealed that the reason some of the chicken was raw was because Krissi ordered to have the chicken in a salt water brine for a very long time rather than cooking them earlier, and not only that, but Bime had noticed that some chicken was raw and Krissi decided to serve it anyway. Taking that into account and adding the fact that Krissi either did not notice or did not care about Jordan's flawed salmon, it's obvious that the loss of the challenge fell squarely on Krissi's shoulders due to her terrible leadership, which she refused to accept responsibility for and leads to this trope for Bime.
    • Gordon has a rather cruel moment towards Lynn in the episode where he was eliminated. Gordon had seen Lynn seriously struggling with the baking challenge and knew that his dish was utter crap, but when he calls him up for judging he refers to him as "the plating expert" and "Mister finesse", making Lynn extremely uncomfortable because both he and Gordon knew that his dish looked awful. Gordon then goes out of his way to make a big show of having the other judges see how terrible the dish looks and calls it the "worst dish he's ever tasted in four years of MasterChef".
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: The judges seem to get hit with this during a Mystery Box challenge in the Junior season, when they comment on how amazed they are that Dara was bravely attempting to make a blue cheese souffle, saying that nobody in the show's history had ever attempted to do a souffle in a challenge unless the judges had specifically asked for a souffle to be made. However, anyone who has seen the adult seasons will remember Season 3's Monti making a corn and lavender souffle (which Gordon gave high praise to) on a challenge in which they had to make any dessert they wanted using corn as the main ingredient.
  • Lighter and Softer: The judges justifiably rein in the criticism a bit for Junior.
    • The British version is far more restrained and strait-laced compared to the American versions.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: In the Spanish version S1, Pepe and Maribel. He critised her artichokes to make her mad. She flirted with the other judge to make him jealous. They argued, and seconds later, they were laughing. It was awesome.
  • Mean Brit: Surprisingly for a show involving Gordon Ramsay, this isn't really used or invoked that much. Gordon can be harsh at times, but generally tends to play the "strict but fair" judge role in between "nice judge" Graham and "mean judge" Joe, and can also be quite pleasant, especially when he sees contestants do really well, or when a contestant surprises him with something unexpectedly tasty.
    • Played straight whenever he serves as expediter in every restaurant kitchen takeover challenge. He will give a short but direct verbal lashing to a contestant or a team whenever they start screwing things up. Justified as they are serving actual customers in real time.
    • Also averted with Francis L. in US season 5, being one of the nicest and most likeable contestants of his season.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Joe Bastianich is bad with people for an entirely different reason in real life.
    • Ben Starr's blog, when he was writing exposé on Masterchef, says he's been in contact with the contestants from other seasons, and he specifically points out that a lot of Krissi's Jerkass behavior in Season 4 was exaggerated for the show.
  • Melodrama: "Cooking doesn't get tougher than this!" said repeatedly in the series.
    • The US version takes this Up to Eleven by never missing a chance to hype up how difficult the next challenge is. The show will also always go to commercial right before the judges announce a decision.
    • The South African version seems to have followed in the US versions footsteps, with Khaya seeming always managing to screw up at least one aspect of her dish and finishing at the last minute. Despite this, she's only been in one Pressure Test and is always winning challenges.
    • After getting eliminated, Ben Starr began blogging about how large portions of the US show's drama are played up or even faked to make a good show instead of an accurate portrayal of the contest. He eventually quit blogging about ''Masterchef'' altogether.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: The third season was the first to have a "redemption" challengenote . All of the other returnees were cheered by the final six... that is until Ryan came, leading to a collective silence from all the participants.
    • Again in US Season 4, but this time the ostracized party was Bime, for no clear reason. Except from Luca, but he likes everybody.
  • Nice Guy: Graham Elliot fits this to a tee; always gentle in delivering comments to the worst dishes and tries to give as much constructive criticism to the contestants who cooked them.
    • Luca in Season 4 was portrayed this way. He almost never had anything bad to say about other contestants, and he would willingly share his ingredients with his competition if they were short and he had enough to spare. Plus, Grade A Adorkable.
    • Almost all the children in the first Junior season, with special mention going to Dara and Kaylen, who were always the most supportive towards the other contestants.
  • Nice Hat: Ben Starr from US Season 2 was known to sport a collection of oddly patterned chef's hats.
    • Mike from season 1 and Bime from season 4 were always seen sporting a fedora.
    • Another Mike, this one from season 3, always sported a cowboy hat.
  • Non-Gameplay Elimination: In the Australian version of the show:
    • In Season 1, one of the chefs quit after making the top 50, due to the stress of the competition.
    • In Season 2, Sarah quit after making the top 24, due to feeling that her heart was no longer in the competition.
    • And just to make it a pattern, season 3's Paul withdrew due to "work commitments" having his spot taken in the top 24 by another contestant.
    • After making it to the top 14 in season 3, Adam resigned his position after ending up in a pressure test, saying he felt he lacked the commitment the others in the pressure test felt towards cooking.
    • After making it to the top 9, Mat was eliminated from season 3 after it was revealed he'd been breaking the rules by bringing a smartphone into the MasterChef kitchen.
    • In Season 5, Andrew had to leave the show due to chronic knee injuries that would likely be exacerbated by the competition.
    • In the 4th season of the US version, there was supposed to be a Top 20, but only 19 contestants start off, ten women and nine men. An unknown male contestant was seen being chosen alongside the other nineteen to make it into the MasterChef kitchen, but whether he dropped out or was disqualified before the Top 20 began competing was never revealed.
    • In Season 6 of the Australian version, Cecilia was initially put through to the Top 24, but was removed from the competition on medical grounds, due to the fact that she was recovering from a serious brain injury that she had received only 3 months prior.
    • In Season 5 of the US version, the contestant Gordon was forced to withdraw from the competition due to illness after making it to the top 19.
    • Also in Season 5 of the US version, there is Tyler, who accidentally served Jaimee's panna cotta instead of his own. He was eliminated not for anything regarding his dish, but for breaking a core MasterChef rule: he served someone else's food.
  • Not Quite Eliminated: On episode 14 of the third US season, one of the eliminated contestants, Josh Marks earned their way back into the competition, first with a mystery box that the last eight eliminated contestants put together themselves, then in a head to head challenge against the other top two dish cooker in the Mystery Box.
    • Likewise, late in Season 4, the judges each chose one eliminated contestant to offer the chance to return to the competition. One fried egg contest and one salmon cookoff later, Bri (spoiler likewise padded) made a triumphant comeback.
    • The Argentina version wasted no time with this, doing it as early as episode 8. By that time, five contestants had been eliminated and were given the opportunity to return to the competition, which two of them successfully managed.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted in season 4 of the Australian version, with contestants Julia Taylor and Julia Pike, the latter of which is referred to as "Jules" to avoid confusion.
    • Australia Season 5 had three Daniels in top 24: one went by Dan, one by Daniel and the other went by his last name (Kelty).
    • US Season 5 has two Francises, differentiated by being referred to as Francis B. and Francis L. (later Scottish Francis).
  • Oh, Crap: Adriano Zumbo walking into the MasterChef kitchen with a covered dish is enough to scare any contestant. Particularly the V8 cake.
    • US season 4's Bime has this when he realizes he accidentally mixed up two ingredients during a citrus meringue pie and it was too late for him to start again.
    • Season 5's Tyler has an Oh, Crap of epic proportions when he realizes that he has accidentally served Jaimee's dish, resulting in his immediate disqualification.
  • Pet the Dog: As seen above in the Kick the Dog trope, Kathy went through a quite harsh process to end up eliminated despite not being the worst performer. However, after all this, Gordon Ramsay, having been impressed with her tenacity and how hard she fought to stay, offers her a job in his New York restaurant. This echoes back with when she was chosen last for a team challenge for a second time, where she told Ramsay that maybe he saw something in her that others didn't... and unfortunately, it's painfully averted after the show, when Kathy tweeted how she attended the first day (with a chef's jacket and all) to learn work at the restaurant just as Gordon promised, but when she arrived the second day, they dismissed her, telling her they'd "Call her when they needed her" and never giving her any actual explanation for why she was dismissed.
    • Also seen with Natasha in the episode where contestants' families came to visit them. Krissi's son was unable to make it due to tests and could only send a pre-recorded video to her. Natasha expresses sympathy for Krissi despite the two of them hating each other.
  • The Power of Friendship: In one episode of the Australian version, a late-series elimination challenge was determined by having two of the contestants handling a dish each during a restaurant service, with whoever put in the poorest performance going home. The contestants in question were already friends, and when they both began to struggle early, immediately started to help each other out without a second thought. The judges said afterwards that what they had seen wasn't two contestants competing, but two chefs running a kitchen, and they performed so well together that neither of them were eliminated.
  • Product Placement: In the US series, this seems to be one of Graham Elliott's main duties. Not quite Once an Episode, he'll approach a contestant and they'll do a mini-commercial for the brand of knife or cookware being used. Ramsay and Bastianich don't seem to be on the hook for it, though.
    • The SA version would like to remind you that it's sponsored by "Robertsons — The Spice People" at least ten times an episode.
    • There was an entire episode in the SA version dedicated to being a Product Promotion Parade for Nederburg wines.
    • The fact that every celebrity chef's restaurant is featured when they're introduced said something in itself.
    • S3 of the US version would like you to know that all of the steaks in this episode can be purchased at Walmart. On the bright side of things, Graham seems to have been left off the hook for the mini-commercials.
      • S4 gets even more blatant with shilling for Walmart, with it being mentioned multiple times in every single episode, often along with how little the given ingredients would cost if bought at Walmart (for example, an elimination test that was based on two baskets of food: one that could be purchased for under $5 and the other for under $25 at Walmart, with both the store and the prices repeatedly mentioned).
    • Coles supplies all the fresh ingredients for Masterchef Australia. And pick up some Western Star butter...only at Coles!
    • Masterchef Canada follows the tradition by shilling for Alexander Keith beer.
  • The Quiet One: In SA, Brandon was shaping up to be one until he entered the top 18, then he started referencing classic western animation and soccer in literally every one of his sentences.
    • In season 4 on the US series, Lynn Chyi is seen as one.
  • Reality Television: The examples not from Britain are examples of this. The British show is a lot older, so follows a more standard cookery contest format.
  • The Runner Up Takes It All: At least on the first season of the Australian show — Julie Goodwin released a book, and wrote a few columns in Women's Weekly (an Australian magazine), while runner-up Poh Ling Yeow has her own ongoing cooking TV show called Poh's Kitchen.
  • Running Gag: Krissi, from US season 4, who was on the losing team of every single team challenge, at least those that are teams of three or more people. She did perform well in the one single tag-team challenge they've had so far, but putting her with more than two people seemed to be a guaranteed loss for any team who had her.
  • Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training: An interesting variant pops up in MasterChef Junior. The young participants, aged eight to thirteen, are capable of genuinely amazing culinary feats from sushi to beef wellington, but a significant number of them struggle with the task of baking and icing a cake — one of the few tasks one might normally expect someone that age to have some experience with.
  • Sassy Black Woman: US season 4's Sasha Foxx. Even Joe Bastianich's meanest stares did not faze her one bit. That didn't prevent her from being eliminated in the first Elimination Test.
  • Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: In the 2010 season of the UK version, the judges were faced with a heat where two of the three contestants performed brilliantly. Forced to choose which one went through to the quarter-final...they opted to let both of them through. It's happened a few times since.
    • Happened twice in the 2012 UK Professionals version. Not only did two chefs dodge an elimination in a heat as described above, but the same pair of chefs ended up winning the season together as well because the judges couldn't decide between them.
    • And occasionally reversed, including the spring 2013 UK series, when the judges decide to kick an extra contestant out if several don't perform well enough to earn a place.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Luca from Season 4 wore suits to both his Season 3 and Season 4 auditions and continues to wear them throughout the competition. He hardly ever wears anything more casual than a nice button-down, occasionally with a vest over it.
    • Similarly, season 5's Leslie has always worn colorful vests and ties; the only times he hasn't looked dressed-up is during team challenges.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Ryan and Tali from US season three, who would argue with the judges or insist that, even though all three judges had panned their food, they simply didn't understand the "genius" behind it. They maintained this haughty attitude towards the other contestants, insisting that they had superior talent even when they were clearly outperformed. Tali was more guilty of this, though, because Ryan at least admitted his molten lava chocolate cake was the worse of the two of them after the judges asked the person with the worst dish to step forward and remove their apron.
    • Krissi from US season four also keeps up the trend of arguing with the judges, as she continually defended a catfish dish that the judges had said was terrible and claimed the only reason they were criticizing her was because Joe didn't like her, never mind the fact that the guest judge, season 3 winner Christine Ha (who is known to have an excellent palate) also said that her dish was not good. She was saved from elimination that challenge, but not before Gordon told her point blank that she didn't have the talent to back up her attitude. This has not stopped her from continuing with this attitude, especially on team challenges. Once she was on the losing team of a team challenge, and the winning team got to choose who was safe from the pressure test. They chose Krissi because they all think that they could beat her later on, but she thinks it's because they want to invoke The Only One Allowed to Defeat You on "the best cook".
  • Something Only They Would Say: A variant in Australia season 2; the contestants, while blind tasting dishes made for them by the previously eliminated contestants, correctly identified that Jimmy had made one dish because his style of Indian curries was so unique and notable.
  • Spinoff: Oh boy. You won't believe how many international spin-offs this show has. This wiki article will explain how many there are.
    • Spinoff Babies: The US version now has a Junior edition, with kids ranging from 8 to 13 years old. Gordon, Joe, and Graham are still the judges.
  • Springtime for Hitler:
    • In the second US season, Adrien won a mystery box challenge, and got to select which chefs would work with which cuts of pork in the following challenge. He therefore took a relatively easy cut for himself, and assigned Christian and Ben (the other two of the top three in the mystery box challenge) the hardest two cuts. When the chefs were done cooking, Christian and Ben's dishes really impressed the judges (Joe even told Adrian that his plan to get Christian eliminated had backfired), while Adrien's dish was felt to be unspectacular. On top of all that, Alejandra, who had gotten the pork loin and whom everyone expected to ace the challenge, served up raw pork and duly got kicked out of the competition.
    • Happened again in the third season. Ryan won a mystery box challenge, and got to choose which chefs cooked with fresh crab, and which ones cooked with canned. He chose Christine to cook with fresh crab, believing her to be a threat, and therefore giving her something she was unfamiliar with, and gave Monti canned crab, because he wanted her to get eliminated due to a personal dislike of her. On the other hand, he gave Tali, his best friend in the house, fresh crab, believing he would knock it out of the park. Monti was complimented for her crazy idea (Scotch egg with canned crab) actually working, and Christine not only survived, but made the best dish out of all of the chefs. Tali? Bottom two for the second invention test (out of two), and barely surviving thanks to his incredibly poor use of the crab.
    • Once more in the third season, and again with seafood. Felix had to assign nine different fish species to the contestants — she gave Christine, David, and Tali easy ones (salmon, yellowfin tuna, and arctic char respectively; in the third case, she reckoned, correctly, that he would screw it up), while Frank, Becky and Monti, her greatest competition, received hard ones that they had never seen before (catfish, rockfish, and John Dory). The latter were all acclaimed (Frank took first while Monti received second), while the former ended up all in the bottom three with Tali going home.
    • It would probably be easier to count the times the Mystery Box winners don't shoot themselves in the foot with their "advantage."
  • Stock Yuck: The Mystery Box challenge for Junior. The judges took food from every category listed on the trope page, put them in boxes, and told the contestants to make something awesome with them.
  • Stupid Statement Dance Mix: Greg Wallace likes the buttery biscuit base.
    • Incidentally, that song actually made the UK Top 40.
  • Supreme Chef: The three judges, of course. Also the goal of the contestants is to be this.
  • Take That: The children from the US version of MasterChef Junior will occasionally take a verbal jab at the judges, sometimes out of simple innocence, and sometimes because it's obvious they can get away with it. The producers themselves do it to the judges by having a specific challenge early on where the children pour stuff over the judges, with season 1 having heavy cream and season 2 having maple syrup.
  • The Eeyore: Eric from MasterChef Canada. He shows happiness whenever he does well, but the rest of the time, the look on his face is that of a sad, scolded puppy.
  • The Pollyanna: Eight year old Abby, the youngest contestant from the second US season of MasterChef Junior, who is always chipper, happy, supportive and positive. Nowhere is this clearer than in episode 4, where she goes into the elimination challenge being able to pick only two ingredients to make a high-end dish, the least amount out of everyone. Abby remains completely unfazed and remains happy and positive through the entirety of the challenge, and ends up putting forth one of the best dishes anyway.
  • Tiny Tyrannical Girl: Several of the girls in MasterChef Junior, but Sarah, at only 9, probably fits best, especially when she yells at Gavin to "Whip it like a man!" during the whipped cream challenge.
  • Too Clever by Half: The contestants in a Canadian pressure test had to make a box of doughnuts, in at least three varieties. The others predicted that Eric would make four. In fact, he made eight. But some were failures, and Alvin Leung reamed him out for going overboard.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Luca from US season 4. After failing to enter the competition in season 3, he also began to struggle during the top 13, constantly hanging out in the middle of the pack or lower... until the final 8, where he launched into a nearly perfect streak of being in the top 3 for any given episode, wasn't put up for elimination again until the final 3, and ended up winning it all.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Kaila from the Canada version is the epitome of this trope. She was thought of by others as the weakest contestant and she was constantly underestimated and sometimes even insulted. She went on to prove herself as one of the fiercest, strongest contestants and made it to the final 3, where she was eliminated by the narrowest of margins.
    • This was both played straight and averted with US season 3's Christine. Played straight during team challenges, where the captains chose her last in all but two of the challenges (and in one of those two, Christine herself was a captain) because they didn't know what else she could help with other than prepping and serving, and judge Joe Bastianich tended to underestimate her in team challenges too, mostly on the one challenge she wasn't picked last. But then it was averted with individual challenges, where nobody thought of her as easy to beat, seen in parts such as Ryan giving her fresh crab instead of canned crab to work with (figuring she would have difficulty handling a live creature that could pinch her) because he thought of her as a big threat, and when three eliminated contestants said she would win the whole competition, one of those three being the very person she faced and defeated in the finals to claim the title.
  • Viewers Are Goldfish: Repeats almost exactly what happened in the previous 20 seconds after every commercial break, leading to an episode that counted down the seconds remaining for the Pressure Test twice. The British version does this, at points where commercials would be.
  • Warmup Boss: The preliminaries of the US and Australian versions of Junior seem to act as this, as the kids are grouped by the food category they do best in.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Samantha, from US season 3. Out of any contestant of the first three seasons (and now including the fourth season), she was the one seen the least out of them all. We never saw her audition, we never saw her moving along, and the first time we got to hear her actually talk was during the very first Mystery Box challenge, where she was eliminated.
    • Though not to the extent of Samantha, some contestants will receive hardly any screentime even if they don't get eliminated that quickly, such as season 1's Tony, season 2's Erryn and several season 4 contestants.
    • MasterChef Junior featured double eliminations in every episode except the finale which meant that some of the children barely got any screen time outside of the first episode.
      • The premiere of season two sends four children home, with contestants Nasir and Berry barely getting to say anything at all before they were eliminated.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: From Season 2 of US version onvwards, the winning contestant of the previous season returns as the guest star for an elimination test. The exception is Season 3 wherein S2 winner Jennifer did not return.
  • What the Hell, Player?: The judges did this to Sharone and Whitney in the penultimate episode of the first US season, after the former served up a dish made up of fish livers, while the latter used mostly canned ingredients for her dish, figuring the food critics they were serving to wouldn't know the difference. Gordon openly said that he considered the two to be the best cooks in the competition, and couldn't believe that one of them was now going to be eliminated before the final.
    • One chef on the UK edition (Masterchef: Professionals) bringing forward a dish that consisted of Quail and Chocolate cake. Facepalms all round.
    • In the Australian version Season 3, Sun made toffee using the "completely wrong way", at least according to the judges, putting the sugar on foil and using a blow torchnote . But it worked, and she was saved from elimination.
    • In the most recent UK season, a contestant made sausage, beans on toast followed by potato dumplings with plum for dessert. This trope ensued, hard.
    • US season 5, episode 9: Both Cutter and Willie got this, Willie because after he was given a huge basket of Italian food... made tomato soup with a fried egg on top, and Cutter because he made an absolutely ridiculous looking mini pizza, and then attempted to call it an "artisan pizza". Gordon said that Cutter's looked like it had been thrown together in ten minutes, and was a disappointment to both him and the MasterChef kitchen, while Joe asked him if he even knew what the ingredients in the basket were (Cutter said he didn't).
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: MasterChef Canada judge Alvin colo(u)rs his hair blue.
  • You're Drinking Breast Milk: One of the Hopeless Auditionees in season 4 revealed this as the secret ingredient of her macaroni and cheese, causing Ramsay to do a Spit Take.

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