Series: Make Me A Millionaire

On January 10, 2009, Pat Finn and Maquiel Alejo walked out on the stage of The Big Spin and told their audience that the Big Wheel would spin no more. On January 17, the California Lottery aired its replacement, Make Me A Millionaire.

Four games were played every show:
  • Lucky Penny, an expy of The Price Is Right's "Lucky Seven".
  • Safe Cracker, a two-player Mystery Box game with a one-shot Bonus Round.
  • California Cool, another Mystery Box game with a trivia theme.
  • The Millionaire Game, where one person out of a pool of six were selected to play a "higher/lower" game somewhat like Card Sharks to win the show's progressive jackpot which began at $1,000,000 and increased by $200,000 for each show not won; the smallest and largest wins ($1,400,000 and $5,200,000) occurred within a month of one another.

Game Show Tropes in use:

  • Bonus Round: In Safe Cracker, the winning player chooses whether to stay with his money or play a "half or double" round.
  • Consolation Prize: Nobody left with less than $2,000. Small prizes like phones, calculators, or even MMaM scratchers were given to players before the game began.
  • Personnel:

This show provides examples of:

  • Cut Short: Unlike The Big Spin, MMaM ended abruptly with five episodes left unaired and no chance to record a proper Grand Finale. Also a Downer Ending to fans of Spin and game shows in general when the Lottery announced that there would be no replacement whatsoever. The Spin wheel itself is still held by the Lottery, still with its labels intact, and sometimes makes background appearances.