''Low Winter Sun'' is dark CopShow/crime thriller from Creator/{{AMC}}, set in the ruins of modern UsefulNotes/{{Detroit}} on both sides of the law and the spaces in between. A story of murder, deception, revenge and corruption, the show begins on a stark cold open with the murder of DirtyCop Brendan [=McCann=] by his partner Joe Geddes and fellow detective Frank Agnew, ostensibly as revenge for the killing of Agnew's girlfriend. When internal affairs show up the next day to investigate [=McCann=], however, it soon becomes clear that Geddes had his own reasons for wanting his partner dead.

Starring Creator/MarkStrong as Agnew and Creator/LennieJames as Geddes, the show is a [[ForeignRemake remake]] of a British miniseries from 2006 that also starred Strong in the lead role.

AMC [[CutShort cancelled]] the show after a single 10-episode season due to fairly abysmal ratings and lukewarm at best critical reaction. Despite this, very little was LeftHanging and the show rolls pretty well as a self-contained one-off.

* AdaptationExpansion: A one-off miniseries developed into a ten episode season, with more planned before the show was cancelled.
* ArmorPiercingQuestion: [[spoiler: In the dying seconds of the last episode, Frank is completely taken aback when asked to confirm Katia's name while identifying her body. It throws in to question [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation how well he actually knew]] a woman he supposedly loved when he couldn't even be sure Katia was her real name.]]
* AssholeVictim: Brendan was up to his knees in murder and corruption.
* BlackAndGrayMorality: The show opens with one cop tricking another into helping him kill a third and kicks off from there.
* TheBoxingEpisode: "Cake on the Way."
* ByTheBookCop: Detective Kahlil is shown to be one of the least corrupt in the department, [[spoiler: even willing to alienate her relationship with Agnew by wearing a wire to get information for Internal Affairs.]]
%%* CrapsackWorld
* DefiantToTheEnd: [[spoiler: When Reverend Lowdown's masked goons kill Damon, his last words are "Nice mask, asshole."]]
* DetectiveMole: Agnew and Geddes spend many episodes investigating the murder they committed.
* DirtyCop: Joe and Brendan. Frank probably counts too after his actions in the opening scenes.
* TheDon: Alexander Skelos and Reverend Lowdown.
* DrivenToSuicide: Averted in "Ann Arbor"; [[spoiler: Agnew nearly [[AteHisGun does it]] after his ex-wife admits [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech how miserable she was during their marriage]]]].
* HeKnowsTooMuch: In "No Rounds", [[spoiler: Agnew and Geddes attempt to discredit a witness by [[BreakThemByTalking confusing him with questions and uncovering his personal secrets]]]].
* HeroAntagonist: Simon Boyd of Internal Affairs.
* ImpersonatingAnOfficer: In "Revelations", [[spoiler: Agnew drives to the house in Chicago where he believes Katia is staying and uses his Detroit PD badge to impersonate a Chicago Police detective to gain entry]].
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* JurisdictionFriction: Frank tries to invoke this to keep Internal Affairs away from the investigation into Brendan's murder. It doesn't work.
* JustOneLittleMistake: In "Surrender", [[spoiler: Boyd appears to present a strong case against Agnew and Geddes, but is unable to account for the [[SmokingGun mystery woman (Katia)]] who can corroborate his evidence]].
* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler: Geddes.]]
* KillerCop: When Agnew looks through old case files, it's implied that [[spoiler: [=McCann=] had killed many and had made them appear as suicides in the subsequent investigation, with collaboration from Geddes and possibly Dawson]].
* TheLostLenore: Frank's motivation for the murder of a fellow cop. [[spoiler: It's a SubvertedTrope, as it is revealed in the third episode that Katia is not really dead, and Joe had manipulated Frank.]]
* ThePerfectCrime: Deconstructed. [[spoiler: Agnew and Geddes believed that their killing of [=McCann=] was perfect, but later episodes showed that they overlooked certain pieces of evidence.]]
* PlotTriggeringDeath: The [=McCann=] murder sets everything in motion.
* RightHandVersusLeftHand: Frank and Joe have to help their department investigate the murder of Brendan while covering up the fact that they are the killers.
* SanitySlippage: Frank has a ''spectacularly'' bad day in "Ann Arbor" that sees him gradually losing his already shaky grip on things. Already missing a night's sleep after [[spoiler: informing the families of [=McCann=]'s victims of the cover up]], he gets beaten up after aggravating a group of workmen, seems to have a mild heart attack after a failed attempt to flee the country, car-jacks a woman trying to help him out, and finally comes close to suicide after an emotional confrontation with his ex-wife.
* TheScapegoat: [[spoiler: Sean Foster]].
* SceneryGorn: Loving shots of some of Destroit's most miserable scenery.
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism: Unrelentingly bleak.
* SlidingScaleOfLawEnforcement: Pretty much all over the scale. [[spoiler: Boyd and Kahlil appear to be on the positive end; Agnew is also portrayed as by-the-book until the events of the show. [=McCann=], Geddes, and Dawson appear on the negative end]].
* {{Swirlie}}: In "There Was A Girl" Agnew and Geddes attempt to use this [[spoiler: to force a confession from Damon]].
* VillainousBreakdown: In "Surrender", after [[spoiler: Boyd's case against Agnew and Geddes is overruled by the deputy mayor]].