[[caption-width-right:350: From left to right: Ashley, Brad, Criquette and Brett]]

-> [[RuleOfFunny All of this is of a rarely seen insignificance.]]''
-->-- '''Brad Montgomery''', ''The fabulous Ball of the Montgomery family'', last episode of the series

This comedy show originated from various skits in the French Canadian program ''[=Le Grand Blond avec un show sournois=]'', which parodied various {{soap opera}} tropes through the lives of fictional archetypes of this kind of genre. The skits proved so popular that these characters finally got their very own TV series ; so was born ''Le Coeur A Ses Raisons''.

The show is entirely dominated by RuleOfFunny and is willingly trying to be [[StylisticSuck absolutely terrible in terms of quality, in an hilarious way]]. Every single trope originating from soap operas is mercilessly parodied, although the creators confess that sometimes they failed to attain the degree of ridicule some actual soap opera shows possess.

The show more than often verges on absurd humour, surrealism and postmodernism. However it also has its own plotlines and shocking scenaristic twists, as strange as they may be, and many spectators actually grew to like the stereotypical characters. With three seasons, the show was cancelled after the [[HolyShitQuotient incredible]] [[TwistEnding revelation]] of the series finale, due to lower ratings. However, good DVD sales and the growing legacy of the show have convinced the network to get a fourth season back in the works.

See also the [[Characters/LeCoeurASesRaisons Character Sheet.]]
!!This show provides examples of
* ActorAllusion:
-->'''Crystale to Peter''': "But you're an actor, right? Why are you wearing a wig?"
* AirVentPassageway : when they want to leave the hospital as fast as possible. They could have taken the door, but that would have been to simple, I guess. After taking the passageway, they get lost, find themselves exactly where they had been in the first place, and have to take the air vent passage once again to finally get out of the hospital.
* BackFromTheDead: One of the early exploits of the show was to kill off every single character in the first season's finale, only to see them resurrected in the second season. The shocking twist was actually that one character ''did'' die in the earthquake. The show pulled it off in a more classic way with Brittany and Brenda, who died in one season but returned in another through convoluted explanations. Granted, whe had not really seen their respective death scenes per se.
* BackupTwin: Parodied with the return of Peter in trying to explain why the twin hadn't been mentionned before. Peter n°1 and Peter n°2 had the misfurtone of having the same clothes, so, when one wanted to go out, the other had to stay at home in his underwear.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: On occasion.
* [[LukeIAmYourFather Brett, I am your mother]]: [[spoiler: Madge.]]
* ButtMonkey: Madge.
* CallingYourAttacks: A CatFight between Criquette and Brenda features this, complete with dramatically echoing voices.
* {{Cliffhanger}}: Some of the episode endings. Played for laugh of course.
* ConverseWithTheUnconscious: Lampshaded when Brett says he probably look ridiculous talking to Criquette while sheís uncounscious. She nods.
* ChristmasSpecial: The Montgomery decide to make a Christmas TV show... in April. Because Christmas magic lasts all year long!
* CreditsGag: There are two InUniverse examples:
** In the first episodes of the series, the credits of news program ''Info Action 24/7'' consist in an endless list of preposterous roles ("Bitter majorette sinking in alcoholism", "Helmet-less but nonetheless prudent cyclist", etc), all being performed by Ridge Taylor. The sole exception being "Mr Ridge Taylor is dressed by: ''his mother''".
** The credits of Brett's medical drama ([[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin aptly named "Medical Drama"]]) consist ''solely'' of the word "Credits" scrolling upwards.
* DeathIsCheap: Parodied.
* DidIJustSayThatOutLoud: Brenda revealing her evil plans while Criquette right beside her. She was talking to the camera, so she probably thought Criquette could not hear her.
* DumbBlonde: Ashley and Googy, but most notably Megan.
* EvilLaugh : Brenda and Becky share one in season two.
* EvilTwin: Brad and Brenda.
* {{Flashback}}: Nearly every episode has at least one. One episode even has a flashback in a flashback.
* ForInconveniencePressOne: Happens twice in the series:
** When Brad calls the emergencies as [[spoiler:Becky]] goes into labour (in the end, the interactive voice response would tell him to stop bothering them and to hang up)
** Brenda also comes across an exceptionally bizarre and hilarious one while trying to give a simple phone call to Becky.
* GagBoobs: Oh so much. From Criquette's and Ashley's inflatable breasts to Britany's pointy ones.
* GagDub: The show actually manages to be a gag dub of itself. There are two reasons for this; the first to stick with the traditional reputation of soap operas in Québec, the actors do not speak with a Quebecian accent but with a French one, since most of these shows are dubbed in France. The only character with a Canadian accent is Brad. Criquette tries to pull off a French accent and constantly fails at it, making some of her words unintelledgible in the process (you have to speak French to understand how it's funny). Secondly, most of these shows are usually english ones, often badly translated. Therefore the writers of the show modify the wordings of the character's sentences in order to make them sound badly translated from English... although the characters do speak French in the first place. For example the characters always say ''je vais quitter'' (I'm going to break off) instead of ''je vais partir'' (I'm going to leave), which seems like a common bad translation of ''I'm going to leave'' where ''to leave'' can mean ''to break off'' or ''to exit a place'' depending on the context.
* JerkAss: Ridge.
* LineOfSightName: "My colleague, Doctor... Bedside Lamp. Who studied at Bedside Lamp University of Texas. Married to Mrs. Beside Lamp Bedside Lamp."
* MedicalDrama : Brett, Ashley and Crystale played in a Medical Drama called ''Medical Drama''.
* {{Melodrama}}: Many jokes are based on the character's complete overreaction to mundane events (like the entire episode on a lack of pitchers).
* NeverFoundTheBody: [[spoiler:Becky, Brenda]]
* NoBudget : It's a parody of a No Budget soap opera.
* NoRespectGuy: Madge.
* OcularGushers: Invoked by Ashley, which warns Peter that she is about to "cry with the same intensity as a japanese cartoon character" before doing just that.
* OverlyLongGag
* OverlyLongName: Doug Doug Skippy Bob Dracula Perceval Trevor Ricky Jack Lancelot Baby Bat Benny Benny Bo Benny Bananana Bo Benny Benny Bo Benny Montgomery-Rockwell.
* ThatMakesMeFeelAngry: The characters keep saying out loud how they feel to make sure the audience understands.
-->'''Criquette:''' "Iím sad. You can understand that I am sad, because Iím crying while holding my sisterís picture."
* TheReveal: [[spoiler: The series ends with Brett's grandpa revealing that [[ButtMonkey Madge]] is Brett's mother.]]
* ThinkingOutLoud: They all do this quite often, sometimes leading to some characters telling their evil plans out loud for everyone to hear. See DidIJustSayThatOutLoud.
* ShowDontTell: The characters often tell the audience about how they feel instead of showing it. Sometimes they do both.
* ShowWithinAShow : There are lots, including the news report ''Info Action 24/7'', ''Medical Drama'', ''Help, Youíre Ugly!'', ''Brettís Dictation'' and ''Name a Number from 1 to 10''.
* {{Slapstick}} and SlapstickKnowsNoGender
* SplitScreenPhoneCall: A staple, and of course almost always played with.
* {{ThemeNaming}} : [[ThemeTwinNaming The triplets]] Brad, Brett and Brenda,[[AlphabeticalThemeNaming obviously]]. This had led EpilepticTrees to consider Broke, Brooke and Britanny as their possible estranged siblings.
* TokenMinority: Brock Steel.