A children's British GameShow from Creator/{{ITV}}, '''''Jungle Run''''' ran from 1999 to 2006. It was hosted by [[Series/DickAndDomInDaBungalow Dominic Wood]], Chris Jarvis and Michael Underwood during its onscreen history. It is similar to ''Series/TheCrystalMaze'' and ''Series/FortBoyard''.

The show was set in a JungleJapes-styled African jungle. Each week three kids go on an adventure through said jungle to face a series of puzzles and challenges whilst collecting monkey statues (originally bananas) to ultimately get a limited amount of time in the temple of the Jungle King, the resident FisherKing and possible deity. The numerous trials often involved puzzle games with time limits, and some more physical ones such as climbing through a series of underground paths to collect the monkey statues whilst [[RaceAgainstTheClock racing against the clock]].

There to hamper the contestants were the Jungle King's minions, Sid and Elvis, a pair of monkeys who would throw a SpannerInTheWorks to trouble the kids and slow down their progress. Eventually, with whatever time they have gained from the collected statues, the kids and the presenter go to the Jungle King's temple. Inside, the kids must complete the most challenging puzzles of the game. When time is nearly up, the kids usually drop everything and run out of the temple with the sacred monkey idols available to them (stone, bronze, silver, gold) and will get prizes if they escape the temple. If they do not get out of the temple, then they win nothing.

!!The show contains examples of:
* AbandonedArea: The long-running Abandoned Camp area.
** AbandonedMine
* AllOrNothing: Subverted. In the temple of the Jungle King, the contestants can grab any of the four monkey statues that are available and will receive prizes. Some contestants have run out without anything although they usually [[ConsolationPrize win prizes]] for their efforts regardless.
* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Sid and Elvis were rather strangely coloured for primates. In the first series they were red and blue respectively, in the second they were yellow and pink, it wasn't until the third that they had a normal coloration.
* BubblegloopSwamp: The Dark Swamp.
* CaveBehindTheFalls: Appeared occasionally in the Angel Falls area.
* CelebrityEdition: Several episodes featured celebrities including actors from ''Series/CoronationStreet'', ''Series/{{Emmerdale}}'', and several Olympians.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The first two seasons were rather different than what came after. The areas included the Abandoned Camp, the Chasm, the Rapids, the Swamp, the Temple and the Tomb. By the time of the second series the Abandoned Camp would disappear only to be brought back for the third, the Chasm would never be seen again, the Rapids would be renamed "Angel Falls", the Swamp would be renamed "Dark Swamp", the Temple would be renamed "the Temple of the Jungle King" and the Tomb would be renamed "the Lost Tomb" in the second series and later "the Lost Cave" in the third. The first series was also more colourful with the Temple being painted for instance. And on one more minor note here Sid and Elvis actually were monkeys, from the second series onward their tails were removed making them apes, and their coloration was red and blue respectively.
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: Sid and Elvis provide comic relief in the show, despite acting as the villains.
* FisherKing: The Jungle King is implied to be this, described as a great sorcerer and maybe even a god.
* GameShowHost: Presented first by [[Series/DickAndDomInDaBungalow Dominic Wood]], then [[Series/{{Catchphrase}} Chris Jarvis]], and finally Michael Underwood.
* GoldenSnitch: Collecting bananas or monkey statues (the items changed in the series) would determine how much time the contestants would get in the Jungle King's temple. Collecting the golden banana or ruby statue would give them a thirty second bonus.
* JungleJapes
* LaterInstallmentWeirdness: The third series was more realistically coloured than the previous ones and lacked the map of the previous two series for showing location names.
* LetsMockTheMonsters: The hosts had no fear of the Jungle King or his powers.
* LosingHorns: In the form of a screaming monkey sound effect.
* {{Mayincatec}}: Elements of this are present in the architecture of the areas, and there are references to Aztec deities.
* TheMaze: The Old Pyramid and Old Fort.
* ParachuteInATree: In the Monkey Trees area, a helicopter's remains could be seen with pilot's corpse and parachute in the way.
* PlaceOfPower: The temple of the Jungle King.
* PyramidPower: The Old Pyramid area.
* RaceAgainstTheClock: Most of the puzzles and challenges involve a time limit.
* ScavengerHunt: The main mission to find the bananas or monkey statues, although some times the challenges involved finding items.
* TempleOfDoom: Several in the series - including the temple of the Jungle King, the Old Pyramid, the Lost Cave, the Old Fort, and the Lost Tomb.
** BambooTechnology: Although this present around the jungle.
** BoobyTrap: Often occur as soon as challenges begin.
** DurableDeathtrap