[[caption-width-right:350: Q, Sal, Joe, Murr. Unpictured: [[MemeticMutation LARRY!]]]]
-> ''WARNING: The following program contains scenes of graphic stupidity among four lifelong friends who compete to embarass each other...''
-->-- '''Opening Disclaimer'''

''Impractical Jokers'' is a hidden-camera series from [=TruTV=], featuring four friends (Q, Murr, Sal, and Joe) challenging each other to act outrageously in public. [[CatchPhrase You refuse, you lose]]. The show is presented as a sort of reality competition, where whoever fails the most challenges in an episode is forced to undergo a non-negotiable punishment of greater humiliation than normal.

!!This show provides examples of:
* AerithAndBob: On one hand, we have Joe and Sal. On the other, we have Murr and Q.
* AintNoRule:
** No rule says that, when challenged to shop out of other people's cart, you can't just walk away with the whole cart long enough to qualify.
** Q is one of that tries to bend the rules the most, such as when he had to get someone to dance with him without asking him. He did it ''twice''. The first time he mumbled under his breath. The second time he didn't even try hiding it.
%%* AmusingInjuries: Some of the later punishments involve the guys going through tons of pain.
* AprilFoolsDay: The show's social media pages pulled one in 2014 when they claimed that the guys were being replaced with a new cast, even going so far as to film new footage with them to use in a "teaser" for the next season.
%%* AsideGlance: Happens frequently, especially when the challenge is ridiculous. Joe and Q are the worst offenders.
%% * AsLongAsItSoundsForeign: Sal's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqxlCcoy2Q4 weapon of choice in a few challenges.]]
* BindleStick: In one challenge, Murr made one of these when the guy he rubbed the wrong way in a challenge told his friend, the manager of the restaurant in which they were filming the episode, suggested that Murr should be fired.
* BitingTheHandHumor: In bonus footage of "The Butt of the Joker," Joe's presentation included a point "It's tru. TV is awful," a jab at the show's network [=TruTV=].
* BlackComedy: The Flea Market challenge, where Sal, Murr, and Joe are forced to admit that their items were looted from dead bodies.
* BreakingTheFourthWall:
** Subverted because this is reality TV, although Q revealing to the woman in the elevator challenge that she was on a hidden camera show qualifies.
** Murr revealing the show during a challenge in "Brow-Beaten" after an ill-advised remark in the presence of a police officer qualifies as well.
** During the British Invasion episode, Q is in a challenge to give away tickets to a made-up show. He starts talking to a guy who's first reaction is to look RIGHT at the hidden camera operator. At this point Q pitches the pretense and just tries (unsuccessfully) to get the mark to accept the tickets despite the now-obvious set-up, and even introduces the mark to the operator.
* BriefAccentImitation: In the shoe-store challenge, Murr is instructed to (and does, shamefacedly) put on a Jamaican accent to a Rastafarian customer.
** Q is forced to do the same in a punishment where he worked as a play writer.
* ButtMonkey: All four of them take turns being this--it's essentially the premise of the show--but especially during the punishments. Murr and Sal have it the worst, though, as their punishments are usually more personal (i.e. exploiting Sal's fear of garbage and Murr's of skydiving).
* {{Calvinball}}: Not a full example as the games ostensibly have rules, but the Jokers give immense leeway to them, sometimes giving extra chances despite a clear failure or awarding victories despite conditions not being fulfilled. In addition, it's not always clear what will lead to a victory or a loss - in some games you only need to succeed once out of multiple tries, in others a single failure among other successes means a thumbs down. It generally boils down to "whatever the Jokers think counts."
* TheCameo: Chica, a dog who appeared regularly in previous [=TruTV=] show ''South Beach Tow'', makes a cameo in a challenge that sees Sal and Q working at a pet store. Though not specifically mentioned for her role in ''South Beach Tow'', they do call her by name and refer to her as a "production mascot".
* TheCastShowOff: Joe and Sal are surprisingly good singers!
* ClipShow: Has had three already, one in the middle of season one, and two in the first four episodes of season two.
* ClusterFBomb:
--> Joe: "With a f*** f*** here and a f*** f*** there, here a f***, there a f***, everywhere a f*** f***."
* ContinuityNod: In the ep The Truth Hurts, Murr was hooked up to a lie detector and forced to admit he had a crush on his Spanish teacher, Senora Lanza. When Joe and Sal get punished in the ep Enter The Dragons they have to pose as a rock group that Murr names...Senora Lanza!
* ContinuityPorn: The Nitro Circus special. The challenges were fan favorites (with the last one being a combination of the Wheel of Doom and "Now!"), most of the guys came out in outfits referencing past punishments for the obstacle course, and two of the obstacles alluded to past moments in the show. For an unintentional extra nod, Joey Fatone pitch-hit for Q once again.
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: This happens to the loser(s) if they lose a challenge. They range from Murr being forced to skydive, Q being covered with tarantulas, Joe's house being entirely gift-wrapped from the inside, to Sal being forced to watch his sister get married to Murr.
* CringeComedy: The entire show, although it's often turned UpToEleven during the punishment rounds at the end of every episode.
* DeathGlare: Though this happens often enough when the guys say something truly insulting, nothing reached the levels of the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDCCAflsVi8 Klepto Buffet]].
* [[DepravedKidsShowHost Depraved Kids Book Author]]: In "Scarytales", Q has to pretend to be a children's book author with a story the other guys wrote for him, entitled: "Q, the Dung Beetle", which starts off normal but then involves marital problems, prostitution, swearing, and drinking.
* DudeNotFunny:
** What several people feel Murr's punishments became later on (infamously, skydiving when he's obviously terrified; pretending to burn his most prized possession - a blanket his now-dead grandmother made for him; having to go through TWO prostate exams; having to take the entire Human Pinata punishment when it was supposed to be a DOUBLE punishment, etc.).
** Many people feel that Q's punishment in the episode "Spider-Man" was this. Q suffers from severe arachnophobia, and his punishment was to be shackled down on the floor of a warehouse and allow tarantulas to be put all over him. This was the first punishment in which Q was truly scared and sweating, threatening nothing short of death to the other three.
** Q seemed to feel this way about Murr's punishment in "Browbeaten." His body language and remarks suggest pretty strongly that he was not finding it nearly as amusing as Joe and Sal were, and he even said that he would quit the show if it was being done to him.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The first episode had more narration, left out the word "lifelong" from the opening crawl, and attempted to really build up the suspense about who the big loser was going to be. It wore off over time (especially with the truTV previews that actually do reveal who the loser is) and currently there is little to no narration except to introduce the show and say what's coming up after the break.
* EmbarrassingOldPhoto:
** Sal has an unfortunate one from a heavier time that keeps cropping up as Employee of the Year, or a background picture to a photo booth.
** The picture of a younger, hairy-chested Murr wearing nothing but his favorite blanket first appeared in the punishment of "A Charity Case" and has been exploitable ever since.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: The entire first episode is this for all four Jokers, but especially the White Castle challenge (since it's the very first), establishing the Jokers' playing strategies and willingness to say lines to strangers, as well as their individual traits, such as Sal's germophobia and Joe's FearlessFool status.
* EveryoneHasStandards:
** Murr'll ask someone on their way to a funeral "Who kicked the bucket?", but he and the others have a hard time being outright degrading to women.
** The boys have no problem saying stupid and embarrassing things but will usually refuse to outright insult people to their faces especially if the comment involves the person's looks or weight.
* {{Flanderization}}: The punishments originally focused more on humiliation, but over time it's gotten to where they cause more physical harm and come off as pure torment, such as forcing Murr to get a prostate exam for no reason other than because [[ItAmusedMe it's funny]].
%%* FlatWhat: [[https://youtu.be/4WVZTgl1vE8?t=51 When Q "gives birth"]]
%%* FourManBand:
%%** Q - OnlySaneMan
%%** Sal - TheSmartGuy
%%** Joe - The Pervert
%%** Murr - ButtMonkey
%%* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Joe is choleric, Q is melancholic, Sal is phlegmatic and Murr is sanguine.
* TheFriendNobodyLikes: Murr is at least ''treated'' this way by the other guys.
* TheFunInFuneral: Murr and Sal once laughed until they cried at a funeral because someone's phone went off and their ringtone was "The Exorcist" theme. Whose funeral was it? ''Joe's grandmother's.''
* GagHaircut: For all four in the first season. Joe got a mullet; Q, bright red curls; Murr, [[http://i.cdn.turner.com/trutv/trutv.com/graphics/shows/photos/wildest-hair/murr.jpg shaved except for a tuft in front]]; and Sal, whose haircut is basically two bleached horns.
** Murr gets one as a punishment where he gets his head and eyebrows shaved...then has to have his driver's license picture taken.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: During one of the challenges of where the guys interview strangers to be potential roommates, look closely at the couch Murr and his {{Keet}} new roommate are jumping on - there's a dildo inserted between the cushions.
* HidingBehindTheLanguageBarrier: The mission was to get people to comment on bogus news stories in Times Square, and when approached two women commented "We don't speak English." It was promptly lampshaded.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: When doing the potato scoops challenge, Q tries to "loophole" his way to victory by giving a man ''the entire bowl of mashed potatos''. This backfires when the guys reveal to Q that the challenge was ''how many scoops'' one can put on somebody's plate. Q ends up losing the challenge with only 1 scoop.
** In the "Flatfoot the Pirate" who-laughs-first challenge, Sal has a lady leave a baby with Murr, but it's Sal who cracks up and loses.
* HonestJohnsDealership: The intro to the car lot challenge invokes this, as does Q's entire outfit and demeanor.
* JabbaTableManners: Q in the "Eat and Run" challenge uses [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40iM8j8-964&list=PL022ECC5B7E117A56 this approach]] and [[RefugeInAudacity it works]].
* JustAStupidAccent: Such as in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0ACVspDPZo this clip]], Sal faking not speaking English well is some sort of weird Italian-esque gibberish.
* LaserGuidedKarma:
%%** What people who felt sorry for Murr during the Human Pinata ep and Sal during the Garbage Barge ep when Joe sent him to voicemail felt finally happened to Joe at the end of the ep Dog Days of Bummer.
%%** The same people who felt sorry for Murr at the end of Look Out Below cheered when this happened to Joe again in the Great Escape and Sal in Field of Screams.
** Sal and Q get hockey pucks slung at them in their punishment in "Deal With the Devils". They get very direct payback at the end of the "British Invasion" episode, where they subject Joe and Murr to the same punishment, only with soccer balls.
** After having tarantulas put on him and being embarrassed in a play in front of his firefighter friends in back-to-back punishments near the end of season 5, Q got the rest of the guys back in a triple punishment by forcing each of them to undergo a part of firefighter training.
** Q immediately follows THAT during the ep 'Catasrophie' when it's Sal's punishment by basically repeating the tarantula punishment, but with SAL'S biggest fear- cats! Sal is actually MORE scared than Q was and is not only sweating up a storm but crying by the end of it!
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Usually on a losing statement the guys will just substitute a line or refuse to do an action, but occasionally they'll drop hints of something being up (a notable one in particular when Joe was working as a hot dog vendor and challenged to make a wife joke). Other times they'll make references to "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" after winning or losing a challenge, incorporating in the passers-by involved in the game.
* LookBehindYou: Part of Murr's strategy in the Klepto Buffet is to tell a guy a tree almost fell in the parking lot. It worked.
* ManChild:
** Hilariously, ''Q'' was told to be this as an Ikea salesman, wearing pajamas over his uniform, lugging around an oversized stuffed monkey, and asking a customer to read him a bedtime story. Made funnier when the customer continues to treat Q as a legitimate employee, even after all of the above.
** There was a challenge where each joker had to get a person to buy them a toy after they threw temper tantrums. The only one to win that challenge was Murr, with his rubber ducky.
* ManipulativeBastard: Murr isn't the best of the four at most of the challenges, but it seems like he can get people to do almost anything.
* MilkingTheGiantCow: Joe as a horoscope reader, culminating in somersaults and cartwheels.
* MistakenForPedophile: Murr almost got into hot water by asking if two school children were over 18[[note]]They are not allowed to be shown on the show, if they are below the age of 18.[[/note]] ''right in front of a police officer''. He needed to blow his cover and lose the challenge in order to avoid getting in trouble.
* MistakenForProstitute: PlayedForComedy in the episode "Scarytales". Q is punished by being forced to portray a children's book author with a story the other guys wrote for him, entitled "The Remarkable Misadventures of Q the Dung Beetle", which he shows to a group of children and parents. The book itself features a fight between Q the Dung Beetle and his wife, who storms out. The next page is just her walking by a car which features another male dung beetle who asks "How much?" Q's response?
-->'''Q''': Even dung beetles need companionship.
* MisterSeahorse: A very funny variant. As punishment for one episode, Q, while obviously not capable of becoming pregnant, was forced to go through simulated labor pains. What's worse, he's doing it in a room full of women in various stages of pregnancy who were expecting a Lamaze class but instead got this joker experiencing the worst part in the process: delivery. HilarityEnsues as Q succumbs to shouting out loud, "Get this demon baby out of me!" in front of them while busting apart a nearby divider screen.
* MonsterClown: Q has to be a clown in his punishment on "Smushed." His make-up job doesn't cover his beard and he isn't a great entertainer but the kids treat him just like they would any terrifying clown. They scream at him from the start, boo at him, complain that he's a bad clown, and even hit him when he's face first in the cake.
* MythologyGag: In one "get the guy to housesit for you" challenge, Sal was forced to explain away a baby sitting in the middle of "his" bedroom with a jug of milk. This is actually a reference to "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTw0YtyDaiU The Do's and Don'ts of Parenting]]," one of the comedy sketches the guys did back in 2007.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny:
** The basic premise of the punishment in "Strip High Five." Joe and Murr, the two losers, must get a high-five from passersby or remove an article of clothing for every high five that they fail to pick up. Joe narrowly survived in his underwear, but Murr wound up naked in public.
** Joe is the first to end up naked during Sal's Joker home invasion punishment in "Sweat the Small Things," with Q and Murr following suit as they start pelvic thrusting in the window, much to the horror of Sal's neighbors.
** Murr becomes a victim of this trope once again in "Not Safe for Work," where he poses as a nude model.
* NeverSmileAtACrocodile: Q's punishment in the Miami episode had him having to wrestle what (he thought) was his backpack off the back of a live, 7-foot alligator.
* NonStandardGameOver:
** In [=S02E08=] "Do Something to My Face", Joe feels he cannot convince a stranger to protest with him. Q defies Joe, betting he can get a stranger hold Joe's "Wash It After" sign. Joe loses and gets the punishment, despite Murr having lost the most challenges.
** In the Texas special, the last challenge was Murr taking commands with the blinding glasses. He was told to say "You look like you remember the Alamo" to an elderly couple, and Q was so sure that he wouldn't say it that he would take the loss for the whole episode if he did. Murr did, causing him to lose instantly while Murr was in last place. Sal and Joe even called him out for [[WhatAnIdiot making a needless bet when Murr was going to lose no matter what he did anyway.]]
** In the episode "Tooth and Consequences", the last challenge of the episode was to get a selfie with a stranger. Before it could even get started, [[GameBreakingInjury Murr had a front tooth fall out]]. He refused to play the challenge, and the loss caused him to lose the whole episode instantly. The challenge then became Murr's punishment on the spot, where he had to get multiple selfies with a tooth missing.
** In "The Alliance", the final challenge was one where the task was selected by lottery, and the players could vote on who would have to do it. Every single time, Q was voted to play. When he learned that the other three conspired to have him do every one (which he succeeded), and when a particularly difficult challenge came up (upzip someone's pants zipper), he cut a deal with them: if he pulls it off, all three of them lose the whole show (it was a three-way tie for last that included Q at that point). He one-ups them by ''unbuttoning'' someone's jeans, which allowed Q to put them through his own punishment: a quiz about him on the precipice of a waterfall, where wrong answers put them one step closer to the edge.
** In "Water Torture", the challenge was to protect someone after a child actor squirts them with a water gun, then insult the person. Sal (who had already received a thumbs down in another challenge) was the first one up. The kid ends up making so many mistakes, and they have to shoot so many multiple takes that Sal starts to get annoyed. Joe comes up with the idea that since Sal already has 1 thumbs down while the rest of them don't have any, they should just make THIS Sal's punishment! They then tell the kid to deliberately mess up each time until Sal basically can't take it anymore and storms off the set before the other 3 reveal that they made THIS his punishment!
* NoodleIncident: How did Q's tooth get so jarred? All we know is that it involves a German police officer punching him in the face...[[note]]On Tell'Em Steve-Dave, Q said that he was over in Germany during Oktoberfest when he got in a fight. He felt someone grab his shoulder, and thinking it was one of the guy's friends, he punched him. Turns out that person was a cop and then Q was relentlessly beaten and taken to jail, then quickly let out because of the ludicrous police brutality.[[/note]]
* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: Joe's common trick of "nosing" (touching his nose to someone without them noticing) is a variant, although sometimes they're just challenged to get as close as possible.
* NothingIsScarier: In one punishment, Sal was made to walk through a cornfield maze at daybreak, which he was told was full of booby traps and jump scares. The other three remarked how they left much of the beginning of the maze empty just to freak him out more.
* OhCrap:
** After losing an episode, Murray gets dressed as a pinata and hit with bats by the other Jokers until candy comes out. Unfortunately for Murr, they decide to bring in a ringer: Joe's brother-in-law, a muscular man who wasn't exactly pleased about Murr groping his wife, Joe's sister, during a raunchy political correctness video on a previous episode. Murray is understandably terrified when they hand him a bat and let him give a PreAsskickingOneLiner before going to town.
** Murr had [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MQpUuTY7DE an epic one]] after being told he has to jump out of a plane. A series of RapidFireNo-s and Jumpsuit disrobing ensues.
** Joe had a pretty epic one in the ep "Psudo-Sumo" when he realized he had to fight 300 pound sumo wrestler Byumba!
** Q had one at the beginning of his punishment in 'Spider-Man' when he found out that the thing he fears the most -- spiders -- were going to be put all over him while he's shackled to the floor.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: The only time Q (or Murr, for that matter) is referred to by his legal first name is during challenges.[[note]]It's Brian Quinn and James Murray.[[/note]]
* PantyThief:
** Murr's very first punishment was to go in to a laundromat, steal other people's underwear, and, ultimately, wear it on his head. It did not go unnoticed.
** In "Strip High Five", Joe runs off with Murr's clothes except his underwear.
* PizzaBoySpecialDelivery: Doesn't happen in-show, but is referenced in Sal's past as a delivery boy, having a door answered by a topless woman.
* PopUpTrivia: In 2016, a set of reruns with added production trivia started airing as ''Inside Jokes''. Since they're old episodes, they tend to spoil the losers immediately.
* PottyEmergency: Poor Q, having to beg for anti-diarrhea medicine to be poured directly into this mouth.
* PottyFailure: One of Sal's punishment involved being locked in a room with strangers and the only way out was to pee his pants in front of them all.
* PrecisionFStrike: Countless times, although the "f" words are beeped out, of course. Sal and Murr are probably the worst offenders.
* PreciousPuppy: In a first season episode, all four Jokers are holding very cute puppies as they talk about having to do or say what they're told in a pet store specializing in puppies.
* ProductPlacement:
** Happens pretty obviously with Kellogg Granola Crunch in one challenge.
** Happens in season two with Dairy Queen.
** In some episodes, the start of a commercial break has a special mini-challenge segment centered around a sponsored product, such as Cheez-It and Fiat. The challenges are otherwise identical to the normal ones, but they're not part of the episode proper.
** Many challenges take place into chains or locations, most notably White Castle (see Incoming Ham above).
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: The ''''''WHEEL! OF! DOOM!''''' intros.
* PyrrhicVictory: For a debate challenge, Murr and Q have to make a girl choose which one of the two was uglier. [[spoiler: Q]] won the challenge but did not feel happy about it.
--> [[spoiler: '''Q''']] ''(sounding defeated)'': Well, I won that one.
--> [[spoiler: '''Murr''']] ''(sounding estasthic)'': No, I won that one.
* RealLifeWritesThePlot: The punishment of Brother-in-Loss involved [[spoiler:Murr getting married to Sal's sister as Sal was forced to watch while tied up to a dolly. They even went as far as showing them signing the marriage license and only referring to Sal's sister as "Sal's sister". Sal, of course, threatened death upon Murr the entire time and was gagged with duct tape before he was able to object.]]
* RefugeInAudacity: Most commonly seen in the "Don't I Know You?" challenges, the most outrageous claims (such as Murr getting ''molested by an octopus'') get usually nothing worse than polite confusion.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Joe has a pet dog named Cannoli, who is without a doubt one of the cutest things you ever saw!
** He's now up to 4 impossibly adorable dogs, all of whom were featured in a challenge. [[spoiler: Sadly, 3 now.]]
* RodandReelRepurposed : One challenge has the Jokers attempt to grab bags in a mall with a comically oversized fishing hook.
* RunningGag:
** If there's someone to be called for offscreen, it's Larry. If it's a woman, it's (that bitch) Irene.
** Dalton is being mentioned quite frequently now, as is the mysterious gangster Santiago.
** Several other running gags, such as Sal and Murr's embarrassing pictures and Joe's "nosing" trick.
** Sal and Q using the aliases "Ja'Crispy" and "Tony Gunk" respectively.
** Murr claiming to have "a foolproof plan" for winning a challenge.
---> '''Q''': [[LampshadeHanging "Do you even go to the bathroom without announcing you have a foolproof plan?"]]
** Jaden Smith.
** Something of a BrickJoke: Murr mixing up the words "sterile" and "barren" on two separate occasions.
* {{Scatting}}: Joe did this during the Diner challenge and when they referred to it in the Season 1 Clip Show.
%%* SeriesContinuityError:
%%** When they were trying to talk Murr into jumping out of a plane, despite the fact that he's terrified, Sal reminds him that they made a pact a long time ago that they would never back out of a punishment. How soon we forget the infamous Human Pinata episode when Joe DID back out of a punishment, Sal? Coincidentally Murr took the entire punishment in that as well!
%%** Though Joe actually ''did'' take a punishment in Murr's stead in "Do Something To My Face." Had Joe not made that bet with Q, Murr would have lost the entire thing instead since he had three losses.
%%** Actually, that one was different. Joe volunteered to take the loss on the whole thing if Q managed to take his sign and get someone to march with him. Murr didn't volunteer to take the loss here, they just threw it on him despite the fact that BOTH Joe and Murr lost.
%%* ShirtlessScene: Happens a few times in the show.
* ShoutOut:
** In the "Dino-mite" challenge, Q and Sal are dressed as John Hammond and Alan Grant from ''Film/JurassicPark.'' Joe and Murr are also both wearing different outfits from the ''Franchise/IndianaJones'' films.
** In another challenge, the guys were using voice-altering technology and made references to ''{{Film/Taken}}''
---> '''Q''': Gimme back my son!
---> '''Joe''': You're about to be taken.
*** ''{{Film/Taken}}'' is referenced twice more, with Murr having to tell a woman that she's about to be taken, and one of the descriptions Sal is told to repeat in a round of "Have You Seen My Wife?" is that his wife "played the villain in Taken".
*** Thrice now, as Murr himself was taken as the punishment in "Lady and the Tramp."
* SituationalSexuality:
** Q did this in an episode during a round of "Have You Seen My Wife?" where he decides instead he's going to ask passers-by if they've seen his husband.
---> '''Joe''': He has a great set of tits!
** Sal poses as Joe's husband during a challenge in "Bidder Loser".
* SixthRanger: [[InvokedTrope Invoked]] with the "Fifth Joker" challenge. Joey Fatone could also be seen as this.
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent:
** Season 3's punishments are starting to become more outright brutal than humiliating, with Q hooked up to a device that simulates the stages of child labor, and Murr getting nipple piercings to the point of tears.
** Season 4 up the brutality with getting wedgied by motorcycle enthusiasts, slapshotted by the New Jersey Devils, and sumo wrestling with Ulambayaryn Byambajav.
* SpecialGuest:
** Q finally meets his long lost twin Rosie O'Donnell when the guys get her to appear during one of his punishments. Rosie, ever the good sport, even dressed like Q for the bit.
** One episode had Q call in Music/{{NSYNC}} star Joey Fatone to take his place during a challenge at a restaurant. He aced everything the guys threw at him.
*** Joey covered for Q again during the Nitro Circus special when Q was medically unable to do the obstacle course for his charity of choice. To the surprise of everyone, Joey made second place.
*** A later episode took place at a hot dog chain owned by Joey, who once again joined in on the fun.
** Music/ImagineDragons were featured in a punishment for Joe and Sal, where they had to perform as the opening act for a concert in a venue packed with over 14,000 people... without actually knowing how to play instruments.
** Another one is Danica [=McKellar=] (aka Winnie Cooper from {{The Wonder Years}}), Murr's childhood crush who he was tricked into interviewing wearing only a speedo after thinking he was actually going to compete in a bodybuilding competition.
** The live punishment special was hosted by comedian Howie Mandell.
** Murr surprised everyone during a "don't laugh" challenge by bringing in Gary Busey, who portrayed a hulked-out Murr in a ''Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'' scenario.
* SubvertedCatchphrase: Recent episodes extend "If You Refuse, You Lose", to the likes of "If You Refuse To Do Or Say What You're Told, You Lose" among others.
* TheTeetotaler:
** Sal has to be somewhat of one in his liquor sample punishment on the episode "You're Cut Off".
** Joe revealed he is one during a nightclub challenge and in the episode set in New Orleans when he refused to drink a Hurricane during another challenge
* ThisIsForEmphasisBitch:
** "Welcome to White Castle, bitch."
** "Make it rain, bitch!"
* ToiletHumour: Shows up occasionally, but nothing reaches the level of Joe's punishment of opening up a public bathroom door while on the can, and asking for a little help with his paper shortage emergency.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Apparently doughnuts for Joe.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil:
** Thanks, [=TruTV=], it's not like anyone minds being spoiled on who the loser is by a commercial airing ''during the episode''.
** When the preview at the beginning of an episode revealed that the punishment would involve a cage full of cats, it was quite obvious that the loser would be Sal since his fear of cats had been mentioned several times before at that point in the series.
** Season 2 part 2 has been the worse so far in this category. They blatantly show who the loser is and what their punishment is right in the preview of at the beginning of the each episode. In the first two seasons they would at least blur out their faces so as not to give it away...but they're not even bothering keeping it a secret anymore.
** Particularly egregious in "Not Safe For Work" commercials, where they prominently show Murr acting as a nude model, which is quite obviously the episode's punishment.
*** Right at the first ep of Season 2 part 3- Enter The Dragons- the entire week showed commercials for the show with Sal and Joe playing drums and guitar during a rock concert...and by the time the episode aired that very scene was blurred when the narrator mentioned tonight's losers. Generally, this means that they've removed the in-episode spoiling, but seriously, unless you haven't seen TruTv or paid any attention to the commercials all week, you KNOW who the losers are and what their punishment is!
** The blur effect doesn't even work that well some of the time.
** The episode "Catastrophe" has the punishment where a certain joker is chained to the floor and people put cats all over them. The title suggests this, and the preview shows it. If you know the Jokers well, it's blatantly obvious who the loser is.
* {{Transsexual}}: Sal is tasked with admitting to a woman that he's a woman trapped in a man's body, and in the nightclub challenge Joe asks a woman with fairly prominent cleavage "Male or female?" Her reaction was a pretty good DeathGlare.
* UncomfortableElevatorMoment: The point of one challenge: Sal had to make an annoying noise, Q had to ask a pretty woman to pop a pimple on his back, Murr had to act as though he was having a PottyEmergency...
%%** Taken UpToEleven in "Elevating the Game".
* UrineTrouble: Sal at the beginning of the challenge "Puppy Pushers".
-->'''Sal''': The guy who worked here told me in 30 years, he's got peed on twice. I'm not even five minutes 'til it pissed all over me. ''(the other Jokers laugh)'' I got pissed on... ''(holds up puppy)'' ...by that.
* VomitDiscretionShot:
** Q laughs so hard at Murr's punishment in "Not Safe For Work" that Q ends up puking in a bucket, with only his back and germophobic Sal trying to escape.
** Sal had to drink pool water as part of a challenge, which lead to him going back to where the other guys were after drinking it and throwing up in the garbage in the back.
** In the episode "Stare Master", it happens again during Murr's turn at a Kid Copycat challenge, where the Jokers tell a child assigned to the Joker to do something, which the Joker has to copy. The challenges they have Murr and the child assigned to him do are so funny that it causes Q to throw up for the 2nd time, but he ducks behind a tree to do so. Afterwards he accidentally spits in the face of germaphobic Sal, and HE proceeds to throw up!
** Both Sal and Q end up vomiting again after Q drinks from a glass of dollar bills filled with water in "Statue of Limitations." All it took for Sal was HEARING Q start to throw up and he began to retch!
--->'''Q:''' (sounding miserable) [[ShapedLikeItself The watah tasted like dollahs...]]
* WearingAFlagOnYourHead: Q as of season two has taken to wearing an American flag scarf.
* WhenItAllBegan: [[http://www.trutv.com/shows/impractical-jokers/comic-book.html How the four came to be -in comic form!]]
* WhamShot: A few times. Such as Q's father appearing during a White Castle tip challenge.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes:
** Sal is not only a germaphobe, but is also terrified of cats. Naturally, the other jokers are all too willing to exploit this.
%%** Actually, if the episode 'Ruffled Feathers' is any indication, he seems to be scared of almost ALL animals, from hawks to lizards! Though it might have more to do with the fact he didn't didn't have proper training for handling the more dangerous animals (which Q hints at via a DontTryThisAtHome warning to the crowd).
** Murr has a deathly fear of heights, which is taken to dizzying new levels when he is forced to jump out of a plane!
** Q has a severe case of arachnophobia, as was shown in the ep 'Spider-Man'.
* WithFriendsLikeThese: The punishments might make viewers question if these guys can really be good friends, but they really are the best of friends.
* YeOldeButcheredeEnglishe: Q's ''"WELCOME TO THE CASTLE OF WHITE. WHAT IST THOU CRAVING?"'' comes to mind.