Series: Hounded

Hounded is a BBC children's sitcom that premiered on CBBC from 11th June-September 2010. Sadly, it only ran for one series. But that's better than endlessly running it into the ground like Spongebob or Family Guy, right? It centres around hapless presenter Rufus Hound, who is on his way to present a new cooking show, but his Future Self transports him to a parallel universe, where the evil Dr Muhahahaha, the ruler of that particular realm, is hatching a plan to rule the Earth! A series of hilarious and heroic scenes unfurl, with Rufus Hound finally thwarting his plans and saving the Earth once again! Once again? Oh, don't you know? Dr Mu has a literal RESET BUTTON! Because of this, all the episodes of the show take place on the same day.

This series provides examples of:

  • Alternate Universe: As explained above, Rufus gets unwittingly transported to a different universe, no thanks to his meddling future self. Welp, time to save the Earth yet again.
  • Short Runner: This show, like some others, were only here for one series (that's season for you Americans!) It's a pity, but sometimes it's for the best!
  • Help Yourself in the Future: Rufus's Future self always gives himself a supposedly useless item that in the end, helps Rufus to defeat whatever crazy plan that Dr Mu was carrying out. See also It May Help You on Your Quest.
  • Evil Plan: Varies per episode. Instigated by Dr Mu, ranging from stealing intergalactic wool to creating an Evil Twin of Rufus. How is that supposed to help him Take Over the World?!!