Series / Higher Ground
Top: Sully—er, Peter, Sophie, Anakin—er, Scott, JJ—er, Shelby, Dualla—er, Kat; Bottom: Auggie, Riley—er, Juliette, Tudgeman—er, Ezra, Kaylee—er, Daisy, Joe—er, Frank.

Airing in 2000 on what was then Fox Family, Higher Ground broke the conventions of a high school drama focusing on just the most troubled kids by giving them their own school. Mount Horizon is a rehabilitation school in the Pacific Northwest where troubled teens who have been abused, involved in drugs, prostitution, or gangs learn to grow in a safe environment. The series focuses on a group of students called the Cliffhangers, each with their own story and troubles.

Originally a Joe Lando vehicle, the series may be more well known for some of the actors who played the Cliffhangers: Hayden Christensen pre-Anakin; Jewel Staite pre-Kaylee; Kyle Downes pre-Tudgeman; A.J. Cook pre-JJ; and Kandyse McClure pre-Dualla.

No relation to the song with the same name by Red Hot Chili Peppers Stevie Wonder, or the 2011 film.

The show provides examples of