''Hallmark Hall Of Fame'' (1951-) is a LongRunner series of (mostly) serious {{Made For TV Movie}}s produced and promoted by the Hallmark greeting card company in the US, usually featured on the ''Hallmark Channel''. Outside of PBS and the Met, ''Hallmark Hall Of Fame'' is one of the few productions still sponsored and aired (on occasion) by a single corporate [[ProductPlacement benefactor]]. The works vary all over the place -- from hard-hitting drama and tragedy, to soft-tissue {{Melodrama}} and slice-of-life pics.

For the more general [[ShowGenres Genre]] of shows that express some form of "HallmarkSentiment", see AHallmarkPresentation.

Notable entries include dramas which challenge such audience expectations.

For the DarkerAndEdgier version, see {{Creator/HBO}}, LifetimeMovieOfTheWeek.

Not to be confused with movies made for The Hallmark Channel, which often aren't part of this series.
!!Show list
::'''Notable Entries in the Series'''\\
''Theatre/AmahlAndTheNightVisitors'' - The first one, restaged several times.

!!This LongRunner series contains examples of:
* GenreAnthology
* AHallmarkPresentation: The [[TropeNamers Trope Namer]].
* MadeForTVMovie